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The Gilbert Arenas Comback: In Screen Shots

Updated: April 1, 2009

Ya’ll heard Gilbert Arenas came back?
Naw really….no April Fools.

Well, in case you missed it last Saturday, I outsourced some screen shots and they just arrived from Bangalore. Enjoy.

Gil came out focused, man.
Arenas came out focused
He hugged out all the troubles of the world today with ‘Sheed.

Arenas hugged out all the troubles of the world today with Rasheed

Gil kept it light (in the loafers perhaps) by whispering sweet nothings in Iverson’s ear.

Arenas kept it light by whispering sweet nothings in Iverson's ear

But always the showman/tease, Gilbert walked away leaving them wanting more.

But always the showman, Gilbert walked away leaving them wanting more

This is Ed Tapscott’s ‘Prudent Face’ when it comes to Arenas’ minutes.
It also doubles as his ‘Constipation Face’.

Ed Tapscott's Prudent Face when it comes to Arenas' minutes

Caron was hype too….he gave himself a fist bump.

Caron Butler gives himself a fist bump

Gilbert went to the bench late in the first quarter, mean-mug in tow.

Gilbert Arenas Mean-Mugs on the Bench

Pistons Coach Michael Curry tried to play peek-a-boo games.
The GF said he looked like a squirrely dude….girls have intuition like that.

Michael Curry plays peek-a-boo

Jason Maxiell had a monster block on Javaris Crittenton
and followed with a put-back dunk on the other end.
He then ate a baby and licked his lips.

Jason Maxiell licks his lips after eating a baby

Phil Chenier and Steve Buckhantz just said eff it,
we’re putting on our dunce caps and tanking it.

Chenier and Buckhantz tank it with dunce caps

Antawn Jamison was ANGRY!
Is it just me, or does he bitch a lot to the refs?
I could be biased, but he usually has a good case.

Antawn Jamison is ANGRY

But the ref wasn’t trying to hear Jamison’s nonsense, and politely request that AJ further speak with the intricate, prehensile, multi-fingered body part located at the end of his arm.
(stolen from Wikipedia)

NBA ref says talk to the hand

Kwame Brown, still a bitch.

He is also a baby and a simpleton [via DC Sports Bog]

Dude probably would have failed the Wonderlic with flying colors.
Sure he was young, but I still gotta question Michael Jordan’s judgement of character….oh, and the fact that Kwame has tiny baby-man hands.

Kwame Brown is a baby
In other news…..

I’m Mike James, Bitch (Question Mark)
[Mike] James won a champonship with Detroit in 2003-04. He said he gave his championship ring to his father. James said he still has his championship belt from Rasheed Wallace and told me the special message on the belt. It’s not fit for print, but it is reminiscent of a classic Dave Chappelle skit about a late, great R&B/funk star from the 1980s. . . [via Wizards Insider]

Also, Mike James told Comcast’s Chris Miller that
17 camels were killed to make his sport coat.

Mike James kills camels for clothes

For some reason, Javaris Crittenton dropped down and got his eagle on.

Javaris Crittenton drops down and gets his eagle on

Gilbert started his coaching career by dropping some nuggets on Crittenton
about how to be a successful blogger and then suddenly retire….maybe.

Gilbert Arenas coaches Crittenton

Then, Gilbert said eff it and sedated Ed Tapscott
with a nerve pinch and took over as coach.

Gilbert Arenas sedates Ed Tapscott

Arenas then threatened to throw the ref in his shark tank.

Gilbert Arenas will throw the ref in his shark tank

Unfortunately, after the buzzer sounded, the Wizards found themselves with a loss and Gilbert Arenas found himself being groped on the Pistons’ bench.

Arenas gets groped on the Pistons bench

But in the end, Arenas was happy……

Gilbert Arenas is happy

….because he was getting all the attention like
a 5th grade girl who developed early.
Gilbert Arenas loves it when all the attention is on himThat’s the End….

But wait, there MORE…

Here’s other stuff:

[Wizards Outlet]

Well, the game had everything but the Hibachi ending, but at least someone resembling Agent Zero was back out there and doing Agent Zero-like things for the most part. Sure, he would’ve liked to shoot better than 3-for-12 from the field, but that will come.

[Wizards Insider]
With the Wizards trailing by two and 4.5 seconds left, Arenas missed his second free throw — which he admitted he didn’t do intentionally — and fought off Richard Hamilton to corral the loose ball. He plenty of time to call timeout, or even take a better shot to force overtime. Instead, Arenas scrambled into the corner and attempted a fall-away three-pointer. “One of those mental errors,” Arenas said afterward.

[Bullets Forever]
I suppose you could’ve said the same thing about Caron Butler’s decision to go for three against the Lakers at the buzzer instead of going for two and the tie. In seasons like this, sometimes you just have to go for the jugular when you get the chance, even if it’s not the highest percentage
play available.

[Washington Times]

“I got a text from [former Wizards coach] Eddie Jordan, who told me: ‘Just go out there and let the game come to you. Don’t expect to go out there and score 30, or don’t expect anything, just play the game the way it’s supposed to be played.'”

[DC Sports Bog]
Maybe the jumper was a little off. Maybe there was some fumbling in the lane. Maybe the patented last-second heroics turned a bit comical. But the yap was in complete mid-season form. Not All-Star level, but not preseason either.

On being introduced fourth, in front of Caron Butler: “That was a little different. That was awkward. But, you know, it’s basketball. It’s just introductions. It’s not like the last person wins a car or anything.”

On why he already broke his no-media pledge: “You know how I am. You know, I’m wishy washy.”

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