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Let The Flip Saunders Era Commence

Updated: April 24, 2009

Well, the Flip Saunders era “officially” begun today (yesterday, meant to get this posted then, but blogger was acting funny) with a short and sweet press conference. Yep, seems like the Wizards franchise is ‘Determined to Deliver’ four c-words to fans next year. Keep reading for quotes and commentary from the presser.

Ernie Grunfeld Quotes:

“Start of a new beginning.”

Hopefully, every new beginning has a start … not sure if anyone can go right into the middle of a new beginning.

“Not only a winner in the regular season, but also in the playoffs.”

Sure, you could cite that Flip has never won, won in the playoffs, but you’d need to chill. For one, the Wizards may be that team that helps Saunders get over the championship hump, and vice versa. For two, I’d almost be content with the relevancy of three straight conference finals appearances…..but I’m of course thirsting for a championship.

Flip Saunders Quotes:

Flip cited the “loyal fans” in D.C. early on.

What a bunch of media & PR BS. Washingtonians arrive at games almost as late as those in L.A., and when the chips are down, seats get empty fast. Plus, DC is a football town.

HOWEVER, the franchise has made drastic improvement since the days when the crack sales team only marketed the opponent. And the Verizon Center is one of the few NBA arenas that gives LeBron James a decent smattering of boos … that makes me proud.

“Not just a basketball game, but an ‘event’.”

“Great” … get ready for more Susan O’Malley-esque marketing pizazz. Greater chance: a tap-dancing G-Wiz, or a DJ Styles comeback?

Flip Saunders touted the need for “luck” in some aspects, but also said that you make your own luck.

Flip, meet Curse O’ Les Boulez…..Curse, meet Flip.

Flip Saunders “loves Gilbert Arenas’ competitiveness.”

But said nothing about Gil’s non-communicativeness.

Flip Saunders: “My huge playbook is 60% defense, 40% offense.”

People aren’t going to care about the math as long as the ‘Zards are playing smart defense and rebounding the ball.

Saunders spoke of “hockey assists” with a shot out to the “hockey here[in DC]” but didn’t call out the Caps by name.

I would like to see the NBA implement a ‘hockey assist’ stat….Cavs coach Mike Brown loves to speak of the ‘hockey assist’ applied to basketball.

“America is a great country because it’s a melting pot…and as a basketball team, we need to be the same way.”

And I’ve touted DC as the melting pot of America (obviously ignoring NYC and LA).

“Can’t all be robots.”

Although, I often suspect others of being robots. I’m looking at you A.C. Green.

Flip expressed that he wanted to take “responsibility for bringing personalities together to maximize strengths.”

Fit the square pegs into square holes and the round ones into round ones….sounds like a plan to me.

As a coach, “you have to be willing to listen”“sometimes players have good advice, sometimes they don’t”“want them to take accountability”

The term “players coach” has been an increasingly dirty phrase among some in Wizards nation. But what exactly does that mean? If it means that Flip will solicit and consider the opinions of veterans, as he outlines above, and keep an open mind because they are all in it together….then what’s so wrong with that?

“How you carry yourself off the floor reflects how you carry yourself on the floor.”

Andray Blatche….HELLO?!?!?!???!!??!

“You play 82 games in the season to perfect how you play in the playoffs.”

Essentially, why would the Wiz play one way (i.e., a high-octane offense and no D) and then grind the offense to a halt in the post-season? Sounds like another good plan to me. Welcome to DC Flip, we wish you the best of luck.

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