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Tired of Reggie Miller? I Am Too.

Updated: April 8, 2009

Boo Reggie Miller - Truth About It.netI really don’t care for Reggie Miller…..the television commentator. I certainly appreciated Reggie when he took down the hated Knicks with playoff heroics, once giving ol’ Spike Lee the choke sign, telling him to shut the eff up.

But Reggie on TV is just a spiraling, gangly, screeching, whiny sac of hot mess, and he’s often wrong too (well, maybe not often, but surely much more than should be allowed for someone in his position).

Reggie is no Mark Jackson, Doug Collins, Hubie Brown, or even his sister, Cheryl Miller, who is much, much better at her job.

I’ve heard some refer to Reggie as a “turd” and a “weenie bag”…and that’s just the censored opinion of the one person audience who is the tenant of my apartment.

Reggie Miller has frustrated many before, and he lived up to his reputation this past Thursday as the Cavs and Wizards matched-up on TNT.

Some errors are forgivable….such as early in the 3rd quarter when Miller was discussing Brendan Haywood. Miller said that BTH got suspended in last year’s playoffs because of a hard foul….The Haywood Incident.

But Haywood wasn’t suspended for his hard foul. It was Darius Songaila in a completely different game when he was unjustifiably targeted by David Stern and his LeBron protectionists. In regular time, it appeared as if Songaila chopped LeBron in the neck. However, in reality, it was all inadvertent as LeBron’s arm motion caused Songaila’s arm to go into him…..no questions about it.

The best evidence of this can be found on Bullets Forever: Darius Songaila is Lithuanian, but he’s NOT a Lithuanian gangster — with a nice follow up from the DC Optimist. (BTW…although the YouTube clip on BF has been removed, I can tell you that Reggie Miller was being pretty damn annoying in that instance too).

Also, at one point during the game, Miller said something about JaVale McGee taking a charge…or whatever….problem is, McGee was on the bench at the time.

But the most egregious mistake by Miller last Thursday, i.e., the one that pissed me off the most, was when he labeled a clear moving screen by Zydrunas Ilgauskas, which was called by the referee, as “ticky-tack.”

Reggie, please…more and more you are becoming a hack. And stop telling us how JaVale McGee’s mom turned you down from the prom ages ago.

But back to that play, let’s illustrate what Reggie Miller calls “ticky-tack”:

Cleveland Cavs Illegal Screen - Truth About It.netTo Miller’s credit, he later came to Darius Songaila’s defense on a play where LeBron crashed into him, “Pretty good defense here by Songaila….maybe down low, but they haven’t called that all night.”

Pictures of this are illustrated in the Wiz-Cavs Screen Shot Memories on Bullets Forever.

Nonetheless, thank god tonight’s game is not on TNT……and since Gil is probably not playing (cautious or dangerous?), the chance that the Wiz will get blown out by 20 just went up 77%.

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