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Wizards v. Heat: Boredom besets me like a pack of wild hounds on a bloody fox

Updated: April 6, 2009
Damned if you do, bored if you don't - flickr/otherthingsWhen Prince is bored, he plays basketball; when the Wizards are bored, they lose.

Went to the Wizards-Heat game on Saturday night…..it might have been the most boring game I’ve ever attended in life. But I can’t exactly put my finger on why (sans Agent Zero notwithstanding)…..rather, why the team decided to give such a lackluster effort.

The crowd was unsurprisingly quiet….the absence of Gilbert Arenas, even from the bench, did it’s job to suck the wind out of the phone booth. Word from Nick Young, via Wizards Insider, was that Saturday was the two-year anny of Gil’s knee injury, and that Arenas was talking about it all day. So, naturally, he didn’t play. That’s Gil and oh well, can’t blame him.

Brendan Haywood looked good, dunking several times with that wrist. Finger pointing and communication in the lane is up 30%, if I had to guess.

Nick Young got hurt……looked pretty crazy when it happened. And not to accuse Jamaal Magloire of anything, but the GF said it looked like he went all WWE with a scissor leg-lock on Young. Glad he seems to be okay and that Arenas’ 4.04 didn’t jinx him.

There’s been a lot of bitching about Gilbert Arenas’ contract (and him not playing), but aside from the stats on the court, might the swagger he brings be worth the loot? Regardless of the buzz he brings to the fans in the arena, his teammates have some sort of faith in him, and no one else on the team, nor many teams in the NBA, can provide his type of presence.

But yea, the boring game (btw….I really hate/despise using the word “bored”) wasn’t even worth twittering about. Looks like people at home were bored as well….at least those who decided to stay in on a Saturday night. After 650+ comments on the Bullets Forever game thread for Thursday night’s game against Cleveland, there was all of 13 for the Heat game thread …at last count.

But hey, a beer, hanging with the GF, and the drunk ladies who sat next to us made the time worthwhile. They talked of “popping out a boob” to get courtside seats (we were up in the 200s)…told them to wave when the coast was clear….never happened.

The Wiz hung around, or rather, the Heat let them hang around, until D-Wade had enough….his teammates feeling like knocking down open threes didn’t hurt either.

With about 3+ minutes left, it was time to peace out…..and usually I am never one to leave a sporting event early, no matter the circumstances. But sometimes, you have to get yourself out of a miserable situation when given the opportunity.

Off into the night…..taking random pictures on U Street….at some point.

Ben's Chili Bowl - U Street - Washington, DC - Truth About It.netBen’s Chili Bowl was crowded as usual.
Jumbo Slice - U Street - Washington, DC - Truth About It.netSo the Jumbo Slice Discotec it was.
U Street Blur - Washington, DC - Truth About It.netAnd then blur into the night.

Other Stuff of Note:

No Gil. No thrill. That was one of the most silent sellout crowds I’ve ever been around. No energy. No buzz. It was like being at the theater, except the performance wasn’t nearly as riveting……..If the victory over Cleveland on Thursday was supposed to be a snapshot of the future, with Gilbert Arenas and Brendan Haywood back in the fold, then Saturday was was portrait of this entire season — even with Haywood playing his third game of the season.
[Wizards Insider]

While Miami got out to an early 9-point lead, there was only one player on the Wizards who could respond. Brendan Haywood, playing in his 3rd game after missing 75 with a wrist injury, seemed to have Jermaine O’Neal’s number in the first quarter, scoring the Wizards first 10 points, rather easily. Caron Butler was the first Wizard other then Haywood to score, doing it with 4:17 left in the 1st quarter.
[Peninsula is Mightier]

Michael Beasley = Kwame Brown

Kinda like Kwame told Dan Steinberg, “No, I don’t know if that was here when I was here,” in regard to Ben’s Chili Bowl, Beasley had the below to say about the Cherry Blossom Festival to Mike Jones of the Times:

While he welcomed the chance to come home, Beasley didn’t take part in the Cherry Blossom festivities that shut down much of the city Saturday. “Man, I hadn’t ever heard of that,” he said of the festival.

Nice work kids…..way to not be self-absorbed (sure, I
could be making an assumption, but do you really think I am?).

April 5th: A Day for Unsung Heros

DL of With Malice marked 4.05 ‘Unsung Player Day’ ….I naturally submitted the merits of Darius Songaila. Check out what Jake has to say about Juan Dixon over at Bullets Forever.

Looks like Juanny is out for the rest of the season, and thus, his career with the Wiz is probably finito. Even though the season didn’t work out, glad he was around….hope he catches on somewhere next season, except Cleveland.

Oh yea, the title of this post…..if you’re a fan of the Goodie Mob, it comes from a skit after the track The Damn on 1998’s Still Standing.

Carry on.

[photo source: flickr/other things]

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