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Wizards vs. Cavs: The Final Showdown in Screen Shots

Updated: April 9, 2009

The Wizards were out of the game before it even started, and I really wish I had bet online. They came out lacking a ton of focus and turning the ball over….key ingredients to a disaster pie.

Cleveland was also aware of everything the Wiz wanted to do offensively before they did it. Javaris Crittenton would come down the court tapping his chin and Mo Williams would do the same. Guess the “intricate” offense (simplified for the youth, I know) of Ed Tapscott and Wes Unseld, Jr. won’t fool many.

To make matters worse, Washington was always a second behind on open passes, a telltale sign of the team going through the motions….a “we got this team in DC, so who cares about Cleveland?” type attitude.

Not to belittle the effort of some individuals, but as a team, it sucked a big one last night….what’s new? The game was no where close to the final 12 point margin.

Enjoy the screen shots.

Ed Tapscott was all smiles despite a 17-50 (now 51) record.

Ed Tapscott all smiles

The ladies of Cleveland came dressed to impress.

Ladies of Cleveland

A familiar theme: LeBron holding his lip.

LeBron James holds his lip

The White Knight made an appearance.

D-Song checked in with 1:39 left in the 1st quarter and scored seven points in the 2nd quarter. Up until just under three minutes left in the 3rd, those seven points led the Wizards in scoring, and that was just sad.

Darius Songaila, the White Knight

Contrary to LeBron James, the game wasn’t a nail biter.

LeBron James, nail biter

Although Caron’s 4.4 assists per game on the year is nothing to scoff at, sometimes you have to wonder about his court vision when he’s trying to do too much…..such as this instance when he was driven to the corner, made to turn his back to the basket as the double came, rendering him unavailable to see prime targets in the paint, Songaila and Andray Blatche. The ball was passed back along the perimeter and the opportunity was lost.

Caron Butler court vision

Ledell Eackles made a rare public appearance for a good cause….
as Antawn Jamison’s wife hid in the foreground.

Ledell Eackles

Big Gheorghe Muresan continued down the path
of eventually becoming Mr. Wizard.

Gheorghe Muresan

Ed Tapscott doesn’t appreciate you spying on him
while he’s in the midst of sweaty armpits.

Ed Tapscott doesn't appreciate you spying on him while he's in the midst of sweaty armpits

This is Tapscott’s “My Team Just Made A Turnover” face.
The Ugly:
Even though the Wiz only had 13 turnovers on the night, in the first 14 minutes of the game, they committed 8 TOs to only seven field goals. Even worse, at the end of the 3rd, Cleveland had 21 points off Wiz turnovers to zero for DC the other way. The Wiz would pick up six points off turnovers in the 4th, but the game was long over by then.

Ed Tapscott's Turnover Face

A Confused Ed Tapscott

Confused Ed Tapscott

After a non-call, Nick Young felt like chillin’ on the baseline.

Nick Young Chillin

LeBron’s Kingdom, sponsored by David Stern and the NBA.

LeBron's Kingdom

Former Bullet, Haywoode Workman.
Haywoode Workman
Surely no one would mistake this for the timeout huddle of Gregg Popovich or Phil Jackson
……heads handing, Jamison smirking (AJ subsequently got up to head to the court before Tapscott finished speaking, as he usually does), and no one else around.
Doubt the Wiz marketers will be using this image to sell season tickets for next season.
Oh wait, they just did.

The Wizards Huddle - Crappy

Caron Butler used his ‘kick in the air’ defense against LeBron.

Caron Butler kicks air

Cavs Coach Mike Brown was uncharacteristically placid….
guess LeBaby’s diapers were changed before the game.

Cavs Coach Mike Brown was uncharacteristically placid

No, this is not LeBron holding his head after a foul,
this is him dancing….on the bench….during the game.
You stay classy LBJ.

LeBron dancing - Classy

This is LeBron……playing the air guitar……during the game.
This type of jerk antic may even be below DeShawn Stevenson.

LeBron playing the air guitar - Classy

What are you doing now LeBron?
…..some kind of sideways helicopter on one knee.
Witness…..to a D*ickhead
(yes, me = sour grapes……go tell your friends)

One Classy Douche

Gilbert’s going to start charging Ed Tapscott a consulting fee.

Coach Gilbert Arenas

This is “Big” Oleksiy Pecherov (7’0″),
getting blocked by Boobie Gibson (6’2″)……
See ya Big Oily, it was nice knowing you.
Pech’s “crowning” moment in the game (other than this one) came earlier in the 4th when he caught the ball at the 3-point line, on the right wing, with 21 seconds on the shot clock. Delonte West was on him, so he had the height mismatch…..however, Oily’s answer was to painstakingly back West down with several dribbles for the next seven seconds before gunning a fadeaway jumper…..miss.

Pecherov Blocked by Boobie - Terrible

Antawn Jamison……”stoic”

Stoic Antawn Jamison

JaVale McGee:
Victim of yet another pump fake…..look at the kid fly though.

JaVale McGee Pump Fake Patrol

Moment of Silence
For Ed Tapscott’s coaching career.

Moment of Silence for Ed Tapscott's coaching career
Link Run Down:

[Wizards Insider]
If you want to understand why the Wizards are 18-61 this season, all you had to do was see both Young and Blatche knock in shots for the Cavaliers while fighting for rebounds. I couldn’t help but shake my head when I heard their reactions to the plays.

“I wish I could’ve got the points for it,” Blatche said.

“I know. Me, too,” Young said.

[Wizards Outlet]
What an ugly game. The Wizards stumbled out of the gates as if they wished they were some place else and shot 1-for-8 to start the first quarter.

[Washington Times]
“If you look at the game, it was more of us than more of them,” Jamison said. “Defensively, we did OK; it’s just offensively, we played like crap. … We just continue to take steps back. No excuses, no young guys on this team, you’ve got the Wizards. And the Wizards for some reason when they do something good, take four, five steps back and we continue to take steps back.”

[Bullets Forever]
This is normally where I’d say, “Oh well, better luck next time.” But of course, there’s not going to be a next time, since the Wizards won’t be facing the Cavs in the playoffs this year. You’d think that I’d be ready for that given how the season has gone, but I still find myself having to remind myself that we’re not going to the playoffs this year. It’s a depressing feeling.

[Washington Post]
Arenas had originally stated that he would play home games and select road games, including in Cleveland because of his special love-hate relationship with the Cavaliers’ fans. Before the game, Arenas sat in front of his locker-room stall, looking at a calendar on his computer and plotting his workout plans for after the season ends.

When asked why he didn’t want to stick it to the Cavaliers, who were hoping to extend their impressive home record, Arenas said, “I already did.” He then went on to mention how he helped end the Cavaliers’ 13-game win streak last week in Washington.

[Forest City Fanatics]
That’s not a great team, but there are at least a handful of NBA rosters that are less talented. Eddie Jordan had done a pretty good job with that squad in the past, and his firing remains one of the bigger mistakes in the league this season.

[Hardwood Paroxysm]
Which brings us to Washington. We’re going to pretend for the purposes of this exercise that we’re getting Gilbert and Haywood (and Jamison and Butler and Epic Vale and everyone else) back at full strength next season. If they get the top pick… CATSANDDOGSLIVINGTOGETHERMASSHYSTERIA. What, do you bring Blake Griffin off the bench? The top pick with explosive talent, the big investment, you groom him as a longterm replacement to Antawn Jamison? Do you shift Butler to the 2 guard, move Jamison to the three (ewwww) and start Griffin? Do you trade Jamison? I mean, it seems like it could be a gluttony of brilliance or an absolute disaster. So basically, a very Wizards scenario.

Wizards Q&A with Dan Steinberg and D.C. Pro Sports Report [Pete Marasmitch]

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