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Crazy Pills Artest and Game Seven Links

Updated: May 17, 2009

Some links as I waste my Sunday away, preparing for a couple game sevens, wearing my smelly, dirty homemade Ron Artest shirt, hoping for a Rockets win, or two close games in the least.

This past week, the Washington Post hosted a roundtable of Wizards bloggers. Each blog weighed in on what the team should do at a given draft position. Pretty cool when you think about it … MSM and Bloggers hanging out and stuff.

Pick #1: Keith McMillian, Washington Post
Pick #2: Truth About (this place)
Pick #3: Wizards Extreme
Pick #4: Bullets Forever
Pick #5: WizzNutzz

Misunderstanding Media
Detroit Pistons blog, Full Court Press (on, cited four paragraphs from the Bullets Forever contribution on Wizards Insider. Problem being, author Dave Dial failed to accurately represent that it was a blogger roundtable. He quoted three paragraphs written by the Pradamaster of Bullets Forever and one from Michael Lee of the WaPost without distinguishing the two authors. Dial also led with, “The Washington Post’s ‘Wizards Insider’ gives more credence to the fact that if the Wizards do not land in the top two picks they will look to trade the pick,” which is inaccurate. Yes, it is well known that Ernie Grunfeld sees the pick as an “asset”, i.e., trade-bait. However, the roundtable was speculation, and not necessarily an official team report as Dial’s use of the word “credence” seems to implicate.

We all make mistakes, and this really isn’t that big of a deal. But still, Dial clearly cut some kind of corner by not taking the time to fully understand the nature of the Wizards Insider piece.

LeBron’s Vices
“I guess what I’m trying to get at is I want to know what LeBron’s vice is. There’s gotta be something there. We’ve heard all about how he basically made his posse his representation a few years ago. He’s got a longtime girlfriend that he has had two children with. He grew up in a poor section of Akron, Ohio with a single mother. He had shadiness in his life, like his mom’s on-again, off-again boyfriend Eddie Jackson who has been charged with crimes like aggravated cocaine trafficking and mortgage and mail fraud as recently as 2002. His biological father has multiple offenses on his record and briefly re-appeared in LeBron’s like around the time he got drafted, but the two never actually reconciled. Even his Mom got arrested a couple time. Yes, he had some very good influences like a couple youth coaches in his life, but LeBron was a kid with constant turmoil.”
[About This Lebron Character : Sports and Life Ramblings]

From Cleveland
“If Lebron were to leave and move to New York, his story instantly becomes hallow. He’d go from having the chance for immortality to becoming the Alex Rodriguez of basketball — a shallow, soulless figure obsessed with maintaining a perfectly manicured corporate image to the point of bending ethics and morality. He’d go from a Jesus-figure to the Anti-Christ the moment he dipped his pen in the blood to sign such an unholy contract. How is this remotely appealing to anybody outside of New York? We already have one Kobe Bryant. We don’t need two.”
[Dear Lebron, Will You Please Save My Eternal Soul?: What Lebron James Means To Myself, A Franchise & The City Of Cleveland : Not A Blogger]

*Here’s what leaves a bad taste in my mouth about LeBron. The writer is obviously passionate about Cleveland sports, growing up in Ohio, rooting for all teams Ohio. LeBron, on the other hand, grew up rooting for the Dallas Cowboys, Chicago Bulls and New York Yankees … what kind of B.S. is that?

Now, certainly, perhaps not having a father figure around to take him to games, one who was already entrenched in the misery of Cleveland sports, had an effect on the rooting interests of LeBron. But still, when the guy is still expressing his infatuation with the Yankees, via shoes, a Yankees hat at an Indians playoff game, etc., it’s like taking the waters of lake Erie and throwing it in Cleveland’s eyes, making its denizens melt like at the end of Total Recall.

But I guess if a dude of similar nature bought a title to my city, I might look past these transgressions too … still doesn’t make said dude any less of a d-bag though.

I used to absolutely hate on Cristian Guzman of the Washington Nationals. But it’s time to fess up like a man (via the Internet Machine) and give Guz props for coming back strong.

Mr. Irrelevant leads the way, “Guzman has gone from doughy object of our scorn to our very own Ichiro. Only in NatsTown.”

Be Like Cal
I went to an O.T.B. in Maryland on Kentucky Derby day with my boy Mac G … lost money. If only I would have recognized all the signs which should have pointed me in the direction of ‘Mine That Bird’ — Of course, being an uneducated horse better, I turned to some stupid site,, for advice. Here’s what they had to say about Mine That Bird: “Lowest rated horse in the field by any standards. Stay away.” Thanks, douche bags.

Print Media
“The Web came along as a medium to be reckoned with about five years later. As an industry, newspapers failed to see it as an opportunity and instead treated it, almost unanimously, as a threat, something to be fought and vanquished. It was a mistake the industry made not for weeks or months, but for years. It was the newspaper industry’s fatal error. The way the kids say it now: its epic fail.

My old boss at the Examiner, Phil Bronstein, has been marketing himself as this sage statesman of journalism now that he’s no longer piloting the Chronicle. A few weeks ago, writing on his blog about newspapers in general, he said the industry had been “marched to the gallows by an uncaring and unappreciative public, sentenced by shifting technological and cultural habits and a few bonehead moves of [our] own.”

Oh, brother. Marched to the gallows by an uncaring and unappreciative public? More like reluctantly left behind by a public that had been ignored for more than a decade as it screamed, “This is how we want information delivered to us! Not the way you’re doing it! This other way! Look! Over here! We’re over here now! Hey!””
[Newspapers’ fatal error – King Kaufman]

Kevin Garnett — Don’t Like Him
He can go fug himself.

Authored NBC Washington pieces

As Cooley As the Other Side of the Pillow
Skins tight end Chris Cooley recently participated in an chat; meeting Albert Haynesworth for the first time was NOT one of his favorite moments.

The Night Karma Killed DC Sports
The Diamond District sports scene cannot win, literally. The search for a karma reversal specialist is in full effect.

DC-Baltimore’s Triumvirate of Ownership Futility
Three of the DC-Baltimore area’s owners have been named among the worst in sports.

Danny Snyder Quits Smokin’ With Koken
The Redskins owner cuts DC sports media stalwarts Al Koken and Brian Mitchell from his radio lineup.

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