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The Wizardry of NBA Draft Lottery Day Is Here

Updated: May 19, 2009
David Stern’s Dream Scenario:
Blake Griffin to the Wizards and Ricky Rubio to the Knicks
(that’s right, Stern would rather Griffin in DC than OKC)

Well folks, we made it … to NBA Draft Lottery evening. It’s been a while since I’ve cared about one of these. Four years of Wizards playoff action did it’s job to erase some of the memories. And when the Wizards last won the lottery in ’01, I was away in college, a bit lost in my following of the team.

Part of me has been somewhat giddy as I’ve gone through today, knowing that there is a chance. But then again, I’m a Wizards fan … I’m pretty sure we will NOT be landing in the top two. Guess finding a balance between these two is keeping medium, as Jim Zorn would advise.

I’m not really a superstitious person … no consistent lucky charms, just an odd infatuation with May 19th (so much so that I ran the ESPN lottery machine 19 times today, results below).

But I’ll surely find something “lucky” to do tonight, such as laying out all my Wizards/Bullets jerseys on the floor, starting with a #1 Rod Strickland Wiz jersey, followed by a #2 Chris Webber Bullets jersey, but definitely not a #4 Webber Bullets jersey. C-Webb will be on-stage representing the SacTown Kings, maybe the #4 will bring him bad luck.

I know what’s NOT sign of good luck … the fact people keep reminding us that the last time Flip Saunders (who’ll be repping the Wiz on TV tonight) was on stage, he was able to land Kevin Garnett (for the T’Wolves). But it was still the FIFTH pick, not the first. Coincidentally, the 5th spot is the worst the Wiz can do tonight …. “great”. (Then again, today is Garnett’s B-day … whatever that means.)

Ernie Grunfeld has an April 24th birth date, which is the traditional date the Greeks pulled one over on the people of Troy with the Trojan Horse … not sure if this means it’s a trick and Grunfeld has become part of the curse. April 24th is also when the U.S. declared war on Spain, which seemingly wouldn’t bode well for drafting/keeping Ricky Rubio.

Or Saunders …. he shares a February 23rd b-day with the day Cuba agreed to give the U.S. Guantánamo Bay for a while … but now that it’s on its way to closing (at least the detention camp part), perhaps the Wiz will be free from their own cursed prison.

Blah, blah, blah … who knows? The Wizards will cross their lottery bridge when they come to it. Ability to heal a curse notwithstanding, at least the franchise is in a much better position to win games next season than pretty much every other team in the lottery.

Stay tuned … I’ll be twittering, or drinking, or both later tonight.


Ran through the ESPN Lottery Machine 19 times and what do ya know …. Blake Griffin and the 1st pick to the Wizards came up five times …. a 26.3% success rate that’s obviously better than the current 17.8% chance.

  1. 3rd pick: Hasheem Thabeet (Clippers 1, Kings 2)
  2. 1st pick: Blake Griffin
  3. 2nd pick: Ricky Rubio (Kings 1)
  4. 1st pick: Griffin
  5. 3rd pick: Thabeet (Knicks 1, Thunder 2)
  6. 4th pick: Jordan Hill (Kings 1, Grizzlies 2, Thunder 3)
  7. 4th pick: Hill (Warriors 1, Raptors 2, Kings 3)
  8. 1st pick: Griffin
  9. 5th pick: Hill (Clippers 1, Grizzlies 2, Raptors 3, Kings 4)
  10. 5th pick: James Harden (Raptors 1, Thunder 2, Grizzlies 3, Kings 4)
  11. 1st pick: Griffin
  12. 3rd pick: Thabeet (Kings 1, Clippers 2)
  13. 4th pick: Thabeet (Thunder 1, Kings 2, Raptors 3)
  14. 2nd pick: Rubio (Grizzlies 1)
  15. 5th pick: Harden (Warriors 1, Clippers 2, Grizzlies 3, Kings 4)
  16. 4th pick: Hill (Clippers 1, Knicks 2, Kings 3)
  17. 1st pick: Griffin
  18. 4th pick: Hill (Thunder 1, Kings 2, Clippers 3)
  19. 3rd pick: Thabeet (Thunder 1, Clippers 2)


Draft Day Links:

NBC Washington: Lucky Be A Lottery Tonight
“The Wizards GM, now with his hand-picked coach in tow, has the fate of the franchise in his hands. The duo will represent the team on draft night, Grunfeld working behind the scenes in the lottery room and Flip Saunders on stage, the hope of turning a new leaf staring down a ghost of the franchise past in the form of oft-injured and unjustly traded Chris Webber, who will represent the Kings.”

DC Sports Bog: Flip Saunders Has a Lucky Medallion
“I was hoping he’d bring a Gilbert bobblehead up to New Jersey, or at least a G-Wiz sanctioned burrito, but he said his lucky charm was “kind of a medallion that I always carry in my pocket for games, so I’ll take that along.” Whatever works.”

Tom Knott, Washington Times: Luck simply has everything to do with it
“The prospect of a starting lineup of Brendan Haywood, Griffin, Jamison, Butler and Arenas next season excites the imagination. If it comes to be, the Wizards just might want to deploy a few extra employees later this week to handle the spike in telephone inquiries on the team’s various season-ticket packages. ”

Wizards Insider: The Wizards of (Second-Best) Odds
The Wizards have the second-best odds of winning tonight’s NBA draft lottery, which is a pretty good position to be in, considering that the team with the second-best chances has won the No. 1 pick on three occasions. As I mentioned in my story today, it happened when Orlando won Shaquille O’Neal in 1992, San Antonio won Tim Duncan in 1997 and the Los Angeles Clippers, um, won (?!) Michael Olowokandi in 1998.

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