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Updated: May 19, 2009

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“Taste of Eleven”

Looking for a way to celebrate a Wizards draft lottery victory (or fail)? On Wednesday, Wizards Care will be hosting their 2nd annual “Taste of Eleven” luncheon at the Verizon Center in Chinatown, DC.

Basically, $11 buys you a ticket where you can select six lunch items from a selection provided by a ton of local restaurants. Proceeds from the event will benefit the Capital Area Food Bank.

The event is scheduled to run from 12:00-2:00 pm and tickets will be available to purchase at the door. If you are in the neighborhood, like me, might as well eat some good food while supporting a good cause.

My Pick Six: Cafe Atlantico, Matchbox Vintage Pizza Bistro, Morton’s Steakhouse, Zaytinya, Zengo and Zola.

Email Bag

email #1

I like getting the occasional reader mail … who doesn’t?

Got one from Glendale “Bo” Gibbs on Monday expressing how he enjoyed reading a piece on Walt Bellamy I wrote for Bullets Forever last August. Gibbs is from Bellamy’s hometown, New Bern, North Carolina, and his mother attended high school with Bells.

Gibbs has had his own brush with greatness, matching up with none other than Michael Jordan on several occasions in high school. He’s working on a book, “Not Like Mike,” which is about life with a dose of basketball.

I recommended checking out a New Bern Sun Journal article, “When the Bears walked on Air,” about the days of Gibbs and Jordan.

email #2

I might have been a little hard on Full Court Press Editor, Dave Dial, in my previous post. He graciously emailed me to explain his position.

My initial point:
“Author Dave Dial failed to accurately represent that it was a blogger roundtable. He quoted three paragraphs written by the Pradamaster of Bullets Forever and one from Michael Lee of the WaPost without distinguishing the two authors.”

Dave went back and made corrections to his post.

My second point:
Dial also led with, “The Washington Post’s ‘Wizards Insider’ gives more credence to the fact that if the Wizards do not land in the top two picks they will look to trade the pick,” which is inaccurate. Yes, it is well known that Ernie Grunfeld sees the pick as an “asset”, i.e., trade-bait. However, the roundtable was speculation, and not necessarily an official team report as Dial’s use of the word “credence” seems to implicate.

This is where I got harsh in my criticism. After citing the Wizards Insider roundtable, Dave cited an additional source (which in turn cited other sources, as did the Wiz Insider post), adding validity to the Wizards seeking a trade if they fall outside of the top two picks (so he wasn’t relying on the Wizards Insider piece for “credence”).

As Dave emailed, “Although I failed to mention the roundtable discussion, I think my readers are more interested in the rumors on Washington trading their draft pick and the links that suggest that.”

So yea, misunderstanding cleared up. Many thanks to Dave Dial for taking time to email. Moving on ….

Top 5 Wizards/Bullets

Chris Webber on TNT is starting to grow on me … I haven’t had a chance to catch him on NBA TV (damn Draconian ogres at RCN don’t include it on my full blown package even though I can get the NBA League Pass) … but Webber’s analysis is well rooted and he looks comfortable on television.

Right now, you can find C-Webb on NBA.com going through the top 5 all-time Wizards/Bullets. His list:

#1) C – Wes Unseld (Webber wanted to punch him in the mouth the first time they met)
#2) SG – Earl “The Pearl” Monroe
#3) PF – Elvin Hayes
#4) SF – Bernard King
#5) PG – Gilbert Arenas

6th man = Webber gets a little too hype, naming himself at first, but then cites Gus Johnson.

Hard to argue with this list, although Phil Chenier deserves some recognition.

B Wood

Brendan Haywood is blogging again with a thought-provoking post on Arizona State electing not to give Barack Obama an honorary degree. Haywood makes some great points, which spawns some good comments as well. Not sure how I personally feel on the subject … not sure it’s important enough to care. But the answer to Haywood’s question, which doubles as his post title, “Obama Still Has a Lot of Work to Do?,” is a resounding yes (honorary degrees notwithstanding of course).

Trade Ideas

Came across an interesting trade from a thread on KingsFans.com. Contingent on Sacramento getting the first pick and the Wizards getting number two, DC would send Darius Songaila, DeShawn Stevenson, JaVale McGee and the 2nd pick to SacTown for Kevin Martin.

Intriguing indeed since Martin is pretty damn awesome, but that trade would also leave the Wizards pretty thin, especially up front. In other words, I’d rather keep Ricky Rubio, McGee and depth.

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