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A Night With Flip Saunders Part 2: Top Quotes

Updated: June 18, 2009

Following up on part one of Flip Saunders’ meet-n-greet session with fans, I present his top ten quotes of the night (plus one to grow on, so eleven):


“Whether JaVale McGee plays the four of the five depends on who he can guard.”


“I’ve notoriously been a guy who’s played big [lineups].”


“I have very intense practices, but they are short practices … if you can’t get it done in an hour and a half as a coach, you can’t get it done.”

In regard to what he can do to help the team stay healthy.


“Basketball is not a game of thinking (for the players), it’s a game of reaction.”


“The Cleveland Cavaliers individually are not a great defensive team, but collectively, they’re a pretty good team defense.”


“I asked [Ernie Grunfeld] if Andray was tricking me .. I said, ‘is he really that good?’ The last two weeks, how he’s played and worked out, he’s been unbelievable as far as his work ethic.”

It really could be a trick.


“I’m not a coach, I’m a teacher … I like teaching players.”

(the Bullets Forever crowd is going to love this one)


“I don’t necessarily match-down to [teams], I try to put out, not our five best players, but our five best players who play together.”

Such an important aspect to consider when bitching about how this person or that person should play more.

For reference, last year’s best 5-man floor unit in terms of +/- [via 82games.com]:

Mike James-Nick Young-Caron Butler-Antawn Jamison-Darius Songaila [+24]

That same unit was also the best on defensive points allowed per possession [0.99]


“If I have a player who is hot, as long as he’s staying hot, he’s gonna keep on getting shots, and those other guys gotta pay the price.”


“Gilbert Arenas is a ‘unique’ individual, but I can tell you that he’s a competitor.”


“He doesn’t have a choice …. when you’re the best player, that’s a responsibility …. when you have the respect of the players, the leadership, that’s the easy part of it.”

In response to the initial question regarding to Gilbert Arenas and leadership (which received some light smirks from the crowd).

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