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A Tribute To The Fugazi Damon Jones

Updated: June 11, 2009

Remember that Damon Jones dude? I sure do. The guy ripped my heart out in game six of the 2006 playoffs, hitting a two-pointer from the corner with less than five seconds left, giving Cleveland the 4-2 series victory and LeBron James his first playoff series win ever … and I was at that damn game.

Ever since, I’ve been a Damon Jones hater. He’s always just been way too into himself and his fashionista ways. A lot of flash and little substance. Basically anyone can spend a ton of money on clothes, wear something outlandish every once in a while, and dub themselves a ‘fashion expert’. “Yay.”

The video above could be a perfect example of Jones being a prick. For one, he’s not on a list … but he’s thinks people MUST recognize him because he hasn’t “waited in line for 10 years” — good for Damon. That surely means he’s better than the rest of us.

And not to defend doormen from clubs, most of them are pricks too … but the place Jones is trying to get into looks to be the Park at 14th. I’ve been there a couple of times and have never experienced a problem with the staff. Unlike some other places (like Josephine’s), the Park seems more customer service oriented. (BTW … don’t worry folks, I’m not a ‘club head’ — just a very diverse bar hopper).

In this instance, the doorman seems to be relatively cool, until Jones and his hype-man start acting privileged … that’s when the doorman starts clowning on Jones for being out of dress code with tennis shoes, having a chain too long, and playing for the Milwaukee Bucks (for all of 108 minutes in ’08-09 with a 9.3 three-point attempts per 36 minutes rate).

Damon Jones has stuck around in the NBA since ’98-99, couple that with his Chinese shoe endorsement, and the guy is probably pretty well off … we get it. And because of this, he’s the type who thinks he’s better than everyone else. But there are cats like Jones all through life, none of them worth getting bent out of shape for.

If I had some sort of blog, I’d try to call him out as fugazi … or something like that.

Other Stuff from Bob Finnan and the Cavs’ 08-09 season … and what a ‘trip’ it was:
(not sure why I’m including this … don’t ask)

  • Delonte West on the three-year, $12.7 million contract he got: “My Uncle Rudy will get his teeth.”
  • Mike Brown uses ‘Axe Chocolate’ and gives it out to reporters who compliment his musk.
  • LeBron James doesn’t carry $1 bills … guess that’s why he’s such a crappy tipper.

Speaking of Mike Brown … LeBron’s daddy could be hitting the bricks … according to Pro Basketball News (but Danny Ferry says it ain’t so).

Still, you should go check out a post from the blog We’re Off To See The Willards — ‘Mike Brown In Trouble’

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