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Brendan Haywood Not Sad To See The Poet Go

Updated: June 24, 2009
the prose of the poet is due north - flickr/robbed

the prose of the poet is due north - flickr/robbed

brendan haywood was never that into poetry - flickr/Keith Allison

brendan haywood was never 'that' into poetry - flickr/Keith Allison

Brendan Haywood and Etan Thomas have had a well documented tumultuous relationship.

Now that Haywood’s braided ‘buddy’  is being shipped off to cleanse himself in the waters of Lake Minnetonka, is the Wizards’ blogging big man shedding any tears?

Not likely.

In a post-trade conversation with Comcast’s Chris Miller [video linked below, but it probably won’t show in an RSS feed], Haywood couldn’t express his excitement about the trade enough.

Here are some choice quotes:

“I’m very excited. Sean May called me and told me about the trade when I was just driving back from the mall … I was just so excited about it because I know it helps the team.”

“I think it pushes us over the top. I think you look out there, we can really compete in the East right now. I feel very happy in where we are.”

“Man, I’m about to go get some shots up at like 9 o’clock at tonight. I’m about to go into the gym and just shoot by myself I’m so hyped about this trade.”

But when it comes to mentioning the ‘departed’, Haywood only had this to say:

“I’m definitely sad to see Darius Songaila go, because he did a lot for our team. He played out of position all year long, never complained … was a true warrior. So I think a lot of guys will be sad to see him go, but besides that, I think it’s great for our team.”

Notice the glaring omission of a Poet?

For what it’s worth, Haywood didn’t mention team goof-ball Oleksiy Pecherov either.

And in all fairness, Songaila is the only player who most fans are sad to see go. It’s not a knock on Etan, he just didn’t really fit with the team anymore and has a better opportunity in Minnesota.

In any case, at least Wiz fans don’t have to worry about a potential breakout between Haywood and Etan anymore … but they should keep an eye out for the next time Mike Miller takes the court against David West.


[UPDATE: Brendan Haywood has a blog entry expressing the same sentiment … plus, he calls Randy Foye, “a great insurance policy for us in case Gilbert Arenas happens to go down again.”]

Ill miss u D-Song : Sincerely, B - flickr/Keith Allison

I'll miss u D-Song : Sincerely, B - flickr/Keith Allison

Tip of the Hat to user ‘redrockin’ for the heads up.

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