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Cursing Nick Anderson and The Great NBA Finals Block That Almost Was

Updated: June 9, 2009

Everyone is talking about Courtney Lee’s missed ‘layup’ that would have won the game for Orlando. Some even compared it to Nick Anderson missing four late free-throws  in game one of the 1995 NBA Finals, also played on June 7th  [via Slam].

Mentioning Nick Anderson sounds very “woe is us” from Orlando. Thing is, true fans aren’t making the association, rather some professional MSMers.  These hacks need to be called out:

1) D-bag from the AP [via Sports Illustrated]:

A shot that couldn’t have been much easier.

Uh … no, a-hole. If you’ve played basketball before, you know how difficult Lee’s shot was — to time his jump, catch the pass, be concerned about an oncoming Pau Gasol, while slowing down uncontrollable momentum to lay the ball softly off the glass … exactly.

Yes, Lee is an NBA player … and maybe he makes that shot eight times out of 10. But please, whomever you are AP story writing guy/gal, don’t make a fool out of yourself, showing what I assume to be uneducated and inexperienced athletic ability, by equating that shot with something ‘easy’.

2) Joe Henderson of the Tampa Tribune:

Until that moment, the Magic had done what they needed to against the Los Angeles Lakers.

Uh … sorry Joe. The Magic played o-kay, but they certainly didn’t “do what they needed” in game two. They didn’t need their stars, Dwight Howard and Turkoglu, to combine for 12 turnovers. Super Jesus Howard certainly didn’t need to be complaining to the refs so much while not busting his butt to get back on D.

Henderson and others such as Stuart Scott also ran with the Nick Anderson comparisons in a sensationalistic act of ‘hey look! I can cite another tragic piece of history and how they are similar because it’s the same franchise’ — good for you guys, way to work.

Missing four free-throws, while pressure packed, cannot be compared to Lee’s miss. As Rob Mahoney aptly highlighted on Hardwood Paroxysm, the play called by Stan Van Gundy was a high-risk, high-reward gamble … a ballsy move not equivalent to getting tight at the line.

There is no “Curse of Nick Anderson” … curses don’t bring a franchise #1 picks in the form of Dwight Howard. Even if Orlando loses this series, with a guy like Howard, they are set for years to come … perhaps one day making people give Nick Anderson the Mike Jones treatment, who?

The Block.

Clock running down. Tie Game. Ball in Kobe Bryant’s hands.

And the Black Mamba gets blocked by the Michael Jordan of Turkey … the great NBA Finals block that almost was.

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