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Tony Kornheiser Is Just A Hater

Updated: June 3, 2009

I’m tired of Tony Kornheiser’s “haha, look at me and my self-depreciating ‘comedy’ when I really have an over-inflated ego the size of Shaq’s dumps” shtick … it’s been stale for a while now.

People tell me that long ago, he used to pen some great stuff …. and I even remember reading some of said stuff. But Kornheiser is becoming the epitome of a bitter old codger who I aspire not to be when I get older.

Tony Kornheiser is nothing but a hater.

Of course, I write this with the caveat that as a ‘blogger’, I have “hated” on some people/things, i.e, LeBron James, but I do so comfortably knowing that I’m no where near the jerk/dick Kornheiser is, especially in terms of his unabashed and unreasonable hatred of “new media” … such as blogging.

But also, Kornheiser has touched on a subject near and dear to my heart, the Washington Wizards.

I’m tired of Kornheiser railing on the Wizards, over and over again, with no good reason. Only Wizards fans (and perhaps Cleveland fans) can hate on the Wiz …Knicks fans such as comb-over Tony need not apply.

What has me so amped about Kornheiser today? A couple of things.

It started over a week ago with an interview of Washington Post NBA/Wizards writer Michael Lee by Rashad Mobley of Hoops Addict.

Mobley asked Lee, “What is/was it like working in a sports section with two relative sports giants ([Michael]Wilbon and [Tony]Kornheiser) and what if anything have they taught you, and what have you learned from them?”

Lee answered, “I never really got to know Tony Kornheiser because he rarely came to Wizards games and I wouldn’t run into him otherwise. The only advice Kornheiser gave me was during the 2004-05 season, when the Wizards were about to reach the playoffs for the first time in eight years. Kornheiser put his hand on my shoulder and said, ‘You should leave after this season because it’s never going to get better than this.'”

Ok, so the guy who never went to Wizards games is an authority on being a pessimist about the team, good for him. Doesn’t seem like Kornheiser went out of his way to interact with those ‘below’ him either.

But what a jerk-off thing to say as your only advice to someone with whom you have no relationship … to essentially belittle someone’s job, or at least the team they cover, right in front of their face. (Yes, I know Kornheiser was probably joking, but still.)

No, it probably wasn’t a huge deal to Michael Lee since MSM sports writers must be ‘unbiased’, so Lee could probably care less if the Wizards suck. Then again, isn’t business for a sports writer better when the team they cover is experiencing success?

The second such instance came on today’s edition of On The DL Podcast with Dan Levy (h/t to twitter/macg_og). Amongst his ramblings, such as comparing Twitter to hula-hoops and pet rocks, Kornheiser takes time to rail on Gilbert Arenas out of the blue:

“Gilbert Arenas is the worst person on Earth. He’s a coach killer and a team killer. He’s a team killer, Gilbert Arenas. That’s why – he got Eddie Jordan fired. He didn’t play.”

Look, I’ve railed on Gilbert Arenas plenty … most due to his comments about voting, and subsequent silliness. But I still believe in the guy (at least for the time being).

That said, not sure how many people can validly claim that Arenas is a coach/team killer … communication issues, the need to change his game, and cheap talk notwithstanding.

I’ll let the DC Sports Bog’s Dan Steinberg take it away, addressing the team killing aspect:

Well, this is true. He didn’t play. He didn’t play because his knee broke. Tom Brady is also a team killer. So is Kevin Garnett. Jerks.

I’ll grant that the “worst person on earth” bit was a dash of Kornheiseristic hyperbole. But the coach killer and the team killer? Before his knee broke, Gilbert won the Wiz their first playoff series in two decades. He also filled the stands, sold jerseys, hit last-second shots, became the most popular athlete in this city and made people care about that sorry basketball franchise. That’s a strange list of accomplishments for a team killer.

Steinberg further goes on to point out Kornheiser’s extreme hypocrisy, his entire entry really is a must-read.

So where to go with this Kornheiser thing? Who cares? I’m over him … over the snide jerk who concocted “The Curse O’ Les Boulez.”

I claimed after the draft lottery that there is no curse. And hence forth, I will no longer justify the existence of a mythical curse conjured from the hateful mind of Tony Kornheiser. This is the last time that “The Curse O’ Les Boulez” will be mentioned on this site.

Good riddance.

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