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Clownin’ With The Washington Wizards

Updated: July 7, 2009

I swear I saw this video before … especially since it was filmed in the Wizards locker room when March Madness ’09 was about to commence. But then again, maybe not since the YouTube date says June 22, 2009.

In any case, the highlights include:

  • Andray Blatche saying: “I don’t care about no ‘Match Mardness’, okay? I ain’t go to college. I don’t know nothin’ about college, okay?”
  • Nick Young wearing a hat you’d usually see on an old lady going to church.
  • Caron Butler bagging on Nick Young and USC: “I think Nick the only guy from USC in the league … and he on his way out. Message!”

[h/t: theuconnhuskies.blogspot]