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Is LeBron A Chill Bro?

Updated: July 23, 2009

Ok, if you’ve ever read this blog, you’re probably aware of how I feel about LeBron James. Hell, I’m a Wizards fan, you shouldn’t have to read the blog, you should just know. But I’m not going there (this time).

And oddly enough, my opinion of Dunk Gate is somewhat similar to Cavs blogger John Krolik. Here’s what he had to say:

….it’s obvious and it has been said before, but the coverup here is far worse than the crime. If nobody had said anything, there is no way that video ever becomes news. It’s not all that impressive, and you wouldn’t know it’s LeBron unless someone told you. Unless Jordan Crawford is on the cutting edge of viral marketing strategies, this thing would have gone away instantly if nobody had made a stink. Just another lesson in how turning the other cheek is pretty much always the way to go.

So now it comes out that at one point in high school LeBron smoked weed.

So what … big deal … why is this news? And who cares?

Well, the Main Stream Media cares. In the land of hits, unique users, and pageviews, the site with the top level placement of the most potentially sensationalistic headline is king.

Thankfully, most don’t seem to be making a big deal out of this … but someone searching for attention surely will.

A couple of blogs aptly addressed the issue:

Bethlehem Shoals of The Sporting News:

Who would’ve ever thought that we’d reach a point where being dunked on was a bigger PR problem than past drug use?

Krolik of Cavs: The Blog in response to the Associated Press entry:

I love how the meat of the article deals with how LeBron felt like the media and the fame was tough to deal with and he felt like he had a target on his back, then the AP headline is LEBRON TOTES HIT THE WEED!

Perhaps the worst/best treatment of the subject (so far) involves the usually oozing with douchenozzlery, The Big Lead (the ‘US Weekly’ of sports blogs … in fact, the ‘creator’ used to work for US Weekly).

TBL led with the headline:

“Book Claim: LeBron Smoked Weed Once in High School!”

And followed with (as the entire entry):

LeBron James: “LeBron James smoked marijuana during his junior year in high school. Three other members of the Akron St. Vincent St. Mary starting five smoked with him. Another drank alcohol.” This claim was made in a book. Author? Buzz Bissinger. Yes, that Buzz Bissinger. [Plain Dealer]

Trey Kerby of The BlowTorch adequately commented (via the Google ShareBro Network):

Is it a claim when LeBron is the co-author?

LeBron puffed and passed aka moved on … and everyone else should do exactly the same.

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