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JaVale McGee’s Forehead, Links & A Day In The Life of DeShawn Stevenson

Updated: July 27, 2009

This is JaVale McGee and his team USA Basketball mini-camp jersey. Don’t ask questions, just know it came from his TwitPic account.

JaVale McGee interview at the USA Basketball mini-camp:

And now the best links from ’round the world wide wizards web …

Somebody Is Noticing

[John Hecht, Slam Magazine]

…I’m not going to write about the Celtics, the Cavs or the Lakers, because you and I both know that come April/May, it’s a given they will all be in the mix Flip Saunders for a championship. I’m here to discuss what nobody is talking about: The underdog to climb the ranks of the NBA and burst onto the 2010 Eastern Conference playoff scene will be the Washington Wizards.

The Kevin McHale to D.C. Movement

[Mike Prada, Bullets Forever]

[The Wizards] need a hands-on big man coach that can work with our young bigs and teach them how to best use their considerable bag of talents. We’ve invested so much in our two young bigs, so it only makes sense to give them the best teaching they can get.

Specifically, we need a guy who himself was a master in the low-post. A guy who wasn’t always the strongest, but was always the trickiest. A guy who was so committed to detail that he had the best low post footwork in NBA history (save for possibly Hakeem Olajuwon). A guy that young players will listen to and a guy who is patient enough to work with them. A guy who is currently unemployed.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Kevin McHale. Who better to be our big man coach than Kevin McHale?

Bold Statement?

[Dan Steinberg of the DC Sports Bog in a WaPost chat]

Heck, I’ll say this right now: I’ll quit the Bog if the Wizards win a title.

The ‘WTF’ Statement of the Month

[Austin Burton, Dime Magazine]

Caron Butler has become a go-to guy who just happens to be a second or sometimes third option on his team. He can average 20-plus points no problem, but with Arenas’ return alleviating the pressure to carry the offense, Butler can now focus on being the lock-down defender he’s capable of being. At his best, Butler is a younger Ron Artest defensively who has more offensive weapons and a more consistent jumper.

Advice From Brendan

[Brendan Haywood, Yard Barker Blog]

A prenup is nothing but insurance. I don’t believe I’m going to get into a car accident, but I have car insurance! I don’t believe that my house is going to burn down, but I have house insurance! I don’t believe that I’m going to die anytime soon, but I have life insurance! So for all of my fellow pro-athletes, please sign up for “marriage insurance” and get a prenup!

Is Randy Foye The New Caron Butler?

[Mike Prada, Bullets Forever]

Again, the similarities between Foye’s career path and Caron Butler’s are eerie.  We need Foye for a completely different purpose than Butler, but both have misused their skills and have been poorly coached.  With good coaching and a change of emphasis, Foye, like Butler, will be a tremendous asset to the team both for next year and in the future.

How Deep?

[Michael Lee, Wizards Insider]

When Fabricio Oberto puts his signature to a contract sometime in the next few weeks, the Washington Wizards’ 2009-10 roster will be set and Team President Ernie Grunfeld’s offseason makeover will be complete. The Wizards will likely enter the season with 14 players who form arguably the deepest team this organization has fielded in 30 years – on paper, at least.

On Nick Young’s Defense

[Kevin Broom, The Secret Weapon]

Finally, there’s the eyeball test. Young does block shots now and then and he does a pretty good job closing out on the perimeter (when he remembers to stay close enough to his man, or to rotate).  But, he doesn’t do a good job on penetration; he doesn’t follow the team’s force rules; he often loses focus and drifts; and he generally doesn’t gear up to play defense at all until he’s been burned a few times.

Other Links:

How Youth Will Stunt the Growth of the Washington Wizards [Stet Sports]

NBA Hell Teams [Basketball Fiend]
(Wizards Rank 7th)

And Finally …

I’d be remiss if, with the foray of Stephon Marbury onto U-Stream and live web TV, if I didn’t report on DeShawn Stevenson’s web camera experiment.
[h/t to @WizardsExtreme]

Word of warning, the 63 second video is NSFW … as it basically conveys these two facts:

  1. NBA riches have bestowed upon DeShawn dining experiences such as Top Ramen Noodles … and they are “hella good”
  2. He lives on a “mutha-f*cking lake.”

You stay classy Mr. Stevenson.

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