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Jordan Crawford Jamming On LeBron Video About More Than A Dunk

Updated: July 22, 2009

Update: a better version

The buzz around “the” dunk has been building for what seems like months now …. Twitter, blog posts, FaceBook groups, national media attention, and the like.

And now that the masses have actually seen the Jordan Crawford over LeBron James dunk, the Internet is predictably calling it over-hyped and overrated.

Sorry J.E. Skeets, maybe ‘anticlimactic’ has a seat at the table, but words like ‘over-hyped’ and ‘overrated’ are irrelevant.

Sure, they could be used to describe a grainy video of a far-away jam. But the dunk was never the point.

The confiscated videos, the cover-up, the absurdity, the protectionism, the Danny Snyder-esque power play for control by LeBron and Nike … these are the reasons for the sensational explosion from the furthest corners of the World Wide Web to the creases of the couches from which bloggers blog.

Calling the dunk overrated only serves as discredit to Jordan Crawford, the unintentional victim of this whole ridiculous mess. The kid deserved better, and still does as the higher quality videos remain under lock down.

If we wanted to peep some awesome dunking footage, we could’ve just watched the bro dunking in the video below.

But in terms of “LeBron Dunked On Gate 2009,” simply watch the video and move on … not assured by your eyes that it actually took place, but knowing that the unnecessary buildup surrounding its eventual release is another knock of negativity against the public perception of LeBron James.

Footnote: TMZ can go fug themselves… just a general observation, nothing to do with the video.