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Unseen LeBron Dunk Causes Internet Explosion (FREE JORDAN CRAWFORD)

Updated: July 8, 2009
via photobucket/d_julien

via photobucket/d_julien

It first started with a report from Gary Parrish of CBS Sports. Then it spread like wildfire: True Hoop, Slam, Deadspin, The DC Sports Bog, The Sporting Blog, The Hoop Doctors, Mouthpiece Sports, Dime Magazine, The Dagger, Waiting For Next Year, NBC, Cleveland.com, Zoner Sports, The Same Intensity, and surely many more to come …

Yes, the dunk of Xavier’s Jordan Crawford on LeBron James, a video of which was confiscated by Nike officials, has seemingly caused more of an uproar than if it were posted on YouTube with a press conference held by the “Chosen One” himself,presenting the clip for all to see.

The worst part is that according to reports, it was actually LeBron who whispered into the ears of said officials right before they accosted various videographers around the gym.

There are a couple inevitable results from this occurrence:

  1. Because of the amount of “buzz”, Nike will easily find a way to make money off the video.
  2. Regardless, LeBron’s douche-baggery in the court of public opinion has increased exponentially.
  3. Jordan Crawford unfortunately goes from hero to victim when it was he who victimized LeBron.

Chris Korman, who covers Indiana basketball for various outlets, Twittered his afterward conversation with Crawford:

  • Me: Did you really dunk on LeBron? Jordan Crawford: Yeah, I dunked on him. Me: Where? JC: Right there. Me: You just came down the lane?
  • JC: Yeah. Me: Did you see LeBron? JC: Nah, not until the last second. Me: Then what? JC: Then I just dunked. Me: (Silence.)
  • Me: Where’s that rank in your career as far as things you’ve done. JC: It’s the top. No doubt.

Crawford also spoke with Fox Sports about the dunk.

Other reactions from Twitter:

  • Lebron’s the kind of guy who wears Nikes dedicated to New York while playing for Cleveland @dewtheDrew
  • nike just confiscated my xbox because i dunked on lebron in 2k9!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @blazersedge
  • Nike could instantly flip the negative LeBron Dunk Twit trend by putting out the video, showing LeBron can laugh at himself. @danshanoff
  • LeBron is the type of guy that won’t shake hands after a loss and then won’t man up and apologize about it the next day @JonesOnTheNBA
  • I once played Connect Four with Lebron and he hit the slide to let the chips fall right before I won. @docfunk
  • Apparently it’s easier to get video out of Iran than a Nike basketball camp. @netw3rk
  • what little respect I had for LeBron is now lost..he can dish it out, but he can’t take it @HolyBackboard
  • My ex and LeBron have something in common. Both threw a fit after learning they were being filmed, and both then confiscated the videotape. @thellodown

And of course, my tweets:

If I had this shirt, I’d be wearing the hell out of it right now.

[shirt not actually available … I wish]

Finally, let’s view a documented dunk on LeBron by Nick Young:

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