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Wizards Summer League Game 1 Twitter Recap

Updated: July 15, 2009
flickr/Christopher Chan

flickr/Christopher Chan

Checked out the Wizards’ foray into the summer league last night. They won, almost blew an 18 point lead to Cleveland. Andray Blatche came out shaky. His version, via the DC Sports Bog recap, “I came out real hyper, real real hyper.”

Yep, in the beginning he looked like the same ol’ Blatche … ill-advised long jumpers early in the shot clock, turnovers while trying to carelessly push the ball on the break instead of passing to a guard, etc..

Eventually, after a talking-to by Dominic McGuire and assistant coach Don Zierden, he settled down, started hitting the boards hard, and played like a summer league veteran.

Question is, why is a guy with 238 ‘real’ NBA games under his belt nervous-in-the-service when it comes to a summer league game?

Blatche’s inconsistency frustrates the hell out of me, and I’m afraid we’ll be dealing with this as long as he’s a Wizard. We will see … more on Andray to come.

Overall, it was a summer league game and I refuse to take/learn too much from the initial one. However, I did ‘tweet’ about it … along with others.

The cast of commentary, featuring: @dcsportsbog (Dan Steinberg, DC Sports Bog); @BulletsForever (Mike Prada, Bullets Forever); @WizardsExtreme (Wizards Extreme); @rashad20 (Rashad Mobley, Hoops Addict); @DCWIZ (George Panagakos, Washington Examiner); @Unsilent (Jack Kogod aka Unsilent Majority, Kissing Suzy Kobler, etc.); and yours truly … (FYI — both Steinberg and Prada were on site in Vegas)

  • dcsportsbog: Here’s a first: they started a taped instrumental National anthem, stopped midway through, and started over with a different taped version
  • BulletsForever: JaVale looks a lot bigger, though it might have to do with being against SL guys.
  • Truth_About_It: Gotta love Andray Blatche firing long jumpers early in the shot clock … yea, riiiiight
  • Unsilent: Mid-season form! RT @Truth_About_It: Gotta love Andray Blatche firing long jumpers early in the shot clock …
  • dcsportsbog: Nick Young’s parents in the house. Nick Young has 6 points, which were loudly cheered. Wiz lead 12-4.
  • Truth_About_It: Nick Young is showing an improved outside game (continues to be unafraid to gun)
  • BulletsForever: Every set play the Wiz have run so far has involved Nick running off a bunch of baseline screens.
  • Truth_About_It: Just caught Nick Young smiling on the sideline … that’ll be 250 push-ups kiddo.
  • Truth_About_It: I like the control that Javaris Crittenton is asserting on the game so far for the Wizards.
  • Truth_About_It: Andray Blatche is looking like himself. A bad shot begets throwing his headband off begets a subsequent turnover on the break. “yay”
  • BulletsForever: Blatche just threw his headband off before making yet another turnover.
  • dcsportsbog: Andray Blatche back to back turnovers following an out of control airball. Not sure that’s why they brought him here. 15-12 Wiz.
  • WizardsExtreme: @Truth_About_It – Stream leaves something to be desired too. RE: Blatche – I’ve never seen him start and finish a game w/ headband on
  • Truth_About_It: Every time I try 2 wipe the slate clean w/ Andray Blatche, his play just pisses me off. Glad the Wiz are depending so much on him next year.
  • DCWIZ: Blatche 0 pts and 3 turnovers in 7:30; hm.
  • Unsilent: More jumpers from Crit, fewer from Dray.
  • Truth_About_It: Can ‘Dray still bring the ball up on the break? RT @Unsilent: More jumpers from Crit, fewer from Dray
  • Unsilent: Of course! RT @Truth_About_It: Can ‘Dray still bring the ball up on the break?
  • Truth_About_It: Tyrese Rice & Nick Young are in a BATTLE: to see which one (they’re on the same team) can dribble the ball more on the same possession.
  • BulletsForever: Nick is still sagging in the lane on defense leaving his man open on threes.
  • WizardsExtreme: Where is the Blatche that Flip was raving about a few weeks back? Maybe he’s holding out to explode in the 2nd half….sigh….
  • rashad20: Finally found a stream to watch the Wizards game, the rumors of Blatche’s improvement were greatly exaggerated
  • Truth_About_It: Nick Young is a GREAT summer league offensive basketball player. Write it down and quote me later.
  • BulletsForever: D-Mac and Don Zierden were talking to Blatche extensively between quarters.
  • dcsportsbog: Wiz 22-21 after one quarter. This isn’t pretty. Young opens second with two buckets, has 12. Hard to type a sentence before he shoots agian
  • BulletsForever: Cassell’s standing and cheering a lot
  • BulletsForever: Wiz are in their matchup zone D. They seem to be doing really well with it.
  • WizardsExtreme: I see the refs are in mid-season form giving out Lebron foul calls to the Cavs, guess they gotta prepare too
  • DCWIZ: Tyrese Rice having a nice game, 11 points on 4-for-8.
  • BulletsForever: Nick’s talking with D-Mac while everyone’s listening to the huddle. Blatche joined them. Cassell now joins. Talkin dribble moves.
  • BulletsForever: Only eight guys have played so far.
  • BulletsForever: Liking Heytfelt’s game thus far. Haven’t seen any of Aminu or other bigs yet. Flip’s playing a tight rotation.
  • Truth_About_It: Airball from Crittenton … juuuuust a bit too confident in that jumper. Don’t really need him shooting Js off 1-on-1 moves.
  • BulletsForever: JaVale’s defensive fundamentals still look rusty.
  • DCWIZ: J Critt still needs work on his FTs
  • Truth_About_It: Andray Blatche with a strong dribble drive and 1. He must have heard all the twitter talk.
  • BulletsForever: Dray’s got no turnovers since that talking to after the first quarter.
  • Truth_About_It: @BulletsForever The coaches must have told Andray to get more aggressive on the glass … glad he seems to have listened.
  • Truth_About_It: JaVale McGee talks about out-quicking (going around) strength … he needs to do that on D too … by moving his feet laterally.
  • Truth_About_It: Wizard end the 1st half of summer league game one with a 47-37 lead over Cleveland.
  • BulletsForever: Wow, that’s bizarre. Double lane violation, jump ball? Never seen that before.
  • dcsportsbog: Every half of Summer League should end with a double lane violation and a jump ball at mid-court.
  • dcsportsbog: Wiz lead 47-37 at half. Andray Blatche got serious and had 9 points, 3 rebounds in 2nd quarter. Also, his name is spelled wrong on the box.
  • WizardsExtreme: 1st lesson of Summer League – Piss of Dray and let him throw his headband
  • Truth_About_It: @WizardsExtreme Wait … who pissed Andray off 2 make him throw the headband? His bad shot or his turnover?
  • WizardsExtreme: @Truth_About_It Can’t you just call it his “bad play”
  • Truth_About_It: @WizardsExtreme Next step: getting ‘Dray to be PO’d and playing well from the start, rather than him getting mad @ himself via poor play.
  • DCWIZ: Jamison in the booth, happy to watch his guys; says everyone is 100%
  • WizardsExtreme: God I love Antawn Jamison. CAPTAIN and he shows it every day.
  • Truth_About_It: That’s why the call him “Gentleman Jamison” RT @WizardsExtreme: God I love Antawn Jamison. CAPTAIN and he shows it every day.
  • BulletsForever: Wiz are pushing the ball off missed shots at every opportunity.
  • Truth_About_It: @dcsportsbog @BulletsForever In his TV interview, Jamison calls Blatche a “wild card” — Sounds like someone the Wiz should depend on, no?
  • BulletsForever: JaVale finally hit a jumper.
  • Truth_About_It: I really wish that Sam Cassell would work with Nick Young on limiting his dribbles when trying to make a move to the hoop.
  • Truth_About_It: Wizards up 60-44 on the Cavs with 5:07 left in the 3rd quarter.
  • dcsportsbog: Antawn Jamison, Mike Miller and their shared agent, Arn Tellem, are all here. Plus, Nick Young’s mom hugged me.
  • Truth_About_It: Wizards are giving their ‘roster’ players a lot of time in this 1st summer league game. Good. None of those other guys are making the team.
  • WizardsExtreme: How many turnovers does Dray have? Geez…Come on now
  • Unsilent: He’s clearly happy to be there. RT @WizardsExtreme: How many turnovers does Dray have? Geez…Come on now
  • Truth_About_It: Andray Blatche NEEDS to see the double coming when he’s in the post. The last one was right in his sight line. He turned it over of course.
  • DCWIZ: Uh oh … letting go of an open three on D … Young answers, but come on, J Critt
  • Truth_About_It: Nick Young has 24 of the Wizards’ 66 points on 10-13 shooting.
  • dcsportsbog: Apparently there’s a chance Sam Cassell could be the head coach for one of these Summer League games. That wouldn’t be bad.
  • dcsportsbog: Wiz lead 66-52. Nick Young has 24 points on 10-of-13 shooting. He’s also swearing at himself after made shots.
  • BulletsForever: Love the way Nick’s working on coming off those screens.
  • Truth_About_It: Nick Young is on FIYA! 28 points on 15 shots, only 2 smiles. Of course, he hasn’t gotten to the FT line yet, if you want to find a negative.
  • dcsportsbog: Nick Young now has 31 points on 13 of 16 shooting. Wiz shooting 59 percent. Time to save some of these for November.
  • WizardsExtreme: @dcsportsbog @DCWIZ @BulletsForever – I know it’s only Summer League and game 1 at that, but how good does Nick look live right now!
  • Truth_About_It: Make that 31 points for Nick Young on 16 shots … great transition trey ball set up by Javaris Crittenton.
  • Truth_About_It: @WizardsExtreme @dcsportsbog @DCWIZ @BulletsForever Yea, but with 31 points, you’d think that Young would have gotten to the FT line by now.
  • DCWIZ: @Truth_About_It He’s doing most of his damage from the perimeter, 5-for-6; it would be nice to see an And-1 jam though :)
  • Truth_About_It: RT @NBASummerLeague: The Summer League record for pts is 42 by Marcus Banks and Von Wafer
  • Truth_About_It: Nick Young needs 12 4th quarter points to break the NBA Summer League scoring record … he’s got 31 now.
  • Truth_About_It: Wizards up 75-61 on Cleveland to start the 4th quarter.
  • BulletsForever: Flip Saunders in the house for an interview with the TV crew.
  • rashad20: Blatche is like a crazy girlfriend. One day you want to break up with her, the next day you’re whipped..
  • Truth_About_It: @rashad20 Problem is, one day that ‘crazy’ might get you beat when it counts the most.
  • rashad20: @Truth_About_It Good point.
  • Truth_About_It: Nick Young shoots an airball just as Flip Saunders is calling him “outstanding” on web tv.
  • dcsportsbog: Blatche to Jamison: “I’ve got your numbers.” Jamison: “Nope, I’m looking at it right now. Not close.”
  • Truth_About_It: @dcsportsbog good thing to know that Blatche is worried about “getting Jamison’s numbers” in an f-ing summer league game
  • rashad20: JaVale still hasn’t learned to establish low post position..or throw behind-the-back passes
  • Truth_About_It: Flip Saunders: “JaVale McGee throws a behind the back pass, that’s not going to happen next year … he’ll be on the bench.”
  • Truth_About_It: Flip Saunders mentions JaVale’s failed behind the back pass attempt a second time … bet that stuff really pisses him off.
  • DCWIZ: @Truth_About_It I would have liked to see J Critt go strong a few more times as well, but he did a decent job from the point
  • Truth_About_It: @DCWIZ Yea, Crittenton looks like he’s making an effort to be a composed PG, but still looks to push when the opportunity is there.
  • Truth_About_It: The Wizards talk about “health” so much, they are going to get blue in the face and pass out and need medical attention.
  • DCWIZ: Almost three minutes left and the Cavs on the Wizards heels, 82-76; Young heads to the free throw line for @Truth_About_It
  • Truth_About_It: Nick Young earns his first trip to the FT line … but not on a drive to the hoop, on a mid-range fadeaway.
  • rashad20: Blatche is suffering from Chris Webber disease
  • dcsportsbog: Antawn Jamison and Ed Tapscott laughing together in the stands. That didn’t happen much last year.
  • Truth_About_It: The Wizards are about to blow an 18 point lead …. I thought we killed last season.
  • dcsportsbog: 84-84, one minute left. Wizards have been outscored 23-9 in the fourth.
  • DCWIZ: All tied; are you kidding me? Blatche makes good though.
  • Unsilent: Could we see a repeat of last year’s Summer League buzzer beater to beat the Cavs? Where’s Dee Brown?
  • BulletsForever: Blatche with the nice roll off the screen when both guys went to Nick.
  • Truth_About_It: JaVale McGee and Andray Blathce have issued an Amber Alert on their defense of the paint.
  • BulletsForever: Why did Critt duck behind his man to allow the wide open three.
  • Truth_About_It: Andray Blatche hustles to a loose ball, gets fouled, hits two FTs … Wiz up 4 with 30 seconds left …
  • dcsportsbog: Wiz hold on for 94-88 win. It’s 108 degrees outside.
  • dcsportsbog: Sorry, check that. Wiz hold on for 96-93 win. And it’s still 108 degrees outside.
  • dcsportsbog: Andray Blatche has braces.

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