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A Young(er) Ernie Grunfeld and Wizards Web Hits

Updated: August 27, 2009

Grunfeld, circa 2000 NBA Playoffs, East 1st Rd. Gm. 5 vs. Indiana

Grunfeld, circa 2000 NBA Playoffs, East 1st Rd. Gm. 5 vs. Indiana

Look at this young gent. Suave, classy … proper descriptors of this Ernie Grunfeld that your grandma could easily roll into one by saying, “He looks like such a nice boy!”

Now the goings-ons ’round the Wizards web

Candid Gil

“…what has surprised me is how open [Gilbert Arenas] is. We’ve had a lot of talks about everything, including his relationships with all the coaches he had from junior high to high school to college to the NBA. I have a better understanding of where he’s coming from.”

– Flip Saunders [via Saunders gets personal with Agent Zero, Wizards – Marc Spears, Yahoo Sports]

Setting ‘The’ Highest Goal

“I think people shouldn’t be scared to mention championship. We’ve got a lot of pieces in place, and management did a great job this summer. Now we’ve got to put it together.”

– Caron Butler [via For Wizards, a return trip – Mike Jones, Washington Times]

Brendan Haywood & Tom Knott Making Nice

A permeable skin would not be Haywood, the target of a number of objections from this space at the height of his quarrel with Eddie Jordan.

Now we’re talking, “the homeless-looking white dude” and the 7-footer with the sharp wit brokering a peace of sorts. The uneasiness was so many seasons ago before his long hours in the gym produced a spike in quality. The aging process sharpened the maturing level.

[Wizards’ Haywood finds his voice – Tom Knott, Washington Times]

More on Flip

From my conversations with people around the league before the Wizards hired Saunders, I know that Saunders wasn’t one for conflict and confrontations in Detroit, and often relied on players and assistants to get through to disruptive Pistons. His prior relationship with Chauncey Billups from their days in Minnesota could only go so far.

On the day he was introduced in Washington, Saunders said that he wasn’t a yeller but argued that he wasn’t a pushover, either. “I can be jerky at times. Sometime you have to be tough on [your players],” Saunders said. “I live by the golden rule, ‘Treat people how you want to be treated.’ You can’t treat everybody the same, but you treat everybody fair. You have to find the temperament of your team. Some players aren’t motivated by [screaming].”

[Michael Lee – Wizards Insider, Washington Post]

The Twitter Monster

The man who once said, “I don’t do Twitter (unless I’m contractually obligated)” has now succumbed to the Twitter Monster. Washington Post Wizards/NBA beat reporter, Michael Lee aka @MrMichaelLee, is now in the tweeting house, and professing his love for the Kansas City Kings via his account background. No word if Lee has a new contract or not.

So go follow Mr. Lee, and while you are at it, Mike Jones, the Wizards beat reporter for the Washington Times (@sptswrtrjones).

It also probably wouldn’t hurt to follow the Wizards mascot, @the_real_GWiz. He was giving away some nice swag on Tuesday, but now is holding off until he gets over 200 followers.

LeBron using Shaq for a ring, Shaq using LeBron for continued relevancy

“It won’t happen,” said Mr. O’Neal when asked how he would react to Mr. James criticizing him or calling him out in a game. “No one ever gets frustrated with me.”
Both Mr. O’Neal and Mr. James insisted that they “never” get frustrated with their teammates (psychologists say this suggests both players are almost certainly in denial)…

Dr. Virginia Rutter, a sociologist, psychologist and co-author of “The Love Test,” likens the Shaq-LeBron union to an arranged marriage…

[Is This Basketball Marriage Doomed? – Hannah Karp, Wall Street Journal]

No More Grape Drink



We all knew that Caron Butler gave up drinking a liter of Mountain Dew before games, and a liter at halftime… the Wizards made him to it.

Now, according to an interview with WashingtonWizards.com, Caron has purged ALL soda from his diet. And yes, this includes grape drink.

I cut out soda this summer. I stopped drinking soda April 8th, I have been away from soda basically the whole summer. No mountain dew, no grape soda, just water and juices.

Other Stuff

  • A must-read about how a fandom of the Washington Bullets was cultivated [Bullets Forever]
  • A blog named after China-bound Muresan met LeBron James [Gheorghe: The Blog]

When Cliches go bad.

I’ve said it before when referring to the mundane, the drab, the insignificant.
“It’s not something to write home about.”

But who writes home anymore anyway? My mom is on both Twitter and FaceBook. If you aren’t keeping up with friends and family through share-bro-ing, g-reading, twittering, emailing, texting, facebooking, etc., then you just aren’t getting it. (Right now, some old guy somewhere is saying that he just doesn’t get it.)

But there’s something romantic about old adages and virtually extinct acts such as USPS-ing something home. It also indicates that because of the letter’s journey, only a common jerks would write to simply say ‘hey’ or ‘what up’.

The phrase will probably never be,  “not something to twitter about.” People twitter about anything and everything. And if your name is Steve, your roommate might be tweeting about you right now.

It’s okay to say some things aren’t worth writing back home to momma now and then, but it should be used wisely. Not like Brian McKitish recently did. I don’t mean to pick on Brian … I believe this is the first piece I’ve read by him. Overall, he seems to know his stuff and puts down some solid work.

But, when talking of Arenas’ streetball appearance, he writes:

“Of course, the competition wasn’t anything to write home about, but Gilbert still dropped 35 points and looked explosive while doing it.”

We get the point that McKitish was trying to make … something along the lines of what Michael Lee said, “Granted, this is playground hoops, where defense is optional.” Or what Mike Jones scribed, “You have to take the level of competition into account.”

What’s my point? Well, the “competition” on the court, the Goodman League at Barry Farm IS something worth writing home about. At least by a newspaper that’s still delivered into homes old fashioned style. Even white boys are going to check out the competition in Anacostia. Ok, so ‘Sharp’ from The Ham Sandwich was mostly there to see Kevin Durant, but he did come away very impressed by a 14-year old who stole the show.

So say Gilbert was playing against mostly streetballers and some pros (such as a dude named P-Shitty who averaged 14.2 ppg in Turkey last season), but don’t say they aren’t worth writing home about, because you probably should see for yourself.

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