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Is Randy Foye The Difference Maker?

Updated: August 17, 2009

It’s been over seven weeks since June’s trade and I still don’t have a good feel for Randy Foye. What can we really expect from him?

I’ve heard the opinion of others, read breakdowns about him, seen his highlight clips, and read his ho-hum twitter feed. But it’s hard to fully gauge Foye as a player until I’m able to study his basketball flow through full game observations.

Then I saw the below video from In a clip that’s only about three minutes long, I came away thinking that basketball talent notwithstanding, it’s pretty cool to have a guy with Foye’s history of overcoming challenges on the team. He’s like a mini-Caron Butler full of inspiration.

And on yea, don’t forget about his situs inversus.

But know that Foye can be exciting like this:

Or also recognize that he can blow up the spot like this:

Randy Foye has all the tools to be the difference maker. It can be nothing but good karma, if you believe in that kind of stuff, that Foye is on the Wizards.

Flip Saunders and company have a legit shot to break the hearts and predictions of many “internet experts“. The streets are saying 52 wins … which would tie the ’72-73 Baltimore Bullets for third most in franchise history. If you don’t believe me, just watch:

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  • therunninghamster

    Of course the Wizards expect Foye will make a difference. They did not trade three players and a #5 pick on Miller.I also think that Foye will benefit from being with the Wiz. My hope is yje Roy Foye thing has alot more to do with who plays with which team than actual ability. I still believe that if Roy played for the TWolves and Foye played with the Blazers a different view point about each player would have been established. I think the same thing about Miller. I think that anomalous down year for Miller had a lot more to do with TWolves incompetence and shear lack of talent on the floor, Miller and Foye not withstanding. So I look forward to watching Foye and Miller to see if I am right.In Fact, I want to see Arenas Foye and Young on the floor at the same time.

  • You make a good point … there are always great players whose talents go unrecognized because they are on a crappy team or in a system that doesn’t use their strengths.

    Sometimes I envision an Arenas, Miller, Butler, Jamison, Oberto lineup (I’m thinking that Oberto sets picks better than Haywood … we will see).


    Arenas, Foye, Miller, Jamison & Blatche could all effectively spread the floor and take their man 1-on-1.

  • Marty McFly

    As a Wolves fan, I can tell you that Randy is at his best when he is slashing to the rim. His shooting is pretty inconsistent, but when he is “on” he will throw up 30 points in a blink.

    You couldn’t find a more professional player (similar to Mike Miller), locker room guy, and team mate.

    Flip knew what he was doing to trade for Miller and Foye, and he will know how to utilize their talents.