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Mike Miller Is For Serious About Social Networking

Updated: August 10, 2009


Mike Miller is for serious about his social networking. How serious? Damn serious enough to debut his new website with an inspirational ‘Eminem’ “song” that came out seven years ago.

Miller also has a new blog entry, introduced by the frightening/sad/tough/crying on the inside/I’m from South Dakota/my fav rapper is Killer Mike/I’d eat a man’s heart if it were legal and tasted like cheese wiz & beer face you see above.

Damn. That’s serious enough to remove the ‘r’ from ‘for’ and make it a fo’.

Mike Miller is fo’ serious.

Personally, I think Mike Miller is serious enough to drain more than 150 threes, drop more than 250 dimes, snag more than 350 boards, and shoot more than 42% from long distance this year.

So if you’re around, become a fan of Miller on FaceBook, follow his Twitter, or become a member at his website. Go give the guy they call “White Mike”* some support so that he and the Wizards can be working their hardest up to and through the 2009-10 season. After all, Brendan Haywood isn’t the only guy playing for a contract this year.

*Not sure if ‘White Mike’ is an officially sanctioned nickname for Miller, but it’s listed on Wikipedia, so it ‘must’ be true. Plus, I get it, it’s also a reference to The Wire … so great.

Top Recent Wizards Tweets

Mike Miller @m33m

August 10: Back in gym today. I have been hitting it hard preparing for the season. Heading out to D.C. next Monday with Coach and Fergs (aka tool)

JaVale McGee @bigdaddywookie

August 9: At six flags[where Epic Vale couldn’t avoid getting an airbrushed caricature]

August 8: At olive garden — [fancy like LeBron James!]

August 7: I wanna go to a Yankee game….no offense nationals….but Yankee red sox game….wit some cracker jacks

August 7: Twitter is like a fantasy world, u c alot of pple with made up pics and fake personas then u actually get to meet the fantasy..DISAPOINTMENT

Mike James @mikejames7

August 6: my favorite rap artist made a tribute song to me, j siah. he made the song in an hour, its crazy. gotta go to my website mikejames7.com

August 10: AI. Go over that water play two games a week avg. 40 real easy take yr family really learn the language. And have fun playing ball again.

Randy Foye @randyfoye

[Nothing interesting at all]

Fabricio Oberto @obricio7

[A bunch of Spanish] … but it does look like the Argentinian is in DC and attended the Legg Mason Tennis Classic [twitpic]

And finally, Mike Miller’s Game Day Preparation:

Eating something ethnic: a lot of cheese inside a tortilla.

  • BothTeamsPlayedHard

    Does he have hands? Does he have a face?

  • http://www.truthaboutit.net/ Truth About It

    Ha! … too bad the Wizards got rid of their Sergei(s): Darius Songaila and Oleksiy Pecherov.