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Past Year Wizards Memories: August 2008

Updated: August 3, 2009
flickr/Keith Allison

flickr/Keith Allison

In the dog days of August, not much happens NBA-wise (aside from the schedule being released). So, in the spirit of George Santayana’s famous quote, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it,” in the next several days, I’ll be providing some Wizards highlights and lowlights (mostly the latter) from each month in the past year.

First up: August 2008.

The only Wizards player who has an August birthday is Andray Blatche. He will turn 23 on August 22nd, and will be entering his 5th year in the league.

So, for the sake of age comparison, I did a search for all the players between 6’9″ and 7’0″ who, in a single season:

  1. were 22 (on Feb. 1st of the respective season),
  2. averaged between 22 and 27 minutes per game, and
  3. averaged at least 10 points, 8 rebounds, 1 block, and 1 assist per game.

Make of this what you will. I’ll say that if Andray Blatche could find a way to incorporate his diverse athletic skills with the hard-nosed demeanor and rebounding prowess of LaSalle Thompson, he’d be absolutely amazing. That being said, most observers would say that Blatche’s intensity-lacking nature is quite the opposite of the guy nicknamed “Tank.” For more on Thompson, check out what Tom Ziller had to say at Sactown Royalty.

For more comparisons of Andray Blatche, check out this post, and this post by Kevin Broom of the Secret Weapon.

Ok, on to the August ’08 recap …

August 4: Gilbert Arenas blogged that, “This is going to be his year.” in reference to Kwame Brown, in an attempt to bury the hatchet with the young punk. Kwame was the same old mediocre Kwame.

Gilbert Arenas also blogged:

“There’s another reason I don’t vote – I don’t want jury duty. If you’re not registered to vote, you can’t get jury duty. I know that campaign Diddy had a couple years ago, “Vote or Die,” yeah if the alternative is jury duty, I’m going to die. I’m not going to get in one of these cases where they blow the jury members’ houses up to get out of the trial, I’m cool. I’ve seen too many movies.”

August 4: Robert Pack’s 31 games with the Bullets were reflected upon at Bullets Forever.

August 5: Jim McIlvaine was remembered by hotplate at Bullets Forever.

August 6: How Ledell Eackles destroyed a man’s childhood.

August 11: Jake The Snake of Bullets Forever explains how Jared Jeffries, of all people, made him a diehard fan.

August 11: Dan Steinberg shared some Gilbert Arenas magazines all the way from China at the DC Sports Bog.

August 13: Mike Prada explained Kwame Brown bashing at Bullets Forever.

August 14: I remembered former Bullet Larry Stewart, who was the first undrafted player to ever make an NBA All-Rookie Team (2nd in ’91-92).

Mid-August: The Wizards ’08-’09 season slogan came out: “Character, Commitment, Connection.”

August 25: At Bullets Forever, we remembered past Wizards/Bullets franchise low-lights, such as signing Mitch Richmond to a 4-year, $40 million deal on Aug. 24, 1999.

August 25: The tenure of Scott Skiles as a Bullet was told at Bullets Forever.

August 25: Kevin Duckworth passes away at the age of 44.

August 29: Holly McKenzie recounts her lost Gilbert Arenas interview at Hardwood Paroxysm.

What will Andray be doing on his birthday?

Will he get a fresh haircut?



Or will he find some tough competition and work on his game?



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