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Andray Blatche Aims To Be Consistently Consistent

Updated: September 29, 2009

Media day was the first time I’ve been around Andray Blatche in a public setting. From what I’ve gathered in the past, he’s not exactly a juicy quote machine. On Monday, he pretty much lived up to that expectation.

“Consistent” was Andray’s choice word of the day, repeating it several times, and mostly in reference to his jump shot. I found this to be a bit curious. In my evaluation of Blatche, I outlined how I’d rather him take less jumpers (or at least avoid ill-advised/forced ones).

If he can hit them, great/splendid/wonderful. Everyone likes a big man who can spread the floor. I just would have been more comfortable had Andray mentioned rebounding and defense as priorities.

But enough about my wishes, read Blatche’s quotes for yourself …

On his summer

“Um, you know my main problem … I worked on my conditioning. I worked on my jump shots, more consistent. After that, pretty much staying in the gym and getting in touch with the game.”

{I think the “main problem” part was a brief honest slip of the tongue by Blatche. Since his first year in the league, and as recently as the beginning of last season, conditioning problems have plagued him.}

On the #1 thing he can do to turn his doubters into supporters

“Show consistency. That’s why I’ve been in the gym shooting extra jump shots. I want my shot to be consistent so I can be a consistent player.”

Blatche was asked, essentially, if this is the year that he takes all of his potential and puts it together

(this question sounds familiar, doesn’t it?)

“Once again, it’s all about consistency. I just gotta stay focused, stay humble and just compete. You know, just go out there and work hard every night.”

On the team and all its ‘new stuff’

“A lotta new stuff … it’s very exciting. I hope the fans are ready for a great season. Everybody is just so eager to get training camp started, to get the season going. A lot of guys feel it’s going to be a great season for us. This is a whole new season, and we’re going to work hard and give the fans what they want.”

On Flip’s Style vs. that of Eddie Jordan and/or Ed Tapscott

“I like Flip a lot … he makes you want to stay in the gym, always telling you when you’re getting better, or what’s not good. So that kinda kept me in the gym a lot more. I can’t really tell you his coaching style yet, because we haven’t had a game. But I’ll tell you after training camp.”

On how/where his game has grown over the summer

“My consistent jump shot. My jump shot has gotten more consistent. And I believe that’s going to help me a lot more.”

On his new braces

“Yea, I got the braces done too … this season, everything is new. Everything is going to be fresh. Everything is going to be more exciting. You know, it will be good this year.”

Whatever is clever Andray … but can we all finally say that there are no more excuses? I’m glad Blatche is excited by the ‘newness’ of it all (as is everyone else), and that he’s ready to turn over a new leaf.

But after the scapegoats of the difficult Princeton offense and that big ol’ meanie Eddie Jordan (in comparison to the warm and comfortable lap of Flip Saunders), there’s nothing left to blame if he doesn’t have a breakout season. And I’m not talking about ‘breakout’ in terms of stats, rather if the common man, woman, or child watching the game can say, ‘Boy, that guy is working hard.’

Rashad Mobley of Hoops Addict put in more work with Blatche and has some choice cuts, including:

Blatche also revealed that a post-season conversation with his mother served as yet another catalyst for his change in attitude.  “She said you’re too lackadaisical, like you’re just out there goofing around with your friends,” Blatche said.  “After awhile I was like [mom] you’re right, this is my job, this is my team, I need to go ahead and step my game up and be more focused.”

Of course, when Blatche entered the media area, he was acting goofy and laughing … and then there are pictures like the one below which could typify the “goofiness” his mom was talking about. But we are all allowed a little fun, aren’t we?

{via Bullets Forever Facebook page / Haraz N. Ghanbari, AP}

The Washington Post’s Michael Lee on Blatche:

Andray Blatche talked about changing his number from 32 to 7 and said that he will be committed to working hard, hustling and being more consistent. He said he’s not worried about having a breakout season but feels like he has yet to come from out of his shell.

Consistency Is The Key (and/or ‘?’).

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