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Arenas Breaks Media Silence, Praises Tim Grover As His Savior, and Questions The Franchise

Updated: September 16, 2009
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Economy hurting newspapers in a dying industry? Well, when Mike Jones is afforded the opportunity** the spend a couple weeks in Chicago, and thus the ability to break through Gilbert Arenas’ media silence ice, we all see why true professionals need to be around for a long time. (And honestly, they’re not going anywhere, the platform/game is just changing).

Ok, enough of the digressive spiel. Jones has put together an epic* post on Gilbert Arenas’ nameless comeback tour.

* Well, epic to Wizards fans and those dedicated to the NBA, perhaps in hope that Agent Zero will make things a little less ‘boring’, and in a sense that Arenas has been on a media hiatus for a long time, with many probably not expecting him to talk again until September 28th’s media day.

** And who are we kidding? The Washington Times plays the dark horse to The Post in D.C. — the Rev. Sun Myung Moon must be a huge Gilbert Arenas fan. This, in my opinion, is a pretty big pull for Mr. Jones … even though he is an established piece of the main stream media.

Go read the ‘official’ piece that will be running in the hard copy edition of the Times, and Jones’ follow up Wizards Outlet blog post of extras, but the highlights include:

  • If it weren’t for Tim Grover, there would be a “95 percent chance” that Arenas would have to miss more games. (This is both encouraging and distressing, but more of the latter.)
  • Gilbert sorta blames the franchise for not holding him back more in initial rehab efforts (citing ‘ticket sales’ of course), but “harbors no ill will toward the Wizards’ doctors and trainers.”
  • Evidently, the ‘true point guard’ experiment, whatever that means, has been thrown out the window.
  • “Eager? Naw. Eager is what hindered me the last two years,” -Gilbert Arenas
  • Flip Saunders’ first summertime call is the most Arenas has talked to a coach at one time since high school.
  • Evidently, Eddie Jordan didn’t want Gilbert to be a leader.
  • Saunders’ offense is more “natural” than the Princeton.
  • “Being healthy is the [freakin’] Number 1.” -Gilbert Arenas
  • Arenas is still “bitter” over the departure of Larry Hughes. (Here, I wish Jones would have followed up to point out that 1) Hughes was horribly overpaid by Cleveland, and 2) he continues to have major issues with staying healthy.)
  • Gilbert would like the Wizards to have more size. (He’s preaching to the choir here.)
  • Arenas expects Stevenson to be the starting two guard.
  • “It’s no Takeover, it’s no Reloaded. I just wanna play.” -Gilbert Arenas

UPDATE: Jones has a ‘Part 3’ of Gilbert musings posted on Wizards Outlet — mostly about the point guard role.

UPDATE #2: The DC Sports Bog’s Dan Steinberg calls out Gilbert Arenas in classic fashion. I might remember this quote forever:

The thing about Gilbert quotes is they have to be sort of experienced as performance art, rather than actually ingested as truth.

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