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Antawn Jamison Does Yoga, The Video

Updated: October 8, 2009

Toward the end of training camp, Antawn Jamison said that with playing so many minutes last year (4th in the NBA with 3,096 … at age 32), his body didn’t break down as much as he thought it would. Guess he has this “feminine” thing called Yoga to thank.

Between this and his non-impact trick shot offensive ways, The Gentleman Jamison just might play until he’s 40.

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  • Sharon

    Yoga is not a femine exercise. It is for complete flexibility of the limbs and strengthening your core which is one of the most important parts of your body. Flexibility in the limbs cut down on injuries. Even Lebron does Yoga and Pilates and if I am not mistaken, I heard Caron says he now does Pilates with his wife. I do them and I am in my mid 40’s but you could not tell by looking at me. I would give some of these young girls a run for their money:-)

  • Femzilla

    This is great, I’ve started doing it myself, and was blown away about how hard it was, thought it was just stretching… as you get older, it’s necessary, especially for old athletes like myself… Anyway more football players need to do yoga, in a sport that requires the body to be flexible and as injury free as possible…

  • SCT

    Phil Jackson used to have the Jordan Bulls do yoga, and we all know how that team did. Lots of athletes do it, particularly as they age. It just has benefits no other exercise routine does. It can’t replace other training, but it’s a tremendous supplement.

    I do it myself. It’s great for my surgically-repaired ACL, it’s helped me get into great shape, and in yoga class I’m often the only guy surrounded by beautiful women in spandex….so yeah, I hope none of you other guys ever pick it up. :P

  • I agree, yoga is definitely not “feminine” … I would actually like to look into doing it myself, but have never made the time.

    Flexibility is the key, right? I have a hard enough time as it is doing stretching at home and making it to the gym.

    Baby steps I suppose.

  • Dean

    I’ve found yoga to have a strong benefit on joint stability, which is really important for athletes. I seem to remember Donovan McNabb a few years ago doing a yoga program to protect his legs and shoulders, and a piece over the summer by Clay Travis about NFL pre-draft fitness training included mention of using yoga to maintain flexibility.

  • wizards suck

    All of this yoga should help him recover after lebron and shaq shove his head up his on a$s

  • Patrick

    Yoga is good, but I wonder if AJ would get more out of the flexibility, balance and strength exercises from the Chinese martial arts (tai chi, kung fu, etc.) That stuff makes you just as flexible as a yoga practitioner, and a lot stronger and more agile.