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Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Arenas, Gilbert Calls The Media “Lazy”

Updated: October 16, 2009

There was a larger than usual media contingent at the Wizards’ practice this afternoon. I can’t really say this with conviction since it was only my second time attending a practice, but let’s just say there was a presence on a national level. And we’re talking about practice.

Waiting to be let into the gym, I surveyed the media scene. A bunch evil, lazy looking mofos … with daggers in their eyes and hate in their blood. Of course, I’m being extremely facetious here. But in the eyes of Gilbert Arenas, that’s what they are. Ok, again, I must confess, I’m putting words in Arenas’ mouth … but he did call the media “lazy.”

Arenas spoke in such a sullen and somber tone, he seemed like a kid who’d just lost his puppy. I halfway expected him to break out in a smile, but he didn’t. I know I broke out a couple uncontrollable smirks myself. When Arenas was done, he just quietly put his head down and walked to the locker room.

Here’s an excerpt of his presser …

I later spoke with Mike James about the differences between Agent Media and Agent Teammate:

“Gil is crazy and he’s going to continue to be crazy. That’s just who he is. He just wants to play basketball. He doesn’t want to think about all the other stuff. He doesn’t really care what the media says about him and how they express their feelings about him. He’s only talking to the media because he has to talk to the media.

Gil is Gil … cracking jokes all the time. He’s a fun guy to meet. I enjoy him. So now, he’d rather spend more time on the basketball court than in front of the cameras.”

So there it is. Arenas just wants to play basketball. And on the court with his teammates, he’s a totally different person … a regular Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Arenas.

Sorry media. It may be a tad immature, a wee-bit overboard … too bad.

Hopefully, what Arenas does on the basketball court will be entertainment enough.

Oh yea … speaking of “entertainment”, Arenas’ new website, GilbertArenas.com will debut on October 31st. [via Gilbertology]

Another oh yea … Arenas has a book coming out in February 2010. [also via Gilbertology]

Take that again media! Gilbert Arenas will be his OWN media!

Mike Jones of the Washington Times and Michael Lee of the Post have more on Arenas.

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  • iamse7en

    Man, Gil just seems bitter. What an awkward presser. I feel bad for him. Dude just wants to be left alone. What’s so wrong about that?

    Oh because he’s being paid $111 mil? Oh, I see. :)

    Damn shame.

  • jason

    He makes Tim Duncan look more personable than Shaq right now…

    I really enjoy this new Gilbert.

  • Zeke

    My question is why the NBA never fined/required Lebron to do the interview after losing in the playoffs the last two years. Double Standard…

  • artreddin

    Great stuff!

    “I work out six hours a day on my craft… as soon as you guys hear something you write it instead of finding out if it’s the truth… laziness.”

    Absolutely fabulous.

    So is his whole deadbeat sombre act… a great tactic for making him a boring interviewee, but he just can’t hide his smarts: “You ever have to do something you didn’t want to do?” (i.e., about being fined by Stern for exercising his right to free speech… or right to keep silent) Also “I’m not a persona.”(0.44) (reply to a reporter’s assertion of Gil selling an image of himself on his blog.)

    I missed out on the earlier Agent Zero, but hell, I no longer care what he does on the floor. I’m a fan!