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Report from Thursday’s Wizards Practice: Flip Saunders, Brendan Haywood & Caron Butler

Updated: October 22, 2009

Flip Saunders on preparing for the last game of the preseason, the ‘Swine Flu’ back-court he will start against the Bulls on Friday, and getting Andray Blatche into his role of coming off the bench.

Brendan Haywood on getting Gilbert Arenas and Mike Miller back from the flu and the Wizards’ ‘Window of Opportunity’.

Caron Butler on his defensive progression

“So far so good. You know, still gambling a little bit after looking at some film. But, it’s still preseason … just trying to focus in on the rotation for the most part, getting to spots, talking and communicating as much as possible. And … so far so good.”

Narrowing down the rotation & JaVale McGee stealing jerseys

On Wizards Outlet, Mike Jones has some tid-bits on hints that were dropped in today’s practice regarding the rotation Saunders is leaning toward and what McGee did because he thought his jersey number was bad luck.

Vincent Grier cut and Paul Davis surviving

The Wizards announced today that Grier has been cut. On Wizards Insider, Micheal Lee has more on Davis and how Gilbert Arenas is partially responsible for getting him into training camp.

From Skins to Wiz

The Washington Post’s Dan Steinberg and his DC Sports Bog nation finally took a break from covering the DeadSkins and showed up to a Wizards practice today … his first Wiz-related appearance at the Verizon since before media day.

Can’t blame Dan for riding the waves of Redskins hits for weeks … he actually showed up in a wetsuit. No, not really. But click the link above to go read why Dan had Caron saying, “D.C. Stand Up!!”

No Gilbertology

When Gilbert was tapped on the shoulder as he left the locker room, he simply lifted his headphones off one ear and said, “They told me I didn’t have to talk to you guys today.”

  • iamse7en

    Caron: “still gambling a little bit.”

    Music to my ears.

    Gil: “They told me I didn’t have to talk to you guys today.”

    Just absolutely hilarious.