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Wizards Game 3 Home Opener vs. New Jersey Nets Live Twitter Blog

Updated: October 31, 2009

7:11:42 PM: DC’s own Ginuwine just sang the National Anthem here @ the Verizon Center … Wiz starting lineup: Arenas, Foye, Miller, Oberto, Haywood.

7:13:40 PM: RT @BulletsForever [before the game] Flip Saunders also praised Gilbert Arenas’ defense … yeah, you heard that right.

7:15:02 PM: The Wizards have a huge fire-spitting logo over their bench … now it’s rising into the rafters.

7:15:38 PM: Big cheers for the Return of Gilbert Arenas … decent crowed, but surely as not as packed as you would expect it to be.

7:26:03 PM: 6:26 left in first, Nets up 12-10. Wizards don’t look crisp on offens. Perhaps they are thinking about the plays too much; poor spacing.

7:33:51 PM: Well, Rafer Alston hasn’t lost a step, his shot, or his desire 2 play. Getting where he wants so far: 7 points, 4 assists. Wiz up 21-19.

7:39:28 PM: Andray Blatche is dazzling this crowd … he looks sooo comfortable in every offensive move he makes. 8 points, 4-4 FGs, Wiz up 25-22.

7:42:32 PM: Arenas hits a LONG running three at the 1st Q buzzer (2 steps inside half court) — Wakes up entire Verizon Center. Wiz up 28-24 after 1Q

7:49:46 PM: JaVale McGee does two things great: Dunk and Try To Block Shots. He just picked up his 3rd foul in 5 mins. trying 2 do the latter.

7:58:46 PM: Andray Blatche might be the new Zero 2 Hero: 12 pts, 4 rebs, 2 asts, 1 blk, 0 TO, 0 PF -Gets mini standing O as he checks out. 47-35 Wiz.

8:11:24 PM: Arenas is looking more comfortable getting his buckets within the offense tonight. 20 pts, 4 ast, 2 TO. Wiz up 58-45, 1:37 left in 2nd Q.

8:18:04 PM: Stevenson uses his functional ball handling skills 2 drive length of court & score last sec layup 2 end half. Wiz up 62-51.

8:32:52 PM: You prob already knew Devin Harris was out tonight. The prob is a sore groin — there goes his social life.

8:33:48 PM: Wiz shot a scorching 55.8% from the field in the 1st half — glad they had that fire during player intros.

8:47:41 PM: Arenas approaching offense in diverse manner tonight: 3s (3-3), midrange, attacking (8-9 FTs). Wiz up 79-61. Gil & Blatche lead Wiz w +18

8:53:30 PM: Blatche has Najera on skates – behind the back dribble and pull up J in his face. 16 pts. 4 Dray. Wiz up 86-70, 3:44 left in 3rd.

8:59:09 PM: RT @MrMichaelLee Blatche trying to take a charge? I think I know what his Halloween costume is today. A baller.

9:06:40 PM: Wiz up 99-79 after 3Qs. Arenas sparked offense — attempted 7 FTs (made 6), had 3 assists & 0 turnovers in quarter, 12 points.

9:10:31 PM: Dare I say that Blatche is in the zone? Or is it just Najera guarding him? Who cares, he’s got 24 pts, 12-15 FGs. Wiz=61.5 FG%, Nets=45.3

9:14:36 PM: With a dunk, Andray Blatche sets a new career high w 28 points (previous was 26 vs. Philly on Nov. 20, 2007 – 7 Day Dray in FULL EFFECT!

9:26:54 PM: Paul Davis sighting … looks like he’s the Wizards’ version of a human victory cigar — D.C. up 121-94 with 3 minutes left.

9:31:50 PM: Wizards send Nets packing … 123-104 is the final.

9:54:34 PM: Andray Blatche is big time tonight … Doing an interview w NBA TV before the other media folk.

11:01:14 PM: Sam Cassell just called Foye “Randy Watson” … Just like Coming To America.

11:14:36 PM: Gilbert Arenas compared Oberto to Luke Walton in terms of being able to do the little things.