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Wizards Gold Jersey Rolling Over In Its Grave

Updated: October 1, 2009
flickr/Keith Allison

flickr/Keith Allison

After being unveiled in October 2006, the Wizards’ alternate gold jerseys were laid to rest this past April. Personally, I never had anything against them. Actually, I liked them … the contrasting gold tops to the black shorts … were they really that ugly?

Well, a ton of people I ran into would answer with a resounding ‘yes’. Yahoo!’s Ball Don’t Lie even ranked the gold unis the fifth worst NBA jersey in the last decade.

Then again, the goldies did have their fans. Gilbert Arenas liked them better than the current colors. Caron Butler and Wiz radio man Dave Johnson didn’t seem to mind them. Even 60% of the voters in an August 2008 Bullets Forever reader poll said, ‘They should definitely stick around.’

But alas, the Golds are dead to the hardwood … and are now rolling over in their grave.

Last night I looked up to find some befuddled looking youth wearing a golden Arenas jersey on my TV screen. ‘What the hell?’ A push of the info button indicated that this picture show was none other than ‘Step Up 2: The Streets’.

Before you ask why this teeny-bopper movie was on my TV, there’s a simple explanation. After watching the movie ’21’ about the MIT Blackjack Team (which was ‘okay’, but not all that great), I got up to wash the dishes. When I returned, I saw the vision below.

‘Step Up 2: The Streets’, which is the sequel to some movie called ‘Step Up’, seems to be the inbred, red-headed step-child of Foot Loose, So You Think You Can Dance, the wack rapping of Flo-Rida, and a canned after-school special script … but ‘fresh’ because the word “Streets” is in the title.

Oh, and it takes place in Baltimore, so the Arenas jersey does kinda make sense. But that’s where the comparison ends. The ‘streets’ part is a far cry from what’s depicted on The Wire … at least that’s what I gathered in the 30 seconds it took to take a screen shot.

Wikipedia also tells me that ‘Step Up 2’ involves ‘illegal’ dance competitions. Damn … I bet Bunk and McNulty will be right on that case.

So if having people hate on them isn’t bad enough, the Wizards gold jerseys will now be forever disgraced in a crappy movie. Not to mention that the Wiz lost their last game donning them.

The gold jersey is rolling over in its grave. Poor thing.

Golden Jersey Memories

flickr/Keith Allison

flickr/Keith Allison

And of course, matching cheerleader outfits …

flickr/Keith Allison

flickr/Keith Allison

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