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Wizards – Grizzlies Preseason Game 1 Live Twitter

Updated: October 6, 2009

5:26:20 PM: Live from the Siegel Center at VCU … press row front, opposite of the Grizzlies bench. Ready to get this Wizards preseason started!

5:32:43 PM: Heading to the Wiz locker room for some pre-game questions.

5:38:14 PM: Gil listening to Jay-Z’s ‘Already Home’ … Switched it to Biggie’s ‘One More Chance’ (remix) – head phones turned up loud enough to hear.

6:09:30 PM: Dom McGuire looks good hitting warmup shots from the top of the key, but something about his form is still off. Still got that hitch.

6:10:54 PM: Flip Saunders says that he’s seen less ‘silliness’ out of the younger players in the locker room so far.

6:17:22 PM: Fab Oberto will see action tonight, but his minutes will be monitored like Arenas’. Probably will be the first big off the bench 4 Haywood.

6:34:16 PM: Back to my place on media row … waiting for things to happen. Stood next to A.I. earlier, he lil’

6:36:05 PM: BTW, will be live tweeting the Wiz-Griz preseason game. All tweets will also show up on Truth About It http://bit.ly/j2Tbl

6:38:56 PM: Prada of @BulletsForever was the 1st to spot an Etan Thomas Wizards jersey in the crowd … he wins a prize.

6:40:19 PM: Of course the VCU band is here … and they started playing when we were trying to talk to Flip on the court earlier. Good 1 fellas

6:48:13 PM: There’s a contingent of Tanzanians sitting behind press row … big Hasheem Thabeet fans, obviously.

6:54:20 PM: OJ Mayo just gave a replacement ref a hug … wonder if he knows Tim Floyd.

6:55:26 PM: Is Hamed Haddadi the Iranian Vlade Divac? Cause I keep thinking he should have a cigarette in his mouth while warming up.

6:57:27 PM: Just figured out that my Twitter updates are showing up multiple times on their corresponding blog post. Oh well. http://bit.ly/j2Tbl

7:01:26 PM: Arenas just threw down a windmill .. the knee is good .. OKAY? @MrMichaelLee @sptswrtrjones @BulletsForever

7:04:07 PM: Antawn Jamison looks all about the business tonight. The “Gentleman” does not play.

7:07:43 PM: Griz Starters: Conley, OJ Mayo, Rudy Gay, Z-BO & Marc Gasol.

7:08:24 PM: Evidently Richmond is “The Most Powerful City In The World” too … thought only D.C. held that title.

7:09:42 PM: Uh oh .. JaVale McGee is about to say something on the mic … he’s thanking everyone.

7:10:07 PM: Wonder why JaVale McGee @bigdaddywookie didn’t drop his Twitter to the VCU crowd …

7:10:29 PM: Alright folks … tip-off is a mere seconds away.

7:11:16 PM: Segregation: The Wizards’ three white dudes are all the way at the end of the bench.

7:13:12 PM: Gil gets assist, taking Conley in post and back out to AJ for a trey ball.

7:14:24 PM: Gil picks up 2nd assist to Nick Young in corner. 5-4 Wiz. Conley follows up with a 3. 7-5 Griz.

7:15:04 PM: Agree …. wonder why. RT @BulletsForever: Gil giving Conley way too much room.

7:16:16 PM: Z-BO firing up threes … looks like he’s in mid-season form like Vince Carter. AJ’s FTs make it 9-7 Wiz, 9:10 left in 1st

7:17:19 PM: Gil makes a great steal and a save to Nick Young (off Griz in transition) jumps over sideline desk … he’s okay folks.

7:18:23 PM: Gil passes up an open shot at the top of the key … Wiz turn it over. Jamison says “Shoot that boy!!”

7:20:29 PM: Starters still in for Wiz w 7:43 left in 1st. Memphis up 15-11. Arenas needs to be more comfortable/assertive with his decision making.

7:22:07 PM: Caron shows no fear going behind his back and taking Gay to the hoop through traffic, draws a foul. 1-2 FT, 15-12 Griz.

7:25:16 PM: Paul Davis is taking glances at the VCU dance team during a timeout (before coaches go in) Easy there Millionaire Matchmaker.

7:27:56 PM: Wizards are getting sloppy . 2 straight turnovers. 18-17 Wiz, 4:51 left.

7:31:59 PM: Arenas is driving to the hoop now. Earns an And1 now … had another trip to the line less than a minute ago.

7:34:27 PM: Arenas easily gets to the hoop past a ton of Griz, dumps it off to Tuff Juice who misses shot, but draws the foul.

7:35:22 PM: Sam Young checks in for Griz … looks like a young Michael Finley looking dude.

7:36:26 PM: Saunders said he’d play Gil 8-10 minutes. 1:00 left in 1st and Stevenson for Young is only sub so far.

7:37:25 PM: 0:56.1 Blatche checks in for Jamison .. Foye set to come in for Arenas who is at the FT line.

7:38:08 PM: Well, we’ve seen 8 Wizards so far … is Mike Miller the 9th?

7:38:59 PM: Foye, Stevenson, Butler, Blatche and Jamison end 1st. Butler gets putback at buzzer. 32-28 Wizards after 1.

7:41:13 PM: Foye, Stevenson, Mike Miller, Blatche, and Oberto will start the 2nd quarter.

7:42:39 PM: Blatche tries baseline spin move on Thabeet, weakly loses position and gets his stuff THROWN.

7:44:33 PM: This second unit for the Wizards isn’t used to playing with each other.

7:45:56 PM: Javaris Crittenton and Gil Arenas look to be having some educational convo on the bench.

7:46:45 PM: Mike James still on the bench …. looking like he’s wondering why the hell he’s not in the game.

7:47:52 PM: First ‘Can’t Feel My Face’ from DeShawn Stevenson folks … 3 pointer makes it 36-32 Wizards.

7:51:52 PM: Arenas did have 7 assists in the 1st quarter … got to the FT line 5 times, made 3.

7:53:22 PM: This second squad is getting a bit sloppy with a lot of jumping to pass.

7:54:29 PM: @BulletsForever is getting perturbed at Randy “Point Guard” Foye’s latest turnover.

7:56:54 PM: Just as @BulletsForever is talking about wanting Mike Miller to be more assertive, he takes the ball to the hoop and scores.

8:01:08 PM: Gilbert Arenas and Nick Young are checking back in … guess that’s Y he’d a heating pad on his knee on the bench. Foye & Stevenson out.

8:01:31 PM: A second ago, an Argentinian took an Iranian strong to the hoop for a bucket.

8:02:06 PM: Arenas, Young, Miller, Blatche & Oberto on floor for Wiz. 46-42 DC w 5:00 left in 2nd.

8:03:08 PM: Arenas’ handles look clean as ever. You can tell he’s really trying to see the entire court and all his teammates.

8:03:50 PM: Jamison and Haywood back for Blatche and Oberto … join Gil, Young and Miller.

8:04:19 PM: Arenas earns 6th & 7th trips to the line, but he’s only made 3.

8:11:07 PM: It’s okay folks, Arenas just got hit in the jimmy … earns 2 FTs though. Gil is 3-9 on FTs .. damn.

8:12:32 PM: Crowd seems a little anxious about Agent Zero … seem to be expecting him to dazzle.

8:13:37 PM: Nick Young having trouble keeping up with Sam Young on defense.

8:12:32 PM: Crowd seems a little anxious about Agent Zero … seem to be expecting him to dazzle.

8:13:37 PM: Nick Young having trouble keeping up with Sam Young on defense.

8:16:28 PM: Gil Arenas has played 16.5 minutes at the half. So he’s over Flip’s 8-10 minute plan. Doubt we see him again.

8:28:52 PM: Griz up 55-53 on Wiz after 1 half. DC: 50% FG, MEM: 51.1%. 32 total fouls were called. Wiz have 11 TOs (Jamison 4)

8:34:29 PM: The second half begins … and we have the same starting lineup. Gil going on 17 mins +, begins 3rd w a charge call on a drive-Gasol took it

8:35:55 PM: @BulletsForever is wondering why Iverson (out w injury tonite) isn’t on Griz bench .. we’re talking PRESEASON!

8:38:56 PM: Gil Arenas crossed up Mike Conley somethin’ nasty, but can’t finish the layin or the following tip.

8:40:53 PM: Caron Butler had a very quiet 10 points in the first half … seems to take too much of a back seat sometimes.

8:42:24 PM: Memphis up 63-60 with 7:12 left in 3rd.

8:43:00 PM: @BulletsForever may have convinced me that Caron looks just fine.

8:43:19 PM: Foye has checked in for Nick Young, playing off the ball to Arenas.

8:43:48 PM: Or is Arenas playing off the ball? Jamison inbounded to Foye who brought the ball up the court.

8:45:52 PM: Flip Saunders is yelling at his team to push the ball off of Memphis missed shots.

8:47:16 PM: Stevenson checks in for Arenas at around the 4:20 mark .. joins Foye, Butler, Arenas & Haywood.

8:50:13 PM: Caron Butler just threw down a jackhammer dunk … Stevenson made the right read seeing the trailer in transition.

8:52:40 PM: Looks like Arenas is out for good now, icing down that knee. 69-67 Griz, 2:35 left in 3rd.

8:54:40 PM: Dominic McGuire is set to check in for the first time.

8:56:04 PM: @MrMichaelLee has good hands too … in addition to a good pen.

8:56:26 PM: The 3rd is over … game tied at 21.

8:58:08 PM: Oops … game is tied at 71, not 21 … in other news, who wants to play Black Jack?

8:58:29 PM: Foye, Stevenson, McGuire, Blatche, and JaVale McGee start the 4th for the Wiz.

8:59:14 PM: JaVale McGee and Hasheem Thabeet are two loooong dudes, Thabeet is just much stronger.

9:01:19 PM: McGee throws down a dunk And1 … he was REALLY concerned about getting out a salute afterward. Really dude?

9:02:53 PM: @MrMichaelLee once again displays quick hands … the guy is just a damn vet.

9:03:41 PM: McGee moves on a pick, gets called for it, makes his lemon face.

9:05:50 PM: RT @BulletsForever DeShawn Stevenson with the great “pass” (aka airballed three) to Blatche for the foul. No “I Can’t Feel My Face” there.

9:08:03 PM: Some white dude with a shiny gold chain just yelled something at Mike Miller about a haircut. Nice chain buddy.

9:11:34 PM: This unit of Foye, Miller, McGuire, Blatche & McGee are almost trying to pass ‘too’ much.

9:13:22 PM: Did 7 Day Dray just hit his first jumper of the game? And then follow with a running drive? 85-83 Griz, 5:41 left in 4th.

9:14:00 PM: McGee has picked up his 3rd foul in limited minutes. They guy is trying to block absolutely everything & has no probs leaving his feet.

9:17:34 PM: Arenas finished with 10 assists in just over 24 minutes … 3 turnovers … 5 points on 1-5 from the field.

9:26:34 PM: Mike Miller has an impressive all around game.

9:27:34 PM: Well, the Wizards’ finishing unit is pulling away from the Grizzlies … 92-87 DC with 1:17 left.

9:29:24 PM: 7 Day Dray is a stud in garbage time.

9:30:56 PM: Mike James, Paul Davis and Vincent Grier lead the DNP-CD list.

9:46:52 PM: I don’t remember seeing Iverson on the Griz bench once … But he emerged from the locker room right after the game w a basket of nachos.

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