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Wizards – Mavericks Preseason Game 2 Live Twitter

Updated: October 9, 2009

5:35:20 PM: Walking to the Phone Booth for the only Wizards preseason home game. #ipodcheck ‘All I Need’ Jay-Z, The Blueprint

5:41:46 PM: “Got fiends throwing up on themselves like Willie Beamon.” #jayz

6:57:54 PM: At the Verizon Center, nothing crazy. Missed Flip Saunders’ court interview. Not much to ask the players about in the locker room bf game.

7:08:24 PM: Seen in the Wiz crowd: a bald headed white dude with a Nick Young jersey, but it’s not Dan Steinberg.

7:09:43 PM: Tweet bf Wiz-Mavs start: Stevenson starting for the Wiz, Drew Gooden at C for Dallas .. hope Haywood abuses him.

7:16:25 PM: Haywood getting offensive rebound then fouled by Gooden then crumbling 2 floor holding his ankle sends moans & cuss words through crowd.

7:17:40 PM: But Haywood OK. Also, Wiz making the 3 white guys sit @ the end of the bench again. Tuff Juice scores 7 of Wiz 1st 11 points. Jumper = Wet.

7:32:00 PM: Earlier, Dirk was abusing Jamison like he lied about a pregnancy. Arenas still hesitant 2 shoot, kinda absurd. 23-19 Mavs, 3:00 left in 1st.

7:40:08 PM: Wiz down 33-26 after 1. Haywood went to locker room w trainer. Arenas played 9+ mins. in first, didn’t even feel like attempting a shot.

7:50:48 PM: Andray Blatche’s jumper has clearly improved, everything else about ‘7 Day Dray’ seems to same tho. I know, it’s the preseason … whatev.

8:00:59 PM: Can’t say I’ve been impressed w the Wizards so far. Down 47-38, 5:38 left in 2nd. Everyone has played except 4 Grier, P. Davis & M. Miller.

8:10:28 PM: Yea, figured as much. Hope it’s mild. RT @sptswrtrjones Wiz: Haywood out with sprained right ankle. Will not return tonight.

8:14:58 PM: Wizards down 65-56 at halftime …very lackluster. But let’s keep telling ourselves it’s the preseason, right?

8:15:34 PM: Somebody get the Wizards some LA Looks …or whatever … cause they need to gel, fast.

8:17:34 PM: The big question is, will Arenas play any in the second half? Saunders said he would only play about 10 mins, but said that in Richmond too

8:18:17 PM: RT @BulletsForever #Wizards just allowed 65 points in one half. It’s preseason, but maybe we’ll see that matchup zone defense?

8:18:42 PM: RT @BulletsForever Who looks good? Caron, w 19 points. But he still is gambling a ton on defense, esp. on late play where Marion got a jam.

8:19:42 PM: RT @MrMichaelLee Kidd just closed out 1st half w full court sprint & layup, up the middle. Got fouled by CB, then got a hug – from a ref.

8:25:58 PM: Damn. RT @MrMichaelLee Why does this game feel like a replay of all of last season? The Mavs up 65-56. CB and Tawn have 31 of Wiz’s points.

8:29:17 PM: Well, at least the Wiz aren’t getting beat on the boards, tied at 22. For the replacement ref fans, 27 total fouls were called in 1st half.

8:29:52 PM: Here come the 2nd half … Arenas will be playing.

8:30:27 PM: Blatche starts 2nd half for injured Haywood … sprained ankle.

8:34:45 PM: 10:16 Mark it down: Gil takes & makes 1st shot (Mavs gave him room) Next time down the court, he drives hard and assist to DeShawn for 3.

8:39:46 PM: 3rd: 7:01: Finally Mike Miller makes an appearance. Arenas has been dribbling/moving the offense w purpose. But no Haywood, Mo problems.

8:44:26 PM: Remember the name Rodrigue Beaubois for the Mavs. Cat is quick as all get out … and only born in 1988.

8:59:31 PM: When Arenas crossed, hit a layup w And1 (missed FT) @ 4:32 mark, the crowd & Wiz bench gave him a standing O. Mavs have 103 pts after 3.

9:05:52 PM: @BulletsForever is right, Blatche & McGee do NOT work well on the court together, seem very confused w matchup zone positioning.

9:14:24 PM: JaVale McGee & Erick Dampier are trading dribble spin ‘Dream Shake’ jumpers. Hey, it’s the preseason. 106-97 Wiz. Only 3 Mav pts. in 4:43.

11:06:24 PM: New blog post: Arenas: A Tale of Two Quarters; Wiz Lose To Mavs 123-115 http://bit.ly/Ytzgh

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