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Wizards Game 15 vs. Charlotte Bobcats: What You Need To Know

Updated: November 28, 2009




Starters: Arenas, Young, Butler, Jamison, Haywood; Inactives: Crittenton, James, Miller


Starters: Felton, Jackson, Wallace, Diaw, Chandler; Inactives: Ajinca, Law


#23 – Jason Phillips, #24 Mike Callahan, #50 Olandis Poole

{quotes from coach flip saunders}

On Nick Young’s Defense

“I think he’s just tried to play basic basketball that you learned when you were in junior high. Try to stay between your guy and the basket, and trust your teammates that someone is going to be there for help.”

“He seems to play better defensively when he makes shots. I liked it to if you ever go watch a little kids basketball game, fourth graders, when the kid makes a shot, he runs down on defense, he slaps the floor, he’s ready to play.”

“You wanna find a way to stay on the floor not just because you’re making shots. And that’s what he’s done that the last couple of games.”

On Nick Smiling

“I think he knows better … not because of me, but because of who he’s playing against. If you smile against Igoudala and Dwyane Wade, that probably ain’t going to work.”

“What I said about smiling, it wasn’t about (actually) smiling. More than anything, it was about making sure you take the game seriously. Sometimes when you’re smiling all the time, whether it’s body language or whatever, it gives the projection that everything’s going to be okay … and there’s not that sense of urgency. Great players all have that sense of urgency when they play, they have that killer instinct.  I want guys to go out and have fun … but you can’t smile when you get scored on, let’s put it that way.”

On The Littlest Duke of Earl

“Earl is probably one of the most unique players who has ever played at this level.”

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[Bullets Forever]

Surprised to see that “1st” ranking next to “defensive rating” for the Bobcats?  You shouldn’t be.  Take a look at that team, and you tell me how you score consistently on them.  When Tyson Chandler’s healthy, he’s an elite defensive center, on par with the best in the game.  Gerald Wallace and Stephen Jackson, when motivated, form an outstanding defensive wing combo, and Boris Diaw can guard threes, fours and fives effectively.

Of course, that same combo is pretty offensively-challenged, so the 28th offensive ranking shouldn’t be surprising either.

[Wizards Outlet]

This will be the first meeting between Gilbert Arenas and Gerald Wallace since Arenas blew out his knee after Wallace fell into his leg on April 4, 2007.

{previews from charlotte}

[Rufus On Fire]

Boris Diaw has been out of sorts the past few games, and he’ll be charged with stopping Jamison. Ideally, part of that would involve making him work hard on the defensive end, and Diaw’s best equipped to do that from the power forward spot. Gerald Wallace or Derrick Brown can post him up, but they won’t be able to make him work on the block like Diaw can. On the other end, I’m worried that Diaw won’t be able to deal with Jamison’s variety of offense, from threes to putting it on the floor.

[Queen City Hoops]

Seems like a good opportunity to get their first road win doesn’t it? Both teams played last night, the Cats at home, the Wizards in Miami. Washington has struggled early in the season as Gilbert Arenas re-acclimates himself to the basketball court – but they have done better once Jamison returned from an early injury. Antawn was one of my favorite players to watch in college (and I was a Duke fan back then, even before I went to college) as his offensive style was rather unique – he could drop 30 points on a team while barely having the ball in his hands. Should be a good one.

{wizards-heat recap}

[Wizards Outlet]

Saunders said he told his players before the game that people might have to make some sacrifices if some of their teammates were going, and tonight, Gilbert Arenas was one of those giving up playing time late.

Arenas had no problem with that, however. He was jumping up from the bench and cheering Boykins every play he made.

“It’s funny to me, to see that little midget running around out there on the floor,” Arenas said with a laugh. “I tell him the best thing for me is when he scores. It just seems unreal to me. Even though I’ve played with him before, it’s still unreal to me.”

[Wizards Insider]

“I told [Nick Young], until I get a rhythm where I can play consistent basketball, I need him to score. I need him to be aggressive. I need him Tawn and CB to be the scorers in that starting group,” said Arenas, who had just nine points and five assists in 27 minutes.

[Bullets Forever]

LeBron James has been the bane of the Wizards’ existence in the playoffs for several years.  The travels, the whining, the game-winners, the intense competition each time these two take the court; it’s enough to stir some powerful emotion each time LeBron steps on the court.  Although LeBron gets the last laugh each season, the Wizards play LeBron and the Cavs tight.

On the other hand, Dwyane Wade destroys everything in his path when he takes on the Wizards.  Save for two losses in 2007 when he and the team limped to a 15-67 record, Wade was undefeated against Washington.

[Dime Magazine]

What would be more frustrating: Having a behemoth like Shaq make your summer weight-lifting look pointless when he bowls you over and dunks on your head? Or getting lit up by Earl Boykins, who — once he’s done lighting you up — sits on the bench and you can see his feet swinging?

[Bullets Forever]

Another encouraging sign was that the Wizards pulled away in the fourth quarter. Butler, Jamison and Andray Blatche all hit big shots down the stretch, and Boykins and Young continued to hound the Heat on Defense; stretching a 3 point lead at the end of the 3rd quarter to 10 by the end of the game.

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