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Wizards-Suns Game 7 Live Twitter Blog

Updated: November 8, 2009

2:02:59 PM: Your Wizards starters: Arenas, Foye, Butler, Oberto & Haywood vs. Nash, Richardson, Hill, Frye & Stoudemire for Phoenix.

2:06:08 PM: Flip Saunders said he’s starting Randy Foye for his “offensive consistency” – [insert jabs at Nick Young here]

2:08:09 PM: Thunder Dan Majerle was wearing cargo shorts during the Suns’ early pregame warmup — just thought you might want to know.

2:09:03 PM: Will the Wizards come out with Energy today? The 1 pm game time makes it more of a challenge to do so.

2:10:58 PM: @craigstouffer advises to get the fruit plate ready in his pregame write-up http://tinyurl.com/y86uabz

2:11:40 PM: RT @DCWIZ DSteve rockin a straw ala Butler

2:14:11 PM: Wizards start 0-2 on jumpers, Jason Richardson starts 2-2 in the post vs. Foye — Haywood is on Frye, Oberto on Stoudemire.

2:16:41 PM: One ref wanted to call a block on Nash, the other called a charge on Butler. The result: a double foul is called and a jump ball.

2:20:43 PM: The Suns’ offense is going at Randy Foye in the post like it’s going out of style. 11-10 Phoenix, 6:30 left in 1st.

2:22:36 PM: DeShawn Stevenson checks in for Foye, Blatche follows for Oberto soon after.

2:24:16 PM: Uh oh … Arenas said there would be no Hibachi, but he just did his ‘hand warm up’ move after hitting a jumper on Nash.

2:31:06 PM: RT @MrMichaelLee DeShawn hit a jumper to give him career point No. 5,000. He is now 5,000 away from 10,000.

2:34:52 PM: Blatche just hit his first 3-pointer of the year. 24-21 Suns, 2:00 left in 1st. The Wiz are hustling 2, diving on the floor 4 loose balls.

2:39:30 PM: Well Redskins fans, the Hibachi is heating up. Arenas has 12 points & the Wizards are up 29-26 after 1 quarter.

2:43:49 PM: Wiz R certainly hustling after loose balls 2day. Stevenson is even going after errant passes that would clearly be out of bounds on Phoenix.

2:51:36 PM: Randy Foye is attacking the basket hard on the break. 6 points in the 2nd Q already. 39-36 Wizards, 7:19 left in 1st half.

2:56:58 PM: Dom McGuire sighting — joins Foye, Arenas, Blatche & Oberto.

2:57:34 PM: Jason Richardson just got called for a Crab Dribble.

2:59:23 PM: Looks like Dominic “The Taser” McGuire is just what the Wizards needed to stop Jason Richardson.

3:10:03 PM: Phoenix hits a three right at the end of the half to go into the locker room up 56-51. Caron Butler has 7 points on 3-8 shooting.

3:11:39 PM: Wiz are playing decent defense though, Suns have 15 turnovers. Oberto is playing a ton for his P&R defense, Haywood only played 11 minutes.

3:25:44 PM: Oberto leads the Wizard with 5 assists at the half. Haywood was able to get 3 off. boards (no def. rebounds) in his limited time.

3:27:07 PM: The second half begins, same starters for the Wizards. Boy, the Redskins are an effin’ mess, aren’t they?

3:29:16 PM: Arenas is playing more off the ball to begin 2nd half. Gil is also trying to guard J-Rich instead of Foye.

3:35:22 PM: Wizards come lagging a bit on both ends to start the 3rd. PHO getting a lot of action in the paint & are active on O-boards.

3:36:14 PM: A Caron Butler dunk, then subsequent drive, and a Blatche And1 awakens to DC crowd. 70-64 Suns.

3:41:49 PM: Louis Amundson and Leandro Barbosa elect to hug it out on the Verizon Center Kiss Cam.

3:48:44 PM: Blatche sets an illegal screen and Flip Saunders shows his displeasure with an emphatic hand clap.

3:50:46 PM: Gil Arenas & Caron Butler are a combined 12-30 from the field. Wiz shooting too many jumpers, have only attempted 13 FTs.

3:51:46 PM: Entering the 4th Q, Phoenix up 80-71. Wizards had 5 turnovers in the 3rd, Suns did not have any.

3:53:48 PM: Foye, Stevenson, Butler, Blatche & Oberto start the 4th for the Wiz.

3:51:46 PM: Entering the 4th Q, Phoenix up 80-71. Wizards had 5 turnovers in the 3rd, Suns did not have any.

3:53:48 PM: Foye, Stevenson, Butler, Blatche & Oberto start the 4th for the Wiz.

4:06:18 PM: A baby hook by Blatche pulls the Wizards to within 6. Dom McGuire is the J-Rich stopper. @BulletsForever wonders why he doesn’t play more.

4:12:20 PM: Wizards just can’t make key shots. After an Amar’e Stoudemire dunk, the Suns suddenly push a 6 point lead to 11. 4:34 left in 4th Q.

4:15:25 PM: When Steve Nash crab dribbles, it must be okay … probably a Canadian thing.

4:18:53 PM: Grant Hill hits a tough layup to put the Suns up 99-86 with 2:20 … and that would be your dagger.

4:49:33 PM: Flip Saunders: “If we were a hockey team, we would have no hockey assists.”

5:25:00 PM: The big issue with the Wizards’ offense: trust & guys trying to take things into their own hands too much.
3:56:36 PM: Ladies & Gentlemen, Happy 40th B-Day to SAM CASSELL! This has 2 B a good sign 4 the Wiz, right?

3:57:24 PM: In other news, White Chocolate turns 34 today.

4:00:08 PM: Len Bias would have been 46 today.

4:30:59 PM: RT @dcsportsbog: “Like that, Bron Bron?” RT @BRAatDC more regional rap shots at lebron. 0:50 seconds in http://bit.ly/3dCGyc

4:41:19 PM: @chaddukes on @1067thefandc “Rasheed Wallace would get thrown out for what LeBron James does.” (RE: crying)

4:42:55 PM: Wiz beat reporter @MikeJonesTWT is about to appear on @1067thefandc with @chaddukes and @lavararrington

5:45:50 PM: New TAI post: Wizards Game 10 vs. Cavs – Rivalry Rehashed: What You Need To Know http://bit.ly/2OpgKV

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