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Brendan Haywood’s Blog in the Blogs, Again.

Updated: December 9, 2009
{flickr/Keith Allison}

{flickr/Keith Allison}

I saw it coming. Most probably did. In August, Brendan Haywood understandably and predictably caught some heat when he associated (via his blog and a subsequent radio interview) an irrelevant act by Stephon Marbury with being gay.

And last Friday, he wrote this:

All I’m saying is that Elin better be glad she’s married to Tiger Woods instead of Chris Brown or this whole story could’ve been reported differently!

Ok, nothing outlandish. Honestly.

He’s right, the story certainly would have been reported differently. It would have gone from ‘Tiger Woods has been a bad, bad boy and is now in a sh*t storm … well, you reap what you sew‘ to ‘That Tiger Woods M.F. is a monster!’ … to speculate.

Since that blog post came out the same day as a home game versus the Raptors, I decided to ask Haywood about it in the locker room beforehand.

Me: Saw your blog post today saying [Elin Woods] better be glad she’s not married to Chris Brown. You think that comment is going to get you a bit of heat? I mean, you know how people react to things.

Haywood: I’m not really worried about it … it’s a true fact. It’s a situation where basically you got two guys and text-messaging. One reacted one way, one reacted another way.

One guy, at 2:30 [am], left his house and got chased with a golf club. The other, same thing, ‘Who’s this texting at this time,’ [she] grabbed the phone and he reacted a different way.

And then the heat came … about four days later. Rick Chandler of NBC’s ‘Out of Bounds’ started it on Tuesday and Tommy Craggs of Deadspin followed today, as did Chris Littman of The Sporting Blog.

Each post, predictably, focused on that one comment by Haywood. And I guess that’s why I asked Haywood about it in the first place. It’s easy to be a internet-blood-smelling hound dog. The topic was also discussed at today’s practice (which I did not attend). You can read reports from The Washington Times and the Washington Examiner.

Here’s where I have to defend Haywood … kinda. I’m not sure about Elin being “glad”, but Haywood was simply trying to draw a comparison on two situations. I may be butchering the Chris Brown/Rhianna situation, because I don’t really give a sh*t about that celebrity bullsh*t, but it started when the female saw text messages that indicated the male was cheating, she reacted, and then the man hit her.

In the case of Tiger Woods, the female found out about cheating, via text messages or whatever, reacted (with a golf club evidently), and Tiger retreated instead of hitting back.

So in a sense, Haywood is correct. If Tiger was another person, the wife beating kind, the altercation might have gone a different way. Can’t really argue with that.

I don’t think the quote was worthy of Littman calling it a “rationalization that a lot of men would’ve beaten their women.” Not at all. Haywood didn’t rationalize domestic violence. He was merely providing commentary (/an attempt at comedy) on an unfortunate area of life.

Again, Haywood might have been better served not using the word “glad.” But in this instance, I can’t fault Haywood for speaking his mind … and I’m certainly not going to call the comment “stupid” … ill-advised, a big maybe.

I’m just sayin’, the world is a better, more entertaining place when professional athletes are candid, whereas they can then receive feedback on their opinion, instead of being quote robots that say oft-used phrases like, “it is what it is” and, “things of that nature.”

You may not always agree with what someone like Brendan Haywood says, but at least he’s saying it.

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