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Wizards Game 18 vs. Toronto Live Twitter Blog

Updated: December 4, 2009

7:35:57 PM: Talked 2 Haywood, he expects Bosh 2 come out aggressive tonight after he played good D on him in Toronto & ATL put 146 on TOR on Wed.

7:38:01 PM: Haywood said the Wizards’ defensive focus against Toronto will be to limit their good looks from 3-point land, important to contest shots.

7:40:39 PM: Javaris Crittenton said he “doesn’t really have a timetable” & “should be practicing in a week & a half, no more than 2 weeks.”

7:42:26 PM: Tonight’s Wizards v. Raptors refs: Bill Spooner, Leroy Richardson & Zach Zarba.

7:43:55 PM: @MrMichaelLee takes a look at the Raptors on Wizards Insider http://bit.ly/50SzoJ

7:45:34 PM: The last time the Wiz started 7-10 was in 06-07. They went 20-7 over the next 27 & had best record in East on Jan. 30, 2007.

7:47:23 PM: Flip Saunders has coached two Raptors, Rasho Nesterovic in Minnny and Amir Johnson in Detroit.

8:07:18 PM: Go read Mike Prada’s piece on Javaris Crittenton @BulletsForever http://bit.ly/6cAt05

8:10:28 PM: When I signed into the press lounge tonight 4 a meal ticket, saw that Turkoglu & Jarrett Jack had already been by. #RodStricklandsHotDogs

8:11:46 PM: Talked Raptors w @MrMichaelLee before game about how TOR really misses Reggie Evans on D. True, but such an odd concept.

8:13:29 PM: You know who DOESN’T miss Reggie Evans? Chris Kaman’s nut sack.http://bit.ly/mnmOt

8:15:25 PM: Toronto going w heavy doses of Bosh to start the game. He has 4 points and they are up 7-0.

8:18:57 PM: And the Wizards score their 1st point on an illegal defense technical foul (Arenas) TOR up 10-1.

8:24:50 PM: 6:00 into the game, the Wizards are on pace to score 40 points. The Raptors are on pace to score 160. Earl Boykins checks in.

8:27:29 PM: Jamison picks up foul #2 w 5:11 left in 1st Q, Andray Blatche gets his chance. Wiz (specifically Gil) need 2 attack basket more. Down 22-7.

8:30:10 PM: Paging Dr. JaVale McGee, the Wizards need an injection of energy.

8:39:44 PM: TOR up 27-17 after 1 Q. Wiz only have 1 turnover to Toronto’s 7, but the Raps are also shooting 55.6% to 20% for the Wiz.

8:42:59 PM: JaVale just threw down a monster dunk while looking down at the rim. He and Blatche both gave a salute.

8:44:44 PM: 1st Quarter fast break points: Toronto 10, Washington 0. Wiz up 2-0 in FB points so far in 2nd.

8:47:56 PM: After a slow start, Earl Boykins is heating up. He’s got 9 points, Wiz only down 33-30.

8:49:21 PM: Good call, a 1980s Pete Sampras. RT @craigstouffer Doesn’t Jose Calderon look like Pete Sampras?

8:57:30 PM: Raptors have 13 assists, 9 turnovers. Wizards have 5 assists, 1 turnover.Could be why TOR is shooting 55.6% to 29.7% for Wiz. 39-32 TOR.

8:58:05 PM: Damn. RT @MikeJonesTWT Wizards dance team does not rank among the league leaders.

9:01:27 PM: The Raps are killing themselves with turnovers. Hedo just flew one out of bounds for #11. 3:30 left in 2nd, 44-39 TOR.

9:02:39 PM: Nick Young just missed an open three & then hung his head. I hate when he does that.

9:04:11 PM: Arenas is shooting okay, 13 points & is 3-5 in 2nd after going 2-7 in 1st. But I don’t think he’s attacked the basket once.

9:09:52 PM: Hey! Arenas got a foul call going to the basket. But it wasn’t really off the dribble, rather he had a lane after the ball was passed 2 him.

9:13:35 PM: Wizards down 53-46 at the half. Haywood may only have 1 point, but he has 4 offensive boards, 9 total, & 2 blocks.

9:29:57 PM: And the 2nd half begins … with a Gil jumper miss, an offensive board due to Haywood/Butler & a Nick Young jumper miss.

9:32:03 PM: Brendan Haywood has 2 points on 0-6 FG and 2-4 FT, but boy can he ever rebound. Wiz down 55-49 at 10:00 mark in 3rd.

9:34:42 PM: Mr. “I’m going to shoot less than 100” RT @chasehughes Hibachi hits another 3, 4 of 8 from long range #wizards

9:36:54 PM: Celebration! Antawn Jamison finally scores w 7:30 left in 3rd. He’s 1-6 on FGs. Bosh hits, Flip calls timeout, Wiz down 63-57.

9:38:37 PM: @BulletsForever @stackmack Yea, but I don’t think DeShawn is sick enough not to play.

9:42:44 PM: Wizards finally tie the game at 65, Verizon Center crowd wakes up and gets rowdy. A Bosh off. board & dunk kinda kills it tho.

9:45:52 PM: Boykins defense on a Bargnani three: Hit him in the face and hope they don’t blow the whistle.

9:47:46 PM: The Wizards are 5-19 from three point land. Gilbert Arenas is 4-9. Jamison is 0-4.

9:50:35 PM: Boykins hasn’t done good job the last 2 possessions. Doesn’t recognize Belinelli on Caron mis-match & then took a bad shot.

9:50:54 PM: Nick Young dunks at buzzer!!! Game tied at 71 heading into the final quarter.

9:52:05 PM: Assist to Turnover Report: Toronto 17 – 14; Washington 14 – 5. The Wizards have 8 steals, the Raptors have 2.

9:53:16 PM: Why is a shirtless dude shooting layups during a timeout at a Wizards game?b#terrible

9:58:43 PM: The Wizards had 7 of their 14 total assists in the 3rd, Caron had 3, leads the team w 4. Remember when he wasn’t assisting?

10:05:23 PM: The Italian Spaz hits a trey to keep the Raps within four. Gilbert Arenas answers with a deuce. 84-78 Wiz.

10:06:56 PM: @BulletsForever is saying how bad the refs are on both ends tonight. I agree. They are profiling this whole damn game.

10:07:37 PM: One Time! RT @Therealbigboi 1 time 4 the 80’s babies!!!

10:11:21 PM: The Wizards are up 86-82 with 5:00 left, but they still aren’t shooting 40% (37% to be exact). Raptors have 16 turnovers.

10:14:20 PM: Raptors are staying in the game w offensive rebounds. 5 of their 10 have come in the 3rd. Arenas hits & Wiz up 89-85.

10:15:34 PM: Excuse me, 5 of 10 Raptors offensive boards have come in the 4th. 4 of Bosh’s 8 off. boards have come in final period.

10:16:49 PM: Jesus Christ. Gilbert Arenas got MUGGED & Raped on that last drive. The refs really are f*cking with him.

10:18:35 PM: Wiz up 90-89 with 2:22 left. Bosh is working on a 9 point, 5 rebound 4th quarter. Seems like Wizards-Raptors games are always close.

10:22:54 PM: Chris Bosh in 4th Q: 6 rebounds, 5 offensive, 11 points. Will someone please block that guy out? 94-93 Toronto, 1:10 left in game.

10:26:01 PM: It hurts, but that was a good no call on the Earl Boykins rebound. He was just off balance and lost the ball.

10:27:08 PM: “Munchkin Madness” in the Verizon Ctr. is when they give out munchkins via Dunkin’ Donuts-Shouldn’t they call it Earl Boykins Madness? #zing

10:27:25 PM: Tie game, Raptors ball, 30.8 seconds left.

10:29:08 PM: Bosh sinks 2 FTs, Raptors up 2 with 19.7 left. Time to do something other than Boykins-Haywood P&R. Agent Zero?

10:31:53 PM: Gilbert Arenas ties the game on a pull up mid-range J that baaaaarely bounces around the rim and in. Wow. 13.7 left, 96 all.

10:32:45 PM: Haywood is telling Blatche not to fall for Bosh’s pump fake (Haywood is on bench now)

10:33:55 PM: Overtime folks. Hedo misses a long three. Raps didn’t do a good job taking advantage of Hebo/Bosh pick and roll.

10:35:12 PM: u gotta be f*cking kidding me. There R a TON of people leaving the Verizon. What the f*ck do y’all have 2 do on a Fri. nite? IT’S OVERTIME!

10:36:07 PM: Toronto fans have every right to be mad at Turkey-Gloo for that poor offensive management on the last shot.

10:40:24 PM: Uh oh, they’re playing the Cupid Shuffle in the Verizon Center … that means a Wizards win, right?

10:43:26 PM: Well, the Wizards have just about blown it. It’d be nice if Jamison wasn’t 4-16 on FGs, 1-7 from three. 107-102 Raps, 1:30 left.

10:44:13 PM: And with that last turnover via Gilbert & Boykins running into each other & the Wizards have blown it. Stinks more than the Charlotte game.

10:44:52 PM: Guess those people leaving before Overtime started knew what they were doing. Raptors ball, Wiz down 107-102, 1:22 left.

10:47:29 PM: Wizards have life thanks to 2 Caron Butler FTs & a game tying Gilbert Arenas THREE!!!!!!! 30 seconds left, 107 all.

10:48:03 PM: @BulletsForever @MrMichaelLee @MikeJonesTWT Was that Arenas’ biggest shot in the last three years?

10:48:58 PM: Ha! Well, I didn’t ‘completely’ call it over :) RT @citizenjake
@Truth_About_It – maybe you were a bit quick in calling it?

10:50:24 PM: Man, there’s a lot of tension in here. Timeout, game tied at 107, Raptors ball, 10.3 seconds left, 4 on the shot clock.

10:52:19 PM: Guess Raptors fans are loving some Hedo Turkoglu now. His VERY tough shot puts the Raps up 109-107 w 8 secs left. I thought it was short.

10:54:52 PM: Damn. Gil misses a tough layup & Blatche misses TWO tip backs. Dagger. Raptors win 109-107. (& Gil did not get fouled)

11:17:53 PM: Flip Saunders called it a typical game between non-playoff teams.

11:19:11 PM: The Wizards attempted 29 threes, Flip called it undisciplined, hero basketball.

11:19:55 PM: Flip Saunders said he was more disappointed after this loss than any other game.

11:51:22 PM: When Arenas & Boykins ran N2 each other, & then Earl had a TO, Gil said he thought Earl was waving him 2 come get the ball. He wasn’t.

11:55:52 PM: There was media talk before Flip’s post game presser that he would incite the “basketball gods”. He didn’t disappoint.

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