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Game 21 vs. Indiana Pacers: Live Twitter Blog

Updated: December 12, 2009

6:16:02 PM: DeShawn Stevenson on starting: “It’s whatever. I just want to play basketball.”

6:18:41 PM: DeShawn Stevenson: “It doesn’t matter who starts, who doesn’t start. In the end, we just gotta win ball games.”

6:23:49 PM: Tonight’s Wizards-Pacers officials: Scott Foster, Brian Forte & Ed Malloy.

6:25:54 PM: BTW, records show that Tim Donaghy called fellow referee Scott Foster more times than his bookie b/t 10/2006 & 4/2007 (134 times to 126)

6:27:51 PM: Flip Saunders aims to match the energy of the Pacers & have a carry-over from the 2nd half against Boston. Hope he didn’t mean FTs.

6:29:46 PM: Flip Saunders on various his starting lineups: “Right now we’re still in the juggling phase.”

6:31:45 PM: Mike Miller will travel with the Wizards on their 4-game West Coast swing. Also, his family lives out there.

6:32:15 PM: Flip Saunders on Mike Miller: “He’s made a lot of progress in the last 48 hours, & who knows where he could be in another 48 hours.”

6:31:45 PM: Mike Miller will travel with the Wizards on their 4-game West Coast swing. Also, his family lives out there.

6:32:15 PM: Flip Saunders on Mike Miller: “He’s made a lot of progress in the last 48 hours, & who knows where he could be in another 48 hours.”

6:39:02 PM: The Pacers will start: TJ Ford, Dahntay Jones, Brandon Rush, Troy Murphy & Roy Hibbert.

6:40:22 PM: Mike James used 1 of his fav quotes b/f game: “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” Nick Young: “Yea, but u gotta find that treasure”

6:44:06 PM: JaVale McGee’s new blog at YardBarker:

6:46:55 PM: Haywood RE: JaVale’s YardBarker blog: “If he’s already out, I’m retiring tomorrow. I’m serious. I’ma put my last one, DOB, death of blog.”

7:02:03 PM: Wiz R really pushing “Vote Gilbert, Antawn & Caron 4 All-Star” marketing spiel. Shit, they should really be selling Haywood as a write-in.

7:06:31 PM: Selling Caron, and perhaps even Gilbert, for the All-Star game doesn’t sit well on the stomach. A necessary evil of marketing I guess.

7:07:16 PM: Well, the Verizon Center seems pretty dead. “F-in’ Great”

7:08:07 PM: Pushing Caron Butler 4 All-Star is like Michael Steele telling another black man that he should support him just because he’s black.

7:12:08 PM: What to watch for: The interaction b/t Brendan Haywood & Caron Butler (via the column of @MikeWiseguy today)

7:13:11 PM: Haywood got an offensive board in the middle of four Pacers, but as usual, he can’t finish.

7:15:26 PM: Antawn Jamison can hit some trick shots, but that last agile bucket came courtesy of his off-season yoga regimen.

7:18:24 PM: A DeShawn Stevenson drive & kick to Gilbert Arenas for three. Ahhhh familiarity. 13-10 Wizards.

7:21:30 PM: Despite dead Phone Booth, Wizards R aggressive. Up 14-12, 8 points in paint & 4 2nd chance points. However, 2 TOs = 4 Pacers points

7:25:01 PM: Damn. Caron Butler has 10 points in the first 7 minutes.

7:30:43 PM: It seems to work, but I wonder if they’ve ever considered running the Earl Boykins pick-&-roll with someone other than Haywood.

7:36:05 PM: Yet another Caron Butler charge. His susceptibility to those are probably on every scouting report in the NBA.

7:37:33 PM: Wizards put up 38 points in the 1st Q, but the Dunleavy hits a long three at the buzzer. Indy has 36.

7:39:39 PM: The Wizards are shooting a blazing 71.4% from the field & have 11 assists on 15 field goals. Sharing is caring.

7:40:11 PM: Randy Foye picks up an assist on a Blatche pop out jumper on the 1st bucket of the 2nd Q.

7:41:47 PM: Andray Blatche really shouldn’t be letting Troy Murphy beat him off the dribble.

7:45:36 PM: The Wizards are getting some “ok” looks for far in the 2nd, but shots aren’t falling. They are 1-7 on FGs. Pacers up 43-40 w 9:30 left.

7:47:43 PM: Flip told Jamison to check in. He adamantly threw his warm-up to the floor & went 2 scorer’s table. Seems pissed abt 2nd Q effort so far.

7:48:36 PM: Troy Murphy is making Blatche look silly on D with his footwork & pump fakes.

7:49:18 PM: After Jamison checked in for Butler, Sam Cassell went to where Caron was sitting & gave him a good talking to.

7:56:11 PM: Wizards are 2-11 so far in 2nd w 0 points in paint, 0 second chance points & 4 turnovers. Pacers up 54-43.

7:59:25 PM: Caron just picked up a tech for throwing a hissy fit.

8:00:13 PM: Every Wizard must have Troy Murphy on their fantasy team. That fool is just gliding around doing whatever the f*ck he wants. 15 pts, 7 rebs

8:04:28 PM: Game has turned a bit ugly with both teams missing shots on the last several possession. But Indy is still up 61-48.

8:09:13 PM: Now Flip Saunders gets a tech just as Gilbert is about to shoot FTs. Way to mess w your bad FT shooting player coach.

8:10:50 PM: Wizards give up 66 points in 1st half, they have 52. Seems like another HoneyDew game.

8:10:50 PM: Wizards give up 66 points in 1st half, they have 52. Seems like another HoneyDew game.

8:11:28 PM: In 2nd Q, Wiz had 8 turnovers leading to 12 Indiana points.

8:23:11 PM: Told my boy @MrBjack that this is a Clay Davis game. Shhhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitt.

8:24:10 PM: Feel like the Wizards are a Jenga tower & they keep pulling out their own blocks.

8:28:15 PM: Looks like they are going to legalize medical marijuana in DC soon, but that doesn’t mean the Wizards had to go 4-20 on FGs in the 2nd Q.

8:37:12 PM: 12-4 run to start 3rd for Wiz. Nick Young playing some tough D. And then Troy Murphy hits a three. 73-64 Indy.

8:38:53 PM: Back to back threes from Young and Arenas cut the Pacer lead to three.

8:39:26 PM: And then Troy Murphy back cuts Jamison for a bucket And 1.

8:41:11 PM: And Troy Murphy hits an off-balanced jumper off one foot at the shot clock buzzer against Caron Butler. Shit’s Crazy.

8:51:14 PM: Nick Young has played some damn good defense on Dahntay Jones. Dom McGuire is making things happen too. Wiz up 88-85.

8:52:30 PM: Antawn Jamison is 1-5 from the FT line BTW. Wiz are 14-20 as a team. WASH outscored IND 38-21 in 3rd Q.

8:54:05 PM: Antawn Jamison had 11 points in the 3rd. Nick Young had 7.

9:02:21 PM: The Wizards turned the Pacers over 7 times in the 3rd but were only able to get 4 points off those.

9:04:08 PM: DeShawn summoned off bench to make use of 2 fouls he has left. Nick Young then hits a corner 3. Boykins follows w runner. 101-96 Wiz.

9:05:50 PM: Nick is playing well, Flip leaves him in after the timeout. DeShawn stays on the bench.

9:08:00 PM: Hansbrough ripped the ball from Haywood a second ago. Wish that damn Hoops Whisperer would have worked on Brendan’s oven mitt hands.

9:15:23 PM: Just as Gilbert gets his triple-double rebound, Caron Butler goes to the floor with a hurt ankle.

9:16:08 PM: Caron’s ankle looks bad. Blatche & Oberto help carry him off the court.

9:17:49 PM: For some reason, Caron hobbles back on the court. Why?

9:18:46 PM: Caron Butler is hobbling all over the court on his bad left ankle. There is no need to him to be out there.

9:21:05 PM: Antawn Jamison has played his heart out tonight 31 points, 7 rebounds, hustle swag. Boykins hits a big bucket, Wiz up 111-105, 1:22 left.

9:25:02 PM: Gilbert hits a very tough lay-up, but the refs are going to review to see if it came before the shot clock buzzer. Doesn’t look like it did.

9:26:13 PM: Good review by the refs after initially calling Arenas’ basket as going in. Watson throws an oop to Hansbrough. 111-109 Wiz.

9:27:24 PM: Just when it seems like the ball in Boykins’ hands doesn’t look like a good idea, he hits some crazy, lucky, wild shot. 113-109 Wizards.

9:28:35 PM: Hanbrough makes 1 FT, int. misses 2nd, Jamison commits a foul, Dunleavy makes 2 FTs. Wiz up 113-112. 6.6 second left.

9:28:50 PM: Arenas at the FT line, Wiz up 1 ….. 6.6 seconds left …

9:29:07 PM: OMG!!!! Arenas misses the 1st FT!!!!

9:30:01 PM: Gilbert Arenas MISSED TWO MORE FTS WITH THE GAME ON THE LINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

9:31:00 PM: It’s going to be Indy’s ball w 0.5 seconds left … .watch.

9:32:41 PM: It’s not possible. Mike Dunleavy is fouled shooting with 0.0 left on the game clock. The refs are reviewing if it was prior to the buzzer.

9:33:16 PM: This is the most unbelievable ending to a game I’ve ever seen. The Pacers will be shooting two FTs to win, bet.

9:34:05 PM: If the Wizards lose, is there a word that dwarfs “demoralizing”?

9:34:41 PM: Dunleavy will shoot 2 FTs to essentially win the game. Pacers down 113-112, 0.1 on the clock.

9:34:53 PM: He makes the first.

9:35:08 PM: Flip Saunders calls a timeout to try to freeze Dunleavy.

9:36:27 PM: Dunleavy makes the 2nd FT. Flip takes a timeout. Gilbert Arenas almost looks like he’s in tears on the bench. 0.1 seconds left.

9:37:31 PM: JaVale McGee checks in for the first time tonight. He can be a hero with a tip.

9:38:35 PM: Instead going to the rim, JaVale McGee hangs out at the 3-point line. What. The. Fuck?

9:38:50 PM: This post game press conference ain’t going to be pretty. Stay tuned …

9:39:06 PM: Wizards lose 114-113 BTW. Absolutely unbelievable.

10:01:59 PM: The fruit tray is in tact. There was probably too much shock to destroy it.

10:43:17 PM: Almost choked when Flip Saunders mentioned Murphy’s Law in postgame presser. Wonder if he realized that Troy Murphy just killed his team.

3:25:02 AM: New TAI post: Wizards File Patent On ‘Ways To Lose’ Invention, Fall To Pacers 114-113

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