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Wizards Game 26 vs. Philadelphia 76ers Live Twitter Blog

Updated: December 22, 2009

5:24:36 PM: Heading to the Verizon Center with the hope that the Wizards will display some serious effort tonight. It’s going to be an adventure.

6:17:13 PM: Mike James is on the cover of the Wizards’ Game Time magazine/handout tonight. Wonder if it’s the last time we’ll see him in a Wiz uniform.

6:18:04 PM: Randy Foye will start tonight for the Wizards, Lou Williams will come off the bench for the 76ers.

6:20:29 PM: Tonight’s Wizards-76ers officials: #33 Sean Corbin, #39 Kevin Fehr, and #66, former Washington Bullet, Haywoode Workman.

6:24:36 PM: Like Flip has done, Eddie Jordan said he thought about giving up shoot-around 2 help his team, but values it too much as a teaching tool.

6:29:10 PM: I asked Eddie Jordan about defense, he jokingly interrupted “I don’t know anything about defense, from what I understand.”

6:30:51 PM: Eddie Jordan: “I’m a true believer that you got to have some defensive leaders and defensive personnel.”

6:36:29 PM: Jordan said 1 yr. he spent “extraordinary” amount of time on D in train. camp w Wiz & started 0-5. Put more time on offense & won 6 in row.

6:39:00 PM: Asked Eddie if Wizards had the personnel & will to be good defensively. Jordan: “That’s not for me to answer. I’m not with them anymore.”

6:41:30 PM: Well, the Wizards are 1-1 when Randy Foye starts. That’s the best winning % out of any of the 10 diff. Wiz who have have started this year.

6:42:59 PM: It was almost 2 years ago (12/26/07) when the Wizards last had four 20-point scorers in a game. (Jamison, Butler, Mason Jr., Haywood)

7:06:54 PM: Caron Butler walked over and gave Eddie Jordan a hug right before the national anthem.

7:12:51 PM: Andray Blatche just gave fist pounds to all the Wizards fans sitting on the baseline near the bench. What a nice fella.

7:14:21 PM: On the Wizards’ first defensive possession, Jamison tried to get through a screen & came out grimacing b/c of his shoulder. Looks ok 4 now

7:16:03 PM: Gilbert Arenas hits his 1st three shots, Wiz up 7-0.

7:23:37 PM: Wizards up 19-9, 5:37 left in 1st. Gotta like how the Wiz are sharing the ball so far. 5 assists on 7 made FGs, 0 TOs (Arenas has 0 asts)

7:30:00 PM: Wow, very ugly shot attempt by Nick Young … almost thought Stevenson was out there.

7:31:39 PM: Wizards have 7 assists, 0 turnovers. 76ers have 1 assist, 3 turnovers. 22-15 DC, 2:34 left in 1st.

7:35:21 PM: Good to see Nick Young stay around & grab himself a defensive rebound a second ago, only his 33 of the year.

7:39:53 PM: 40 points? RT @wzzntzz we takin Flip’s advice & ain’t twittin nothin till after 40.

7:42:15 PM: Another ugly shot by Nick Young. His face looks like it just smelled some very bad sauerkraut. He follows up with a make.

7:44:26 PM: Like @BulletsForever , I’m starting to become annoyed with the amount of unproductive dribbles from Earl Boykins.

7:52:57 PM: I’ll be honest, Caron Butler is getting cooked on defense end. By my calculations, he’s been responsible for 12.7 out of 33 Philly points.

7:54:58 PM: Careless turnovers. You need ’em? Andray Blatche & Earl Boykins got ’em.

7:58:21 PM: Via 82games.com – When Nick Young is in the game, Wizards assisted FGs goes down 5%

7:59:17 PM: Wizards: 6 assist, 1 turnover in 1st Q. In 2nd Q, the Wiz have 2 of each so far. Up 44-38, 3:22 left in 1st half.

8:07:04 PM: Wizards only hold a 3 point lead at half, 47-44. Ball movement slowed down in 2nd Q.

8:18:38 PM: Looked up & saw I was walking past @Wale in the corridor. Wasn’t ready/didn’t have the balls 2 ask him why he was a Cavs fan.

8:24:47 PM: PHI = 44 1st half pts. Wiz defensive responsibility: Butler 29%, Arenas 21%, Jamison 15%, Oberto 14%, Foye 8%, Haywood 7%, etc. (ruff est.)

8:29:56 PM: Flip called a 20 sec timeout. 1st play his team runs out of it had him putting his arms up, shrugging his shoulders as if to say, “Huh!?”

8:31:40 PM: Flip is making wholesale changes, 5 in, 5 out after Foye passed it to Haywood’s chest when Brendan was trying 2 set a ball screen for him.

8:32:14 PM: Boykins, Young, McGuire, Oberto & Blatche check in all at once for Arenas, Foye, Butler, Jamison & Haywood.

8:32:58 PM: When he checked out, Antawn Jamison came over & kicked the sideline ad banner near the Wizards’ bench.

8:34:55 PM: Nick Young got a steal, dove for the ball & called a timeout. Flip was not happy at him wasting that TO. The Wiz only have 1 left.

8:38:49 PM: A Dominic McGuire drive and layup gets Brendan Haywood up off the bench and cheering.

8:42:45 PM: I really keep hoping that this Wizards team is going to be good. I guess that’s about as futile as a kid hoping Santa Claus is real, huh?

8:44:59 PM: A couple people are starting to notice how Antawn Jamison hasn’t really been involved during the last two Wizards’ timeout huddles.

8:45:56 PM: Jamison is standing & looking toward huddle during timeout, but is definitely on outside looking in. He & Caron looked 2 be talking 4 a sec.

8:46:56 PM: Jamison is not the last man sitting on the bench though … Mike James is, then Jamison, then Crittenton in street clothes.

8:49:08 PM: Aside from Dominic McGuire’s offensive rebounding, this isn’t a very fun game to watch right now. Sixers 74 – Wizards 66. 1:25 left in 3rd.

8:51:19 PM: Jamison was the first starter to check back in …. for Oberto.

8:52:58 PM: Damn. Andray Blatche just left his lil’ buddy Earl Boykins hanging on a screen … coulda been bad, but Earl is a tough cookie.

8:54:46 PM: Sixers up 79-72 after 3 Qs. Eddie Jordan starts Lou Williams in 2nd half instead of Jrue Holiday & PHI got 10 assists & 2 turnovers in 3rd.

8:58:51 PM: Gilbert Arenas looks angry & determined to get into the paint so far in 4th.

9:03:21 PM: The 76ers have 19 fastbreak points for the game. The Wizards just picked up their first two in the final quarter.

9:05:03 PM: With 8:38 left in game, Caron Butler ties it at 84 on 2 FTs. Looks like Flip’s message was received by the vets.

9:07:27 PM: Gilbert is driving the lane like he’s possessed. He’s got 8 so far in the 4th, all on drives to the hoop.

9:12:26 PM: The Wizards have 12 points in the paint in the 4th Q; think Arenas is responsible for 10 of those. FACT: Gil has not attempted a FT.

9:13:01 PM: To be clear, Arenas has 29 points on 13-20 FGs & hasn’t attempted a FT the entire game.

9:13:52 PM: Gil drives the paint again & drops a sweet dime dunk to Caron Butler. Wiz up 96-90 with 4:02 left.

9:15:15 PM: Heading into the timeout called by Eddie Jordan/Philly, Arenas was imploring fans to get out of their seats & cheer.

9:18:35 PM: Wow, the Wizards have missed some tough chances & Philly can’t really take advantage.

9:23:01 PM: Wiz turn it over (bad call) & off the out of bounds play, both Arenas & Boykins go to cover Willie Green, leaving Lou Williams open for 3.

9:24:05 PM: Jamison goes 1-2 on FTs, 99-97 Wizards. DC then gets lucky as Lou Williams missed wide open corner three.

9:24:43 PM: Deep release of breath from the crowd, Gilbert Arenas hits 2 FTs to put Wiz up 101-97 with 1:11 left in game.

9:28:09 PM: Not sure why Philly fouled Caron Butler down three with 34.7 seconds left. Caron makes both, Wiz up 102-98.

9:28:51 PM: Excuse me, Wiz up 103-98 after Caron’s 2 FTs.

9:29:44 PM: When the refs don’t know whether it’s a charge or a block, they call a double-foul. Jump ball b/t Blatche and Lou Williams …

9:30:58 PM: Actually, jump ball was b/t Blatche and Dalembert (teams can choose who jumps). Wiz win possession, Boykins hits 2 FTs. 105-98 Wiz, 25 secs

9:33:15 PM: Wiz get a much needed win, but it’s only a baby step. 105-98 over Sixers.

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