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Wizards Clipped By Los Angeles in 11 Frames

Updated: December 15, 2009

I don’t think the Wizards have ended a game with turnover this season yet. Chalk another one up in the ‘Inventing Ways To Lose’ tally. Although, turning the ball over to lose a game isn’t a new invention, it’s just what bad teams do. What more can I say?


Four of Gilbert Arenas’ six fouls came immediately after a turnover. Three of those turnovers were committed by Arenas himself, one by Caron Butler.

{wizards vs. clippers: 11 frames}


[Dave Johnson – CSN Washington]

The Washington Wizards have a sense of urgency. On Sunday, after close to a six hour flight, they went straight from the plane to the practice court.

On Monday the Wizards fought their way through a jet-lagged first half only to find themselves in a familiar position on the wrong end of a close game in a 97-95 loss to the Los Angeles Clippers.

[Michael Lee – Wizards Insider, Washington Post]

After that one, all that I can say is that the Wizards are some creative guys. They really know how to script the most excruciating losses imaginable.

[Mike Jones – Wizards Outlet, Washington Times]

Once again, the Wizards shouldn’t have been in this situation, however. As Flip Saunders likes to say, “some times the basketball gods have a way of equalizing things out.” Translation: do things the right way, or else, what you neglect is going to come back to bite you in the tail.

The problem tonight for the Wizards was failing to protect a 17-point lead midway through the third quarter. Instead of slamming the door shut, the Wizards missed six of their next seven shots, and turned the ball over three times.

[Chris Needham – NBC Washington]

If you have a Wizards fan wandering around the office in a daze today with bloodshot eyes, it’s probably not just from a lack of sleep.  If they stayed up for last night’s loss to the Clippers, it’s just as likely that the redness and puffiness is alcohol and tear-related.

[Kevin Arnovitz – Clipper Blog]

“Not a lot of teams let me do that one-on-one in the post,” Kaman said. “But if teams are going to let me do that, I’m going to score.”

[Steve Perrin – Clips Nation]

I don’t consider myself a Wizards expert after watching them in one full game and bits and pieces of others, but in this game at least, their problem is pretty obvious – they have three players, while NBA rules allow you to have five.

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  • ToNe

    listened to the entire second half on the radio. i know flip is known for playing an extended rotation, but seems like this team has too many cooks in the kitchen.

    i think they do need to make a trade, i like the players, but the mix is bad, for instance jamison is playing great, but playing him hurts andray blatche, who started the season turning heads around the league. mike miller was a revelation and needs minutes when healthy. stevenson should not be playing period.

    i know this is a blog that has access to locker room and thus the players, but would be interesting for someplace to speculate trades could mean. lots of season to go and the east is worse than ever.

    I hate to say it but I think this is a case for addition by subtraction. I’m not sure it matters who they get back, even erik dampier for one of the big three.

    though I’d like to see AK47 in the dc area especially with all the russians in the city. i think he’s kind of guy who could really help blatche and mcgee in the shot blocking department and help cover them defensively. i was really rooting for ak47 to go to phx for marion instead of shaq.