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Gilbert Arenas’ Last Game As A Washington Wizard, Banner Removed From Verizon Center

Updated: January 7, 2010

I’m still digesting this whirlwind story and will post an opinion piece on the matter sometime soon, hopefully tomorrow morning. But until then, why not commemorate Arenas’ last game with the Wizards?

Wait, “commemorate” doesn’t seem like the right word … memorialize? … nah. Screw it, let’s just look at the three stages of emotion that came across Arenas’ face in the waning seconds of the win in Philadelphia, likely his last game as a Washington Wizard.

And yes, we don’t actually know if Arenas has played his last game in DC, but I really, really wish I could go to Vegas and bet on it. The Cincinnati Bengals, currently at 75-1, probably have a much better chance of winning the Super Bowl than Arenas has of returning to the Wizards.

Hey, at least Gil went out a winner … even though right now, he’s a pretty big loser … especially of money.

Also, the Wizards franchise has removed the ‘Character, Commitment, Connection’ banner featuring Arenas from the 6th Street side of the Verizon Center. NBC 4 has the video.

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  • Eric

    This is crazy. As a fan, I have been waiting for Arenas to come back to this team for 2 years, and now the Wizards organization is saying that fans like me have been waiting for nothing? Now, I do agree that what Arenas did was wrong, but inless they can get someone just as good, he needs to stay. I do think he should be punished for his actions. I don’t know how, but cutting him isn’t going to help anyone especially the fans.

  • Andrew

    If they cut Arenas loose I may finally be done with this team. Probably not (the curse of les boules is kind of like vd), but maybe.

  • I´m Shocked!!!
    I am a Big Fan over the Years from Germany, but if Gilbert doesn`t come back i`m ready with this Team.
    The only Reason why some Peaople in Germany are interest in the Wizard`s are Players like Arenas.
    I love America but from the German view it is every Time the same…. In America eryone is guilty before the law has spoken, like Michael Jackson Years ago…

  • The Washington Wizards will not get one more dime of my money. The NBA needs more players like Gilbert. The guy made a mistake and he is paying the price but to jettison him like trash already is deplorable.

  • Tim

    Arenas and Crittenton should be banned from the NBA for life. If you or I were to have brought a gun to our workplace, it would be grounds for immediate dismissal. As professional athletes and public figures, these two yahoos should be held to a higher standard and face the ultimate punishment. Ban them, void their contracts, and prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law.