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@GilbertArenas Is Dead: The 155 Tweet Chronicle

Updated: January 8, 2010

I’m not sure of the exact time Gilbert Arenas’ Twitter account, @gilbertarenas, was removed from the Internet (sometime during the evening of January 7th, probably about the time Garrett Gilbert-Javier Arenas zingers were getting started Twitter), but I am sure it existed. I’m also sure that nothing can ever be completely removed from the web … such as a handy little RSS feed I had of Arenas’ tweets.

Over seven days Arenas shared 155 Tweets with the world (I don’t count the ‘non-Tweet’ videos he posted before he really got going on New Year’s Eve). He had some good ones, he had some interesting ones, he had some ‘I’m a silly little kid’ ones. I didn’t mind Arenas being on Twitter so much — it got blown out of proportion — but I doubt I would have done the same had I been in his position … or at least I would have been more apologetic/sensible (I’d like to think).

Then reader Sean Snider sent me a lesson for Gilbert that made perfect sense:

A little bird was flying south for the winter. It was so cold the bird froze and fell to the ground into a large field. While he was lying there, a cow came by and dropped some dung on him. As the frozen bird lay there in the pile of cow dung, he began to realize how warm he was. The dung was actually thawing him out! He lay there all warm and happy, and soon began to sing for joy. A passing cat heard the bird singing and came to investigate. Following the sound, the cat discovered the bird under the pile of cow dung, and promptly dug him out and ate him.

Moral of the story:

  1. Not everyone who shits on you is your enemy
  2. Not everyone who gets you out of shit is your friend
  3. And when you’re in deep shit, it’s best to keep your mouth shut!

So there you go. That being said, below are the 155 Tweets of Gilbert Arenas … or just some of the pieces of shit he hurled into a fan facing him and controlled by David Stern. Some of the best are highlighted.


gilbertarenas: i know i said i wouldnt text til i get a mil..but shit this is takin 4ever…Happy New Years…ps who do i hav 2 sleep with 2 get a mil

gilbertarenas: if one more person ask me where the club is..im gonna cry..becuz im stuck at hm with 3 kids..and a girlfriend who still looks pregnant lmao

gilbertarenas: yea i guess ur right men with kids party a diff way on new years…it usually starts and ends with the (jergens natural lotion) bottle

gilbertarenas: who wants to hav sex with there GF on new years..LMAO..every man wants to start the new years fresh..and off to a new start…jk..

gilbertarenas: remember people if u cant laugh at urself ur stuck hatin on everybody else..new years resolution dont take everything so serious laugh more

gilbertarenas: http://twitvid.com/090D5 – Agent Zero Show New Years Resolution 2010! Happy new year. Follow @gilbertarenas

gilbertarenas: http://twitvid.com/090D5 – Agent Zero Show New Years Resolution 2010! Happy new year. Follow @gilbertarenas

gilbertarenas: i just got yelled at on new years becuz i was asked.whats my new years resolution and i said .im not gonna hav sex with fat chicks..shes 185

gilbertarenas: about to start my new years movie watchin avatar on boot legs with sum sparkling apple cider..so be safe enjoy tonight…HAPPY NEW YEARS

gilbertarenas: I like this video by @gilbertarenas http://twitvid.com/090D5


gilbertarenas: i wake up this morning and seen i was the new JOHN WAYNE..lmao media is too funny

gilbertarenas: i guess nobody thought that last text was funny.well i hav 2 change subjects.umM what about that TIGER WOODS.i heard he dated 2 MIDGETS jk

gilbertarenas: i understand this is serious..but if u ever met me you know i dont do serious things im a goof ball this story today dont sound goofy to me

gilbertarenas: i hav media outside my house…sumone tell them its to cold to be sittin out there they might get frost bite…it is winter still…

gilbertarenas: when u become a great blogger u need great stories and a little drama …for sum reason i stay with drama and i dont even leave my house

gilbertarenas: first the SHAQ drama..which im sorry to say wasnt true but it was great drama ..girls was throwin them panties Lt and rt 2 pay her bac

gilbertarenas: if u read the dates on the text on dec 23 we were gettn ready to celeb my daughter 3rd bday and march 5 the diesel was in houston playin

gilbertarenas: and she ws at hm..unless she knows how to teleport its hard to be in 2 places at one time..and if she can teleport i hope she does in the

gilbertarenas: summer so i can throw a killer pool party…just like the movie harold and kumar..its gonna be bottomless…jk or am i

gilbertarenas: most people was wondering why i never commented..becuz it wasnt true so what was the point in wasting my time..commenting on it

gilbertarenas: i felt it was the diesel problem ad i ws the victum..lol…being the victum was great i had girls hit me sayin im so so sorry if u need any-

gilbertarenas: thing just let me know and ill take care of u..i got like 45 massages about 32 (blow) i mean hand rubs LMAO pls dont take me to serious

gilbertarenas: im talking about it now becuz i cant talk about todays new like i want..and why do u think i got a twitter after the news becuz i was gonna

gilbertarenas: eat this stuff up becuz i knew everybody was waitin and thats why i made the first the first vid using his name he gave me the ok to do it

gilbertarenas: u rt i almost forgot i had kid followers out there..so i guess i might change it to rate G until there bed times.ummmm SIKE this is why ur

gilbertarenas: following me becuz keep it REAL funny

gilbertarenas: well i hav to go shoot sum freethrows now becuz nobody likes gettn booed for missing them…ps i need more twit space then 140

gilbertarenas: and again if ur not laughing i dont think u should follow me becuz im never serious and i will never not say anything dumb and silly

gilbertarenas: befor i get off….4 all the (confused admirers)which means haters..why follow sumbody to hate on them..thats seems pointless to me but do u

gilbertarenas: they say bad decisions make for great stories…only true if u dont take urself too serious..see u guys in rated x hours ..LOL


gilbertarenas: sorry for the delay i dont twit on game days so i had to wait til midnight

gilbertarenas: im confused about sum of the responds…people r twitting sayin i shouldnt be twitting right now and making jokes…do to whats going on

gilbertarenas: thinking im having a meltdown on twitter…i guess i hav to explain myself to sum of u real quick so u can understand me alittle better

gilbertarenas: i dont do drug i dont drink i dont leave my house unless i really need to so for the most part my life is simple..but what i do do is watch

gilbertarenas: is watch alot of comedy.so since i was a kid everything was funny to me.i turned every bad situation into a joke thats how i dealt with pain

gilbertarenas: so when people think in havin a melt down.. im just tellin jokes to keep myself from getting depressed..becuz LAUGHTER CURES PAIN

gilbertarenas: i guess everyone wants me to act like the rest of the nba twitters players…(i bought a shirt today from the mall)(practice was tough 2 day

gilbertarenas: (coach said he likes my high socks lol lol)(we had a close game today) is that really who u wanna follow..sounds a little boring to me

gilbertarenas: for the women who got anger about the GF fat joke.its a joke she laughed and put that has her on bbm..i believe in more chushn 4 the pushn

gilbertarenas: so pls dont take what i say serious or i will piss off from time 2 time becuz i dont hav a filter on my jokes

gilbertarenas: i hate peanut butter…so i know i cant swollen vaseline

gilbertarenas: i am sticking with what i know…thats jokes sweetie

gilbertarenas: whats the youngest age group of people on her?becuz i heard 11 yr olds r following me…

gilbertarenas: see now u sound like one of my teammates fixinmytie…tellinm jokes all day imma tell u how heartless and funny sum players r on my team

gilbertarenas: the day the shaq story broke..we were on the bus and we drove by legal sea food and i yelled out imma go get sum fish who wants sum

gilbertarenas: and bwood yelled back i think u got a bigger fish to fry right now and said cannn u dig it…we all laugh ..so just imagine the jokes now

gilbertarenas: i dont know too much about twitting im twitting from my laptop becuz im too stupid to figure out how to get it on my blackberry

gilbertarenas: i hav a freethrow video i made thats funny but i dont its the right time to use it…

gilbertarenas: scared of whats going on around me…naw i dont get shaken up in my life outside basketball..cant live in fear of sumthing that hasnt

gilbertarenas: happened yet…its easy to hide from ur problem but a real person dont break character when thing arent going his or her way..becuz thats

gilbertarenas: u have at the end of the day..

gilbertarenas: u cant take..my happiness away u cant take my mind if i dont let u …people judge u by the money u make not the person u r

gilbertarenas: i dont get anger..nothin outside basketball makes me anger…if u ever met me you know…life is fun if u want it to be

gilbertarenas: i dont go anywhere unless i hav to.. i do hav to eat u know…and pick up block buster movies..mr @savoy_5

gilbertarenas: im answerin other people question mr @savoy_5 ur not my only follower..so take it easy i know it kinda late but im tryin to get to everybody

gilbertarenas: i tryin to get better with HOW u suppose to twit i cant believe theres rules..you hav to be kiding me.. whats the twit rules?

gilbertarenas: @nicolino11..yes i take blame for puttin them in my locker and i will hav to deal with that..bad judgement on my part..

gilbertarenas: i think soul plane is funny..well just kevin hart…

gilbertarenas: @deannajefferson ur rt on that one lol and i dont drink

gilbertarenas: i dont follow anyone becuz 1 dont know how..2) i dont wanna here what they had for lunch and with who..ill follow comedians

gilbertarenas: i can see why people think im random becuz im not responding to the individual..i just tweetin my answers bac..sorry

gilbertarenas: okay if i start followin u guys and u hit me with im driving and listening to music lol lol…imma cuss u out the next day

gilbertarenas: @myboookofrhymes i said i went at 16 i didnt say i did well in college lol

gilbertarenas: quick question they can take ur twitter page from u if ur reckless?

gilbertarenas: theres a twitter jail..god damn..i dont wanna go to twitter if im facing real jail..lmao jk its a joke but it will be on espn tomorrow watch

gilbertarenas: lilduval made me laugh with(am i wrong to jackoff too slow music?)

gilbertarenas: zip it up and zip it out…from the late dave chappelle…meaning im out for tonight


gilbertarenas: @youngmogul85 if i wasnt playin ball ill might be workin at Mc donalds but on the mic tho..becuz i like there frys

gilbertarenas: LOL..peter hates me now…i cant wait for his next article

gilbertarenas: why do people try to make me look bad…I CAN DO THAT ALL BY MY SELF lol and im out.. need to put sum jumps shots up

gilbertarenas: i might hav to go green on my jokes..becuz im a not a comedian:-( but if i was ill be makes a killing with this stuff

gilbertarenas: the only person who can rip me right now is Steven A smith..the voice just makes it funny…

gilbertarenas: @uengus i hav no problem with that comedy and the range sounds fun

gilbertarenas: for people who dont know who PETER V is hes the guy who made jordan walk out the hall of fame speech…i guess jordan got BORED..

gilbertarenas: jordan played games sick and weak..and u were that boring and random he had to leave..i just left my computer re-watchin it..lol

gilbertarenas: i wouldnt want to be famous for boring Mr jordan..now i see why u add a little sugar to ur stories..them crickets at HOF really got 2 you

gilbertarenas: well in that case MR V add that sugar and get us excited…GO get them TIGER

gilbertarenas: for the people who dont understand my last few tweets..they were my new found friend PETER .V..Hes in the media world.sorry about the mix up

gilbertarenas: @dixonyomouth yea that is true i was confused ..my gang name..not my real name my gang name

gilbertarenas: @ElRockMyBody happy bday..Ms mom

gilbertarenas: @alejmarquez ummm i havent figured that out yet…

gilbertarenas: i have a long quick story..i didnt realize i cant tweet how i talk around my friends do to the sensitivity guide line..of others feelings

gilbertarenas: i said a comment about midgets there other day..so let me explain when stuff like this flys out my mouth so quick….

gilbertarenas: you know how people send u pics on ur phone?well last yr a pic got sent around with a girl with no arms and no legs..a couple people said aw

gilbertarenas: man that sucks then it gets to nick and just like a LA kid he said man shes cute i think ill date her so it came to me and i said..you

gilbertarenas: would have to worry about her findin out ur cheating she cant pick up a phone…so bwwod said gil and nick r going to hell..

gilbertarenas: so nick tells this joke…a women is sittn on a bench at the beach cryin..and mexican man walked up and said why r u crying she says i never

gilbertarenas: been hugged befor so he gave her a hug and walked off..she started cryin once more and a white man walked up and said ms why r u cryin she

gilbertarenas: said ive never been kissed befor so he gave her a kiss..she started cryin once more..and a black man walked up and said ms whats wrong and

gilbertarenas: she said ive never been f***ed befor so he picked her up and threw her in the ocean and yelled UR F***ED NOW…LOL

gilbertarenas: @TreyHamilton15 yea arnie

gilbertarenas: im around jokes like that all the time so i figured i can say them here if people take down there sensitivity bar a little…

gilbertarenas: @DCG924 you hav to unfollow me ..its just that easy..im here to tell funny stories and jokes nt basketballs

gilbertarenas: @sugashayne3 all the time..thats why its funny becuz i dont take nothin serious

gilbertarenas: @jasonlcurtis that was the funniest video ive seen about me..

gilbertarenas: @bruce_arthur well mike james would same the same gilberts an idiot

gilbertarenas: @Mike_Ock u can unscrew a pregant women too its called another women lol

gilbertarenas: @melanierenzulli no sweetie it wasnt

gilbertarenas: @therealgm24 well ur rt ive been around both and labron has taste for jokes not kobe but thats why everybody is diff were all diff people

gilbertarenas: @keenan_21 naw no basketball stuff

gilbertarenas: @Bihuniak yea lmao

gilbertarenas: @RealToddCoder @satchow lmao see now those r jokes i like

gilbertarenas: i hv another funny story but i have to get there persons okay first so another joke tomorrow ill keep going befor they kick me off twitter

gilbertarenas: zip it up and zip it out…


gilbertarenas: sumone just tweeted a nt so funny joke..he said i hope they like ur jokes in jail

gilbertarenas: well ur rt becuz if i tell a bad joke here..i can turn my laptop off..if i tell a bad joke in jail they turn them LIGHTS OUT..lol zip it out

gilbertarenas: @sugashayne3 why would i owe sumbody money and pull a pistol out sounds a little backwards rt…yea rt

gilbertarenas: i guess a guy with one arm can still hit..but what about the monkey bars i know that was a test for u he started laughn said i never could

gilbertarenas: swing on the monkey bars…so a teammate said man u could be a great boxer so i said yea ur right..distract them with the little arm then

gilbertarenas: punch with the real one..( u have to see it in person to laugh at that one)

gilbertarenas: so the moral of the story is dont take ur self to serious…life is better when u enjoy being happy..THX ROB aka LITTLE NEMO

gilbertarenas: U guys hav to follow my friend @factaboutme this is the worst human being that has a twitter..funny.. he will make me look like a angel

gilbertarenas: sorry wrong account name hold on

gilbertarenas: his name is @dneez310

gilbertarenas: @DhatKidSoFlashy no im not going to jail i didnt do what they keep writing but stay away from guns..i was wrong for puttn them in my locker

gilbertarenas: @franchize1 okay great point

gilbertarenas: @cricepr i dont hav one..really

gilbertarenas: @nitin146 i play poker on my phone…i dont play for money

gilbertarenas: im about to start a #TT..who’s ready to go in with me? i heard this is what tweet people do lol

gilbertarenas: #youneedyourassbeat if u got on a mink coat and your sitting at the bus stop ..inspired by tony Roberts…lets the #TT BEGAN

gilbertarenas: #youneedyourassbeat if your at your highschool reunion and u got a G.E.D..youneedyourassbeat..inspired by toney roberts

gilbertarenas: @keenan_21 lmao i was just waitin for that one …lol

gilbertarenas: RT @Heavenboo1: RT @biggtwon: #youneedyourassbeat if U 40 & U still in a gang! <~~~ beat me some more, lmao, just playin

gilbertarenas: RT @Quest_: #youneedyourassbeat if you go to yur mom house and she asks whr her grandbabys at and yu say “idk, wht yu asking me for”

gilbertarenas: RT @MoneyNikesLove: #youneedyourassbeat if you were making fun of @GilbertArenas’ tweeting cause now he can do #tt’s

gilbertarenas: RT @Tiiiip: @gilbertarenas #youneedyourassbeat if you leave the gs warriors

gilbertarenas: RT @willnoonan: #youneedyourassbeat if you welch on a bet… C’mon @gilbertarenas you were askin for that one

gilbertarenas: RT @DrayaFace: #youneedyourassbeat if u need to falsify articles (ny post) @gilbertarenas Mr peter V

gilbertarenas: @KINGMALCAM lol

gilbertarenas: zip it up and zip it out

gilbertarenas: @MsDominiqueB hey hey


gilbertarenas: i got my first celeb following me..@missmya…

gilbertarenas: I uploaded a YouTube video — Episode 9 http://youtu.be/TvgSmF97OBE?a

gilbertarenas: this next tweet is on a serious note for all u out there

gilbertarenas: TRUE STORY-there was a blind girl who hated herself becuz she was blind.she hated everyone,except her loving boyfriend.he was always there

gilbertarenas: for her.she told her boyfriend,’if i could only see the world,i will marry you’One day,someone donated a pair of eyes to her.when the

gilbertarenas: bandages came off,she was able to see everything,including her boyfriend.He asked her,’now that u can see the world,will you marry me?’

gilbertarenas: the girl looked at her boyfriend and saw that he was blind.the sught of his closed eyelids shocked her.she hadnt expected that.the thought

gilbertarenas: of looking at then the rst of her life led her to fefuse to marry him.Her boyfriend left in tears and days later wrote a note to her saying

gilbertarenas: Take good care of yours eyes,my dear,Befor they were yours,they were mine.’

gilbertarenas: this is how the human brain often works when our status CHANGE.only a very few remember what life was like before,and who was always by

gilbertarenas: there side in the most painful situations.life is a gift TODAY before you say an unkind word-think of someone who cant speak.

gilbertarenas: Before you complain about life-think of someone who went too too early to heaven..and when you complain about your job-think of the

gilbertarenas: unemployed,the disabled,and those who wish they had your job.and when depreeing Thoughts sem to get you down-

gilbertarenas: PUT A SMILE ON YOUR FACE AND THINK:YOU’RE ALIVE AND STILL AROUND….so join me in enjoying everyday and smile for the negative people.

gilbertarenas: I know everybody seen the pre game pics..my teammate thought to break the tention we should do that..but this is gettn way to much

gilbertarenas: I wanna say sorry if I pissed any body off by us havin fun…I’m sorry for anything u need to blame for for right now..

gilbertarenas: I am going green.no more fun for awhile. So here we go.. I landed in cleveland and its colder then the press heart..


gilbertarenas: Happy b-day to myself..gonna celebrate by ordering rm service..and sum hot chocolate..I sound borin to myself ..

gilbertarenas: @sumayalina happy bday

gilbertarenas: @Benny_Powers its mike millers hold on ill ask bio-skin

gilbertarenas: Al Sharpton comments ill try to be as nice as he was too me on my next tweet

gilbertarenas: For a kid who does a lot of work for the black community I didn’t get the memo u were still one of our black leaders becuz if u was

gilbertarenas: U wouldn’t have made a comment like that befor gettn all the faxs str8..I hav my black leaders tattooed on my leg I call it black rush more

gilbertarenas: That’s Martin,Obama,Mr X,and Mandela..so next time before u wash ur hands of something pls hear the real story..God bless..the black C

gilbertarenas: @KevinJohnEllis yes I hav jesus tattooed on my ribs becuz he’s on my side

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