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Local D.C. Media Goes Gonzo For Gilbert’s Guns

Updated: January 2, 2010

I’ve been kinda kicking myself for not attending the ‘Gilbert Gun-Gate’ practice at the Verizon Center yesterday. Seems that I missed out on a bit of ambush journalism. It will likely be an even crazier circus tonight as I go cover the Wizards-Spurs game … much like what my man Rashad Mobley describes on his blog:

“Instead of 10-15 media members fighting for quotes and interviews, there will now be at least 50 people who know NOTHING about the Spurs or the Wizards, they just want to sensationalize an issue that we STILL don’t know the truth about. They will clog up the locker and media rooms with their clueless facial expressions.”

Michael Lee also has a good report from Friday’s circus on Wizards Insider.

Still, you have to make the best of a situation, right? Maybe I’ll cover the media that’s trying to cover Arenas. But I’m more interested in how this team is going to address Tim Duncan; can Haywood guard him straight up? Or if Flip Saunders thinks his zone will contain Tony Parker.

The video below is from the local D.C. CBS affiliate. Sara Walsh of WUSA9 leads into a report from someone else at the Verizon Center by saying, “The startling allegations drew plenty of media attention, but few responses from the guys on the team.”

It’s not clear who is the voice behind the camera, or if it’s always the same person, but somebody certainly wants to force himself upon the story. And while most of my commentary on such ambush journalism would fall under ridicule, we really must thank Mr. Whomever for providing unintentional comedy via the trapped responses of Nick Young and Randy Foye.

Poor Nick, to be stopped by such aggressive tactics, faced with sensitive, and perhaps unknown questions about a teammate. He looked like a deer in headlights and could barely compose himself to muster (as a member of the Wizards media team shook his head in the background):

“Naw …. ehh that’s cold …. I don’t know nothing about that.”

It’s his delivery in the video which takes the cake.

Randy Foye follows with repetitive statements of “I’m not sure, I’m not sure ….,” as he tries to sneak behind Fabricio Oberto. You’ll also see some reporter follow Antawn Jamison, calling after him, “Can you tell us about Gilbert Arenas? Can you talk about Crittenton?” as the door closes in the camera’s face. Later in the video, Young will mumble something about family and believing in each other as the bright lights reflect off his sweat and Oberto tells someone, “I really don’t know what you’re talking about.”

I guess out of all the wrong things Gilbert Arenas and Javaris Crittenton have done, you can pile on some shame for subjecting their teammates to the media blitz and sensationalistic coverage when most of them are just trying to overcome a 10-20 record.

[note: this video has been edited by TAI]

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