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Report: Gilbert Arenas’ Dirty Harry Revolver Just One of Several Hundred Guns

Updated: January 13, 2010

We know that Gilbert Arenas collects various basketball jerseys. Well, evidently he collects guns too. WTOP is reporting that Arenas has, at times, owned several hundred guns, including a ‘Dirty Harry Revolver’, which, of course, is in addition to his Austin Powers-esque gold-plated Desert Eagle. There’s always more to this story, isn’t there? When will it stop?

via WTOP:

As a grand jury continues to hear the details of the gun incident involving Gilbert Arenas, WTOP has learned the Washington Wizards’ star has — at times — owned several hundred guns.

Multiple sources tell WTOP that Arenas moved those weapons out of his Virginia home within the past year, long before the incident at the Verizon Center.

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  • Provided he leaves them at home in Virginia and doesn’t bring them in to DC, what’s the issue?

  • I, personally, do not have an issue. People are allowed to collect guns.

    However, unfortunately this just piles on the negative assumptions in the court of public opinion and could affect Arenas’ return to the team, which I would be all for if he pleas to a misdemeanor and serves no time.

  • Mike H

    The issue is that he told Wizards management, the press and David Stern that he took the 3 guns in question from his home to his locker to keep them away from his kids.

    So he just happened to leave the other few hundred at home?

    The clown has shown himself to be a liar.

  • Anthony

    I’m almost rooting for Arenas to be off the team for the sake of Arenas. Unless you have a vice or are Nicolas Cage, it’s really hard to spend all that money he has earned and has owed to him.

    It would be nice if he could be bought out for a fraction, but his full amount still counts against the cap under the current CBA, so that won’t happen anytime soon.

    Would really like to see what he could do (and act) on a team that doesn’t need him to win.

  • Larry

    Some folks collect baseball cards, others fine china, and some collect guns. There should be NO issue here, except of course that the press will make sure that there is one. And then the league will feel duty bound to comment on it. So will the Wizards. Blah, blah, blah. Yawn…

  • kip

    Hey Mike, what Arenas does in his home is his business. If he wants to own a 1000 guns that’s his constitutional right. If he said a lie, BIG DEAL!!! I’m sure you’re so squeaky clean that you can fart soap bubbles out your ass. Let me guess, you’re a liberal?

  • nemo

    OH MY GOD! He has guns! He must be a terrorist! Get over it you anti gun freak.

  • Fantastic photoshop.

    Also I love the ad generated to my right about “Front Sight Firearms Training Institute”


  • Bill Jones

    Knee-jerk reactions to anti-gun sentiment aside, I think people are missing the point. Arenas’ rationalization was that he owned 4 guns and kept them at the Verizon Center so his kids would be safe. This points out it was a lie. He owns multiple guns, and prior stories showed he brought one in the day after the dispute on the plane. Fire this guy.