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The Birth of @GilbertArenas and The Death of @JayCrittDT

Updated: January 2, 2010

Gilbert Arenas tweeted a lot as he brought in the new year. He acknowledged that his gun thing is serious, but that he doesn’t do serious things. He said the Shaq rumor wasn’t true, but indicated that even so, panties, blowies and massages were supposedly at his disposal. Arenas almost complains about the drama in his life, yet embraces it because it gives him the attention he so seemingly and desperately craves. He was just being the crazy (in a good way) Gilbert we know, but yet don’t quite understand.

There are a couple reasons to document Gilbert Arenas’ first 24-hours of Tweeting. For one, you might not be one of his 13,338 growing army of followers, students in the study of Gilbertology. Secondly, Tweets can be erased. This site isn’t going anywhere. And if it does, there’s still always the Internet Archive: Way Back Machine. Also worth considering: It’s quite possible that Gilbert Arenas will deny that he was behind his January 1st 2010 Tweets (@gilbertarenas is not currently a verified account). But knowing Gil (sorta), I doubt it.

During the height of Arena’s Tweets on New Year’s Day, while many were planting a palm-smack on their forehead or pleading with him to stop, I wanted Gilbert to keep going. Not because it provides good blogging fodder, although it does, but more because Arenas was being allowed to be human. Twitter offers celebrities such as him, and normal folks such as you and I, the unfiltered freedom to share thoughts, etc..

Sure, everyone should be careful what they say in a public venue, but with $111 million dollars on your side, you don’t always have to go tip-toeing over people’s sensitivities when it’s your own life. Who is to say that Arenas must shut himself up? Or speak through a mouthpiece, an agent, such as Drew Rosenhaus … could you imagine if he was involved?

I’m just as pissed about the gun incident as the next passionate Wizards fan. These dudes are messing with the franchise I’ll still follow long after they are gone. I imagine I’ll still write something ripping Arenas and Crittenton once all the facts come out. But folks, Gilbert is not a basketball-playing robot. Plus, his tweets are pretty entertaining, albeit a tad immature, a bit naive, and sorta egotistical.

Did you know Javaris Crittenton used to Tweet?

Crittenton, or @JayCrittDT, ended his brief Twitter run in late July. He wasn’t very entertaining, rather gave a simple accounts of what he was doing at any given time. I imagine tales of going to the mall, eating out, watching movies and working out/practicing is pretty typical of a young NBA millionaire (of course, one who might be out of the league after this season).

During last September’s media day, I asked Javaris about his Twitter retirement. He said:

“There’s just a lot going on and I  wanted to stay focused on what I needed to be doing. Sometimes, the Internet, FaceBook, MySpace, Twitter, that can take away from your concentration on something that’s more important. And as soon as I got off, some of the players started getting in trouble … you have to watch what you say on there. I think the best way to avoid that is to just not be on there, so I got off.”

Little did Crittenton know at the time, but associating with guys like Kendrick “Bookie Ball” Long can get you in trouble too. The best of Crittenton’s Tweets are below Arenas’.

{gilbert arenas on twitter}

i wake up this morning and seen i was the new JOHN WAYNE..lmao media is too funny

i guess nobody thought that last text was funny.well i hav 2 change subjects.umM what about that TIGER WOODS.i heard he dated 2 MIDGETS jk

i understand this is serious..but if u ever met me you know i dont do serious things im a goof ball this story today dont sound goofy to me

i hav media outside my house…sumone tell them its to cold to be sittin out there they might get frost bite…it is winter still…

when u become a great blogger u need great stories and a little drama …for sum reason i stay with drama and i dont even leave my house

first the SHAQ drama..which im sorry to say wasnt true but it was great drama ..girls was throwin them panties Lt and rt 2 pay her bac

if u read the dates on the text on dec 23 we were gettn ready to celeb my daughter 3rd bday and march 5 the diesel was in houston playin

and she ws at hm..unless she knows how to teleport its hard to be in 2 places at one time..and if she can teleport i hope she does in the

summer so i can throw a killer pool party…just like the movie harold and kumar..its gonna be bottomless…jk or am i

most people was wondering why i never commented..becuz it wasnt true so what was the point in wasting my time..commenting on it

i felt it was the diesel problem ad i ws the…being the victum was great i had girls hit me sayin im so so sorry if u need any-

thing just let me know and ill take care of u..i got like 45 massages about 32 (blow) i mean hand rubs LMAO pls dont take me to serious

im talking about it now becuz i cant talk about todays new like i want..and why do u think i got a twitter after the news becuz i was gonna

eat this stuff up becuz i knew everybody was waitin and thats why i made the first the first vid using his name he gave me the ok to do it

u rt i almost forgot i had kid followers out i guess i might change it to rate G until there bed times.ummmm SIKE this is why ur

following me becuz keep it REAL funny

well i hav to go shoot sum freethrows now becuz nobody likes gettn booed for missing them…ps i need more twit space then 140

and again if ur not laughing i dont think u should follow me becuz im never serious and i will never not say anything dumb and silly

befor i get off….4 all the (confused admirers)which means haters..why follow sumbody to hate on them..thats seems pointless to me but do u

they say bad decisions make for great stories…only true if u dont take urself too serious..see u guys in rated x hours ..LOL

{javaris crittenton on twitter – june to july 2009}

  • JayMoneyDT: Nice lil look for tonight. Bout to head to Layla in a lil. Man, I almost forgot how fun DC is.
  • JayMoneyDT: What you know bout 20 grand stuffed in a white sock? Pull off in a white drop like I play for the white sox.
  • JayMoneyDT: I been waiting on this my whole life. These dreams keep waking me up at night. And I wonder if you know what it means…to find your dreams
  • JayMoneyDT: Just got through hoopin. Pull up jumper is cash. Still gotta put up more and more shots everyday. Repetition+Confidence= Cash Money Jumper
  • JayMoneyDT: Put up 700 shots 2day. Repetition+confidence. About 2 head 2 this Beyonce concert at the arena with my cousin, Gil, and the homies.
  • JayMoneyDT: Damn, I done walked in here….looking like the muhf**kin man of the year.
  • JayMoneyDT: Man its dude in the crowd singing, “if I were a boy” including my cousin. I gotta watch this dude when I go to sleep. Ahahahahaha, jk
  • JayMoneyDT: At Josephine’s with Blackboy, Gil, and Elke
  • JayMoneyDT: About to head down to Berry Farms or whatever you call it to hoop with Gil and Miles. Never been to this spot before. Heard its like Rucker
  • JayMoneyDT: On Wisconsin Ave. shoppin with my cuz. Gucci & LV shawty. I always had a passion for flashing before I had it id close my eyes and imagine.
  • JayMoneyDT: Bout to have a dinner/meeting with my dude Ken Kavanaugh. Think its better to keep my money with Merrill Lynch or Smith and Barney?
  • JayCrittDT: @MiaVenice Lol, its Duct Tape Mimi. You see the duct you see the tape. You see the DT in my face. Just label it gutta.
  • JayCrittDT: Man its soooooo hooooot in Vegas. I stepped outside by the pool and almost blacked out. No joke. This is crazy
  • JayCrittDT: Women be shooopping…women be shopping. You can’t stop a woman from shopping. (Chris Rock voice) lol
  • JayCrittDT: Im retiring from twitter. Goodbye people. Thanks to everyone who followed and supports me. Keep me in your prayers and be blessed.
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