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The Gilbert Arenas of 2009-10: A Season of Video Interviews

Updated: January 28, 2010

I’ve been writing this blog about the Washington Wizards since October 2007 and this year I’ve been able to cover the team more up close because of media credentials granted by the team’s PR department. Some may sympathetically say, ‘What a year to start covering the team.’ True, in more ways than one.

As a fan, this season has been nothing short of a tragedy. As a person, this has been one of the most sadly interesting experiences I’ve ever had … and I wouldn’t trade it for much (Well, aside from a million dollars and an NBA title to D.C.).

There’s been some light moments, some dark moments, and everything in between. And I’m just talking about Gilbert Arenas … you know, the “So goes Gil, so goes the Wizards” guy. Now that a suspension for the rest of the season has been officially handed down by David Stern, it would be a good time to dig into the archive and provide the best of Gilbert quotes, Gilbertology if you will, for the 2009-10 season.

As I compose this post, and after just listening to Gilbert Arenas’ father on the Mike Wise Show, this situation still wreaks with sadness, and probably will for quite some time. Not so much because a huge, unfortunate joke has been played on Wizards fans, but because I still don’t get the feeling that Arenas understands the remorse aspect of this case.

Gilbert Arenas, Sr. comes across as a well-spoken, well-reasoned man, but also defends his offspring with a large touch of bias. For one, and yes, Gilbert is his child, but Gil Senior refers to his son as a “kid” in a way that almost excuses the fact that Gil Junior is a 28-year old man.

On the Mike Wise Show, the Senior Arenas played down the gravity of the situation while playing up the “it was just a joke” part. He also helped point the finger at the media that was responsible for painting his Junior as a “thug.” Yes, much of the media coverage surrounding Arenas has been unfair … but hey, that’s the nature of the beast. Not to excuse the media (mostly Peter Vescey), but it happens to most every public figure who does something wrong. The way to nip that in the bud is to not do anything wrong in the first place.

But what makes a large part of this whole ordeal so sad, or so frustrating, is the fact that Arenas has lied and continues to lie. Gilbert’s father has unfortunately turned a blind eye to this … for which, I can’t completely blame him. I am not a parent, but I’m old enough to understand that sometimes, in the eyes of a parent, a child can do no wrong. I’ve been that child, doing wrong, but yet defended by a loving parent. It is what it is … as Mike Miller would say.

It sounded fishy when Gilbert Arenas, Jr. initially said that he brought guns to the locker room because he wanted them out of his home and away from his children, citing a newborn that arrived on December 9, 2009. He already had two kids, a daughter born in December 2005 and a son born in March 2007. Why not get guns out the house for them?

Court documents deriving from Gilbert Junior’s testimony would reveal that he brought at least one gun, if not all four, after the airplane gambling dispute between himself and Javaris Crittenton. That’s a lie folks.

And Gilbert Arenas, Jr. is still lying. Just yesterday, word surfaced from Arenas (via Comcast’s Chris Miller) that he was the one who suggested a season-long suspension to Stern and that the commissioner was so “shocked” by this offer that he accepted it right away. Not so fast. Stern has denied the idea that Gilbert “requested” his punishment. Sounds like Arenas is, again, doing anything to make himself look better.

Stop lying. Stop pointing fingers. Grow up and take responsibility like a man.

Without further ado, I present …

‘The Gilbert Arenas of 2009-10: A Season of Interviews’:

Disclaimer: These quotes are only from home appearances, and please excuse the amateur video (it’s a hand-held Flip Camera) along with any time the video doesn’t exactly match the sound. My bad. Otherwise, enjoy the nine minutes and twenty-eight seconds of fun.

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