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The Gilbert Arenas of 2009-10: A Season of Video Interviews

Updated: January 28, 2010

I’ve been writing this blog about the Washington Wizards since October 2007 and this year I’ve been able to cover the team more up close because of media credentials granted by the team’s PR department. Some may sympathetically say, ‘What a year to start covering the team.’ True, in more ways than one.

As a fan, this season has been nothing short of a tragedy. As a person, this has been one of the most sadly interesting experiences I’ve ever had … and I wouldn’t trade it for much (Well, aside from a million dollars and an NBA title to D.C.).

There’s been some light moments, some dark moments, and everything in between. And I’m just talking about Gilbert Arenas … you know, the “So goes Gil, so goes the Wizards” guy. Now that a suspension for the rest of the season has been officially handed down by David Stern, it would be a good time to dig into the archive and provide the best of Gilbert quotes, Gilbertology if you will, for the 2009-10 season.

As I compose this post, and after just listening to Gilbert Arenas’ father on the Mike Wise Show, this situation still wreaks with sadness, and probably will for quite some time. Not so much because a huge, unfortunate joke has been played on Wizards fans, but because I still don’t get the feeling that Arenas understands the remorse aspect of this case.

Gilbert Arenas, Sr. comes across as a well-spoken, well-reasoned man, but also defends his offspring with a large touch of bias. For one, and yes, Gilbert is his child, but Gil Senior refers to his son as a “kid” in a way that almost excuses the fact that Gil Junior is a 28-year old man.

On the Mike Wise Show, the Senior Arenas played down the gravity of the situation while playing up the “it was just a joke” part. He also helped point the finger at the media that was responsible for painting his Junior as a “thug.” Yes, much of the media coverage surrounding Arenas has been unfair … but hey, that’s the nature of the beast. Not to excuse the media (mostly Peter Vescey), but it happens to most every public figure who does something wrong. The way to nip that in the bud is to not do anything wrong in the first place.

But what makes a large part of this whole ordeal so sad, or so frustrating, is the fact that Arenas has lied and continues to lie. Gilbert’s father has unfortunately turned a blind eye to this … for which, I can’t completely blame him. I am not a parent, but I’m old enough to understand that sometimes, in the eyes of a parent, a child can do no wrong. I’ve been that child, doing wrong, but yet defended by a loving parent. It is what it is … as Mike Miller would say.

It sounded fishy when Gilbert Arenas, Jr. initially said that he brought guns to the locker room because he wanted them out of his home and away from his children, citing a newborn that arrived on December 9, 2009. He already had two kids, a daughter born in December 2005 and a son born in March 2007. Why not get guns out the house for them?

Court documents deriving from Gilbert Junior’s testimony would reveal that he brought at least one gun, if not all four, after the airplane gambling dispute between himself and Javaris Crittenton. That’s a lie folks.

And Gilbert Arenas, Jr. is still lying. Just yesterday, word surfaced from Arenas (via Comcast’s Chris Miller) that he was the one who suggested a season-long suspension to Stern and that the commissioner was so “shocked” by this offer that he accepted it right away. Not so fast. Stern has denied the idea that Gilbert “requested” his punishment. Sounds like Arenas is, again, doing anything to make himself look better.

Stop lying. Stop pointing fingers. Grow up and take responsibility like a man.

Without further ado, I present …

‘The Gilbert Arenas of 2009-10: A Season of Interviews’:

Disclaimer: These quotes are only from home appearances, and please excuse the amateur video (it’s a hand-held Flip Camera) along with any time the video doesn’t exactly match the sound. My bad. Otherwise, enjoy the nine minutes and twenty-eight seconds of fun.

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  • That is some cold harsh truth because Gil does need to man up and show me he cares about us as much as we cared about him. He always had the fans back and this is why we loved him so much. Do your time, show some remorse, do not make excuses, and make us love him again.

  • Eric

    Kenny Smith put it well. Everyone says you’re a good guy who did something bad….until you keep doing bad things and then everyone realizes, you’re just a bad guy.

    What’s so hard about owning up to the fact that he f****d up becasue of his choices and his choices alone? The saddest part of all of this is that there have been so many opportunities where Gil could have come clean and mended the relationship despite the fact he made some bad decision and his continued ridiculousness make it impossible for the organization to keep him. And who is it sad for? The fans who like to see a competitive team and liked the drama that Agent Zero brought to the team. Contract void or not,it’s the fans who are losing out here.

  • TSW

    I don’t think what’s reported by CSN and Stern’s denial are necessarily contradictory. CSN reports what Arenas says he said to Stern.

    It’s at least possible that Stern asked Gil if he thought he deserved to be suspended for the entire season, and that Gil responded with the “do the crime, do the time” thing. Then the commish says, “OK.”

    From that quote, it’s not clear to me that Arenas requested a suspension (meaning that it was his idea) or whether he was just agreeing with Stern.

  • Anthony

    three thoughts come to my mind,

    1) Why can’t Wizards be like Houston Rockets who over the last 3 seasons shine when their max star, top two max stars go out of lineup in a much hard division, conference.

    2) If Gilbert Arenas starts showing up to Wizards games sitting courtside. I don’t think comparing this situation to the Marbury situation is a stretch.

    3) Thank goodness for Gilbert, he doesn’t like mopeds/motorcycles.

  • I see what you’re saying TSW … a lot of this could be lost in translation because Chris Miller chose to highlight a specific quote from Arenas (which could have been apart of a larger quote) and Stern was responding to someone from frickin’ TMZ.

    Still, I’d like to think that Arenas’ statement would have been along the lines of:

    “I’ve apologized profusely to Mr. Stern and have expressed remorse with this entire ordeal. As a result, he has been gracious enough to only suspend me for the rest of the season and not for an extended period of time.”

    But knowing how much Gil likes attention, and the fact that he has a bit of an ego (what NBA player doesn’t?), I’m betting he fudged how it really went down to make himself look better.

  • Jon

    Gil Arenas is one of the most intelligent, articulate, and interesting human beings in the NBA. One of the few who acts like a human being in his interactions with the press. A guy who actually seems to like fans. Your video is great. It contradicts everything you say in your blog. People, especially sports fans, are consistently played by sports blogs such as yours and sports media such as ESPN. You need stories. Gil Arenas having a gun in his locker (against NBA rules, but entirely legal in all 50 states, cept DC) and havng a fight with a teamate might be worth about 15 seconds of news and maybe a two week suspension by the NBA. Instead, it morphs into a Gil Arenas media feeding frenzy, in which people such as yourself and other sports media/bloggers get to act like the second coming of Mother Theresa. Can we be honest here? Gil is a more interesting, talented, not to mention healthy and good looking guy than 100% of the media nerds who are criticizing him. I’ve read a half dozen stories talking about how the media treatment of Gil is unfair. How is Arenas’ “lying” about his gun antics to the media (not a crime, not a misdemeanor, not a big deal) any worse than the media mugging he has received, including yours. Answer: it isn’t.

  • EW

    Jon, you’re missing one thing, though. Gilbert’s having a gun in his locker is illegal in Washington, D.C., which is where his locker is. The fact that it’s legal in other places doesn’t somehow make it cool. Arenas broke the law. Quit being an apologist.

    I also like how, as evidence that the media is biased and unfair, you provide examples from other stuff you read in the media. Gee, maybe folks are coming at it from all angles.

  • Matt

    Here’s the introduction to your post, if you weren’t getting paid by the word.

    Not to excuse the media but here’s a BS excuse for the media (even Peter Vecsey)– If you behave in a way the media wants, then you don’t have to worry about the media.

    Well spoken– media dude– Except its an excuse.

  • 1. You acknowledge that you are not a parent.

    2. If you were already a parent of a 4+ year old daughter and a 2+ year old son and then recently had a 3rd child, as well, then, it might be easier for you to understand how exactly someone like Gilbert Arenas might just think that it would NO LONGER be a good idea to keep guns around his own house, with three children of those exact ages now living under his roof.

    Looking after a 4+ year old and 2+ year old and a newborn is not the same thing as looking after a newborn and a 2+ year old, for example; as 4+ year olds are a different type of “curious” about the sort of things which they can find around the house that might be considered fairly well “secured”, under lock & key, in the presence of an infant or a todler.

    [which is not to excuse the poor, overall, judgment of Gilbert Arenas, in this whole situation but to at least demonstrate just how easy it is for even someone well-intentioned and highly intelligent, like you, perhaps, to make AN ERROR, when it comes to saying something stupid and/or factually incorrect]

    3. Given the lax penalties which have been handed down by David Stern in the past, re: various legal gun infractions, there should be little doubt, whatsoever, that the league-imposed suspension given to Gilbert Arenas, in this case, is excessive.

  • Incadescent Rex

    Khandor and jon: Are you related to Gil or something? Look I like Gil, but if you’ve been following the Wizards, then you know Gil makes contradictory statements all the time. (like when he blogged that voting was a waste of time and then later said he was joking, when he blogged that he was a Republican and then later said he was joking, when he blogged that he thought about killing himself while he was injured then backtracked, when he came back from the knee injury the first time and he said told Coach Jordan that he was playing in his first game way ahead of time, but then it was confirmed that he didn’t tell Jordan at all and that in actuality a staff member informed Jordan moments before the game, etc) . He has no credibility. I’m not sure why you would believe either his or his dad’s story about why he brought the guns to work when its in their interest to spin this story to make Gil look better.

    And while Stern’s penalty is more severe than those handed out to Stephen Jackson and Delonte West for gun transgressions, Gil is one of the faces of the NBA, while West and Jackson are not. The NBA is an entertainment product, so its more damaging to the NBA when one of its stars messes up than when one of its role players who casual fans don’t even recognize messes up. You could say that’s unfair, but that is also why Gil gets paid many millions more then Stephen Jackson and Delonte West, so I’m not crying for him.