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Wizards Game 31 vs. San Antonio Spus Live Twitter Blog

Updated: January 2, 2010

6:10:27 PM: I finally left the locker room to go eat. They could probably do just fine with one less shark in the water.

6:12:13 PM: BTW. Flip Saunders said that Gilbert Arenas will be available to play tonight.

6:13:49 PM: Flip said Antawn is a bit stiff, but was hoping he could loosen up & play. Jamison seemed loose enuff bouncing around locker room w his ipod

6:18:20 PM: Flip Saunders: “From my standpoint, and as I told the players, we’re still going to get judged by what we do on the court.”

6:21:59 PM: RT @rashad20 Ex Wiz & current Spur Roger Mason said he didnt know how bad defensive habits were until he got 2 the SA & learned right way

6:23:43 PM: Wizards going big tonight. Flip is starting Arenas, Butler, Jamison, Blatche & Haywood.

6:28:28 PM: Flip: “We’ve had two hard, very intense practices and I hope there’s some carry-over from those practices.”

6:28:45 PM: Flip: “We may not see drastic changes in 24 or 48-hours, but if we continue 2 do what we R doing, you’ll changes over next 7 days.”

6:38:01 PM: Get the sense that Flip was tired of going small & then losing the battle of the boards that are more easily conceded via zone defense.

6:38:46 PM: Flip Saunders said that Brendan Haywood will play Tim Duncan one-on-one tonight.

6:42:28 PM: But Haywood at times will have help. So defending Duncan with “1.5”, but Brendan will be on Timmy pretty much head up.

6:42:53 PM: Flip Saunders said b/c of Haywood on Duncan, a lot depends on the other guys to clean up on the defensive boards.

6:44:06 PM: Flip Saunders said that during timeouts, while he & other coaches are meeting, he has some1 take notes of what players are saying on bench

6:44:59 PM: Flip Saunders said he goes through bench timeout notes about what players say when he’s not around after every game.

6:47:10 PM: RT @jakewhitacre Just got to the phone booth. I’ve already seen two blair jerseys

6:48:10 PM: Saunders said that notes have revealed that Arenas has done more from a talking standpoint during timeouts than any other player.

6:57:22 PM: RT @WojYahooNBA: Crittenton’s agent tells Yahoo: “I’m confident my client hasn’t done anything wrong. The facts will bear that out.”

6:59:24 PM: Will be interesting 2 C how Caron performs 2nite after Flip essentially called him out (or said they had 1-on-1 meeting) after Thurs. pract.

7:09:25 PM: Starting lineup intros: Gilbert Arenas got very mild cheers, no boos as far as I could hear.

7:14:35 PM: Caron gets the Wizards their first FG on a nice catch and shoot from top of the key. Jamison follows w a three. 7-6 Spurs.

7:15:10 PM: Gilbert just shot an airball and got plenty of flack for it.

7:19:55 PM: The Spurs already have 5 assists on 6 FGs. Wow. SA leads 13-6, 8:11 left in 1st Q.

7:22:34 PM: It’s waaaay early, but so far, Arenas looks to be more tuned in on the defensive end, esp. in moving his feet against Tony Parker.

7:23:51 PM: Unfortunately, Duncan is not proving 2 B good matchup 4 Haywood. Hope the Wiz don’t have 2 start doubling. Timmy is 4-4 on FGs w 8 pts.

7:29:08 PM: Man, people on Twitter have plenty of ammunition for Washington Wizards/Gilbert Arenas gun jokes.

7:30:26 PM: Spurs R just a damn good team. They’re hitting just about every shot. 10-14 FGs, 71.4%. Hey a DeShawn sighting, he’s 1st off bench 4 Twan.

7:32:22 PM: Fab Oberto is in guarding his ol’ buddy … TIMMY!

7:34:34 PM: Wow. The Wizards’ zone defense just isn’t working out. The Spurs are some straight snipers. 13-18 on FGs, lead 30-18, 59 secs left in 1st.

7:37:12 PM: Gilbert Arenas fires a half-court three off the glass at the buzzer. 1st Q is over, Spurs lead 30-24.

7:38:54 PM: After than bank shot buzzer beater by Gilbert, @rashad20 turned to me & said, “So, did Arenas just rob the bank?”

7:40:37 PM: Arenas, Stevenson, Butler, Jamison & Oberto start 2nd for Wizards vs. Hill, Manu, Roger Mason, Richard Jefferson & McDyess.

7:43:23 PM: Referee Ed Rush didn’t like how the Wizards maneuvered a Boykins substitution for Arenas. Called the Wiz 4 delay of game/is arguing w Flip.

7:44:51 PM: Another nice catch and shot by Butler w/o delay, jabs & pump fakes. Spurs up 34-30, Butler has 8.

7:46:14 PM: Check that, Roger Mason Jr. is eating Flip’s zone for breakfast, brunch, lunch & dinner. He has 8 points in 7 mins off bench for SA.

7:47:12 PM: Arenas & Crittenton are talking to each other during the timeout, exchanging a couple smiles. Wonder if Gil paid JaVale the $25 K.

7:48:13 PM: JaVale is starting 2 get in on convo b/t Arenas & Crittenton. All smiles b/t the 3. U’d almost think that a card game was abt 2 break out.

7:50:12 PM: The minute Caron took time to size up George Hill & give all his fakes before shooting, he missed.

7:52:02 PM: @moneymase is straight cash, & worth much more than $25K card game cash. The Wiz just left Roger open 4 another three.

7:53:22 PM: A solid effort so far from the Wiz as a unit. They R hanging around, down 40-39. A Haywood o-board & dunk gets the Verizon crowd going

7:55:43 PM: Wiz lead 41-40 at 5:19 timeout in 2nd Q. Crowd gives nice ovation. Wiz are 6-11 on FGs in 2nd. Up 7-2 on boards in period.

7:56:30 PM: RT @wzzntzz despite fact Spurs score EVERY SINGLE TIME, Wiz hanging in there. Dont worry, it’ll all end up in tears.

7:58:58 PM: Wizards double help Butler on Duncan & Roger Mason hits yet another 3. He’s 4-4 from deep. Jamison answers w 3 of own. Wuz up 46-43.

8:01:22 PM: The Spurs are only 6-16 on FGs in 2nd Q. So, nice effort from Wiz, but defense needs 2 B played 4 an entire game. Tied at 46, 3:02 left.

8:01:54 PM: RT @wzzntzz that Brendan Haywood hook shot looked like an octopus havin a seizure

8:06:50 PM: Things I see: Intelligence from Fab Oberto on defense, hustle from Arenas to pick up the ball on transition D.

8:08:54 PM: Fan in section 204 really calling for JaVale McGee. Got a voice that carries too.

8:12:20 PM: Well, better than expected from the Wizards, tied with Spurs at the half w 50 each.

8:27:28 PM: In 2nd Q, the Wiz did not allow Spurs to score any 2nd chance points nor any points off turnovers. Wiz only had 1 TO in 2nd Q.

8:28:47 PM: RT @MrMichaelLee Pollin fam. statement:”Situation involving an incident in locker room is troubling 2 our fam, our org & our fans.”

8:29:28 PM: Washington gets their 2nd delay of game call with 10:06 left in 3rd Q. Parker makes the tech. 53-52 Spurs.

8:31:43 PM: Andray Blatche’s jumper is not working tonight. He’s 1-4 from field, only 1 reb. in 14 minutes.

8:34:27 PM: Too many jumpers for the Wizards so far in 3rd. Blair just picked Arenas’ pocket, maybe he’s the bank robber. 3 turnovers in period already.

8:36:26 PM: There are some Tim Duncan shots that Brendan Haywood just can’t stop. And I’m not sure a double would help.

8:37:53 PM: Oberto was talking in Butler’s ear heading into timeout. The Argentine is probably dropping some Spurs knowledge on the guy from Racine.

8:41:52 PM: Arenas has really been driving 3 hole since last WASH timeout. Coach Pop gets pissed & calls TO for Spurs. 66 tie, 4:29 left in 3rd.

8:43:03 PM: In about the last 2.5 minutes, Gilbert Arenas has 6 points & 3 assists.

8:44:47 PM: Wow. The Spurs do not have any 2nd chance points all game, only 1 offensive rebound. Good job Wizards … so far.

8:47:32 PM: Andray Blatche getting pumped over a hustle play? Whoa, that’s some Twilight Zone sh*t.

8:48:11 PM: Do y’all remember the Twilight Zone? Or is Twilight now & forever associated w stupid, angst-filled tween vampires?

8:50:22 PM: Andray Blatche draws a charge & gets even more pumped. Good for him 4 staying in the game. 71-66 Wizards.

8:55:28 PM: Wiz locker room panoramic pic b/f game tonight http://www.flickr.com/photos/truth_about_it/4239261038/sizes/l/ Lotta media around.

9:01:18 PM: Wizards have 30 points in paint, Spurs have 10. On year, SAS avg. 40.6 per game. WASH avg. 37.6.

9:05:59 PM: Think the next ‘back-2-basics’ fundamental defense that the Wizards need 2 work on is properly closing out on shooters.

9:08:42 PM: Gilbert Arenas has 21 points, 7 assists, 1 turnover. Spurs up 81-80 with 5:43 left in game.

9:15:02 PM: Keith Bogans nails a big three, SA up 88-82. Says that Mason Jr. isn’t the only one making a homecoming.

9:19:23 PM: Boykins giving up that cut bucket & 1 to Parker might have been the Dagger. Wiz down 91-82 w 2:50 left. It’s like Groundhog Day.

9:22:00 PM: Now I know why Tim Duncan has been making bug-eyes at the refs for all these years … so he can get the calls in games like this.

9:23:00 PM: I guess this loss was to be expected. Uhh … thanks for kinda-sorta trying Wizards.

9:24:08 PM: Was Boykins playing in this 4th Q a good idea? To some of us, he didn’t seem to work out.

9:24:49 PM: It’s like Groundhog Day, with an occasional gun dispute. Wizards lose 97-86.

9:35:01 PM: Flip Saunders said his team has tendency to go for home run offensive play & did that in 4th Q.

9:37:02 PM: Flip wants Andray Blatche to work closer to the hoop on offense.

9:40:52 PM: Haywood is holding a bag of ice to his lip. Got accidentally hit by Gil. Brendan called him a gangster.

9:49:56 PM: Gil said he’s watching a lot of comedy now to stay up, Martin & Mike Epps.

9:50:42 PM: Huge media scrum around Arenas so I didn’t get too many quotes.

10:09:24 PM: Gilbert Arenas said that Javaris Crittenton hadn’t talked to Kendrick “Bookie Ball” Long in 8 months. Some say it’s been as long as 3 years.

10:13:11 PM: RT @craigstouffer Jamison on Gil: This is nothing that U joke about at all. I wouldn’t use this situation as a “Gilbert being Gilbert”.

10:14:05 PM: Flip Saunders on Andray Blatche: “He has to establish himself as a low-block type scorer.”

10:15:58 PM: Flip on Dray: In the 4th Q, u think ur going 2 go behind the back @ 15 ft. on Tim Duncan who’s been all-league 4 15 yrs. & get a shot off?”

10:17:48 PM: Flip Saunders on Caron Butler: “That’s the hardest he’s played over a 48 minute game, defensively & doing things.”

10:20:21 PM: Flip on D on Duncan: “We didn’t want 2 double at all. evry time we dbld, we gave up a 3-pt. shot, which we weren’t supposed 2 B doing.”

10:24:16 PM: Arenas: “I agree, that’s bad judgement on my part. The story is here & I take responsibility for that.”

10:25:32 PM: Gilbert Arenas: Bringing the guns to the Verizon was “better than putting them in the trash can.”

10:26:52 PM: Arenas on Crittenton: “We were friends before, we’re friends now.”

10:28:44 PM: On if he is worried about what the team or league might do, Arenas: “Meh, no … just whatever happens happens. Can’t do anything bout that”

10:30:17 PM: Arenas: “The way everything played out, I could’ve chose better judgement than bringing [guns] here.”

10:33:29 PM: Of course the BIG scuttlebutt is that Kendrick “Bookie Ball” Long played college ball w Peter Vescey’s son. Hmmmmm…..
1:37:16 AM: Best @gilbertarenas tweet: guess everyone wants me 2 act like rest of nba twitters players (i bought shirt today from mall), etc…

  • ToNe

    Sounds like tonights game was entertaining. I am sure Arenas is hoping a win streak would make this mess go away. Would be nice though if the got rid of Crittenton. Obviously don’t need a 4th string point guard.

  • hulk rogain

    So much drama,reminds me the time Rod Strickland pi
    punched Tracy Murray over a woman.