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Wizards Game 36 vs. Detroit Pistons Live Twitter Blog

Updated: January 12, 2010

6:57:50 PM: Your inactives: Javaris Crittenton, Mike Miller & Andray Blatche (team suspension). Your ‘not-in-the-buildings': Gilbert Arenas

6:59:04 PM: Poor Wiz radio guy Dave Johnson, he has to say things like, “You have every reason to be encouraged … esp. after the last two games.”

7:00:41 PM: Meanwhile, U have a player suspended 4 complaining about not getting shots & more players going 2 court everyday 2 speak on their teammates

7:03:20 PM: Washington Wizards: Where “Encouraging” Is A Fairy Tale

7:03:54 PM: Read the Wiz Insider pregame report from @MrMichaelLee http://bit.ly/88xsYE

7:06:11 PM: Guess the good news is that if this were the playoffs, Mike Miller would be playing, at least that’s what Flip Saunders said. #silly

7:06:50 PM: It’s Military Appreciation Night here @ the Verizon Center … so a HUGE thank you to all the soldiers out there.

7:08:04 PM: Of course, one poor solider was on the jumbotron b/f the game saying that this is his 1st NBA game. These 2 teams R a combined 23-48. Damn.

7:11:04 PM: Ran into Steve Buckhantz in the bathroom b/f game. He said, “At least the water is warm.” Guess the arena is cold b/c the few fans here.

7:14:01 PM: My bad, Gene Wang did tonight’s post on @wizardsinsider

7:16:40 PM: Flip Saunders calls a timeout at the 9:23 mark, Wizards already down 9-2. This team needs a sponsorship from 5-Hour Energy.
7:22:51 PM: Caron thought he could pull a tough step-back baseline jumper on Jerebko. What he found out is that he could only shoot an airball.

7:23:35 PM: Some fan from all the way across the arena yelled, “DEEE-TROIT BAS-KET-BALL!!” & I could hear him loud & clear. Some Pistons fans cheered.

7:25:52 PM: Not sure if it was his 1st instance, but after Hamilton just scored on Nick Young, I saw the kid’s head hang. He may be done for the night.

7:26:47 PM: As Richard Hamilton has been wearing Nick Young’s ass out, DeShawn Stevenson checks in.

7:31:16 PM: JaVale McGee is FREE! Fly bird fly ….

7:33:04 PM: BTW, JaVale McGee is on the cover of tonight’s GameTime, trying to fly … http://www.flickr.com/photos/truth_about_it/4270443488/

7:36:17 PM: Boykins was lined up on FT line b/t Jerebko & Villanueva so Wiz could press after Jamison FT. Some fan yelled, “Get the rebound Earl!!”

7:37:42 PM: Nope RT @BulletsForever Can’t help but wonder if this is fools gold from Foye. Not that he can’t play, but longterm, do U want him as ur PG?

7:38:31 PM: Something was wrong with Caron Butler’s jersey, he changed into a new one @ end of 1st Q. Wizards up 27-21 on DET going into 2nd.

7:40:01 PM: Uh JaVale? Why are you slow getting back on defense in transition? You’re a free man! Run son!

7:40:46 PM: Wizards lineup: Boykins, Foye, McGuire, Jamison & McGee. Antawn did NOT have this in mind at the beginning of the season.

7:42:26 PM: @phoenixstan @Wal33d Blatche got suspended 1 gm b/c he was complaining abt his lack of shots after NOLA game on Sun, among other things.

7:44:04 PM: 9:05 left in 2nd, Pistons on a 10-2 run, lead 31-29. Wizards aren’t wanting rebounds enough. DET up 19-13 on glass, 8 offensive to 4.

7:47:01 PM: A coordinated “Free Gilbert” yell just came from the upper deck at a quiet moment.

7:52:26 PM: The Washington Wizards: Where Game Slippage Happens. (Can you tell that I’m one jaded SOB? I’m sorry, I really shouldn’t be this way)

7:53:04 PM: I’m only going to Tweet positive things for the rest of the 2nd quarter. DET up 40-36, 5:21 left.

7:54:45 PM: This team looks positively lackluster. No energy during timeouts. No encouragement. They’re all like “whatever”.

7:55:47 PM: RT @BulletsForever Bury the malcontents! They don’t exist! RT @craigstouffer: No pre-Chipotle video (starring Blatche) tonight.

8:07:23 PM: Chris Wilcox was once pulled over by police w a .357 revolver, ammunition and spent shell casings in his car, no permit. He’s playing 2nite.

8:07:55 PM: RT @BulletsForever Wizards are shooting 17% in the quarter. In a related story, Earl Boykins has played the entire quarter.

8:09:17 PM: The half is over and Detroit is up 48-38 on Washington. Two teams combined to shoot 32-85.

8:24:14 PM: Bench Points: DET 23 (Villanueva & Chucky Atkins), WAS 5 (McGee & Boykins) — DET up 18-10 in Points in Paint.

8:24:38 PM: RT @rashad20 The Wizards shot 19% in the 2nd quarter…in an unrelated note, it is currently 19 degrees outside the Verizon Center

8:25:22 PM: RT @BulletsForever Put it this way: when U can’t score w/o Randy effin Foye, U R terrible. No disrespect 2 Foye, but he shouldn’t be vital

8:28:07 PM: Wonder what happened to that ESPN ‘Pick A Play For Flip Saunders/The Wizards’ thing. Died pretty quick, just like the Wizards … I guess.

8:30:24 PM: New straw time for Caron Butler. I need to score an interview with the supplier. Timeout, 9:09 left in 3rd, Detroit up 50-46 on Wizards.

8:32:05 PM: Loudest cheers of the night in Verizon so far: A Randy Foye 3 in 1st Q, Very old couple giving a long smooch on Kiss Cam.

8:34:24 PM: In other observations: the names on the back of the Pistons’ jerseys are too small.

8:36:30 PM: RT @zgordon5 Told @MrMichaelLee to keep his head up as he walked by, he says “I got to, I’m not facin charges!”….that kinda year..lol

8:41:53 PM: Damn. Randy Foye with a nice 2-handed dunk on the break. 61 Tie. The Wiz Zone D has fared okay on the last couple of defensive possessions.

8:49:44 PM: At the end of 3 quarters, Detroit leads 67-64. Wiz out-rebounded Pistons 12-5 in 3rd Q.

8:50:49 PM: Boykins, Foye, Butler, Jamison & McGee start 4th Q for Washington.

8:55:39 PM: Boy, Flip Saunders was REALLY pissed off at that early shot clock pull-up jumper by Foye at the 8:41 mark.

8:58:18 PM: Boykins is -13, Dom McGuire is -10, JaVale McGee is -3. The rest of the Wizards are either positive or even in plus/minus. 78-74 DET.

9:00:43 PM: Butler hit a couple nice rhythm jumpers, Wiz down 79-78 …. hope he drives to the hoop next time.

9:02:02 PM: Nope. Caron answered a Villunueva 3 w/ another pull-up jumper against Jerebko. C’mon Juice! You had the lane! 82-78 DET, 5:55 left in 4th

9:04:29 PM: After brief spell on bench, Foye back 4 Boykins. Can’t read lips, esp. from top of sec. 104, but think Flip said, “No more MF stupid shots.”

9:06:02 PM: Charlie V just hit his 5th three, he’s only missed 1. Pistons go on run & just like that, they’re up 87-78. Timeout Wizards.

9:16:17 PM: Detroit’s next bucket just might be a dagger folks. Up 93-86, 1:53 left, Haywood at the line for two.

9:17:24 PM: Haywood missed both FTs and it’s coat check time … fans begin to exit stage left from this comedy of errors that is the Washington Wizards

9:18:06 PM: Dagger. Rip Hamilton hits a two, Caron Butler misses a three. 95-86, 1:19 left….

9:18:46 PM: No Wizards fans are booing … yet. It’s almost like they don’t even care enough to boo.

9:20:39 PM: And as Gilbert Arenas would tweet, “Zip It Up & Zip It Out”, the Wizards lose another, 99-90 to Detroit.

10:11:36 PM: Nothing much from Wizards’ locker room. It’s they know they’re bad & that anyone could get traded, so proceed w ‘go thru motions’ b-ball.

10:16:42 PM: In his presser, even Flip Saunders seemed resigned to the “situations”, i.e., he wasn’t as upset as he’s been w previous losses.

10:19:25 PM: IMO, Flip has accepted that he’s coach of a losing team & prolly hopes that Grunfeld leaves him w something 2 work with after the blow up.

10:21:25 PM: Maybe they can be the Washington Groundhogs. (But Jamison didn’t say “its like Groundhog Day” tonight.)