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Wizards Game 41 vs. Dallas Mavericks Live Twitter Blog

Updated: January 20, 2010

5:49:23 PM: If Mike Miller scores 26 points against the Mavs tonight, he’ll reach 9,000 for his career.

6:04:28 PM: Same starters for Wizards: Foye, Stevenson, Butler, Jamison & Haywood.

6:06:06 PM: When asked to grade the first half, Flip Saunders gave the Wizards an “incomplete.”

6:10:22 PM: In addition to Flip, other active NBA coaches w 600+ wins: Nelson, Sloan, Jackson, Brown, Karl, Adelman, Popovich & Dunleavy.

6:22:58 PM: Ha! RT @macg_og: @Truth_About_It Ask Miller about proposed All White League, 1st question, is he too black?

6:24:35 PM: RT @MrMichaelLee Terry is Arizona product like Arenas: “We’re a brotherhood. He’s going through a rough time, but we’re here to support him”

6:25:52 PM: RT @MrMichaelLee Flip: “We’re not where we want to be, no question…since Tawn got hurt in Cleveland, things haven’t fallen into place.”

6:28:22 PM: Was around for Rick Carlisle’s pre-game talk, he called the Wizards, “an under-rated team right now.”

6:31:11 PM: Carlisle on Jamison: “He’s an all-star caliber player. He’s been an AS. Right now, he’s putting up AS numbers in recent games.”

6:36:43 PM: Rick Carlisle on Jamison: “Some of the things he does on the court, no other player in this league can come close to doing”

6:40:16 PM: Carlisle was asked abt Rasheed Wallace getting fined 4 his comments RE: defending Dirk. He said, “I have no comment.” http://bit.ly/8d6p5R

6:46:35 PM: I did briefly chat w Mike Miller before the game, but not about all-white basketball league ….

6:47:33 PM: RE: Guarding Dallas’ transition game, Miller said, “Defensive communication is big, but shot selection is big too.”

6:48:05 PM: Mike Miller stressed that the Wizards need to take good shots and limit turnovers.

6:48:16 PM: RT @BulletsForever Flip said he’s encouraged the Wizards to stop shooting threes. “We stress to our guys to not live off the long ball.”

6:48:54 PM: Miller said he likes to get a feel 4 the game b/f deciding whether to attack on offense or be the guy who gets the ball moving via passing.

7:22:51 PM: Brendan Haywood forgot to ask Santa for the ability to finish at the rim for Christmas.

7:23:39 PM: DeShawn Stevenson picked up a tech b/c the refs R not going 2 give him a call when he goes flailing to the hoop. 15-8 DAL, 5:44 left in 1st

7:35:01 PM: Wizards have cut the Dallas lead to 5, down 25-20, 25 seconds left in 1st. Wizards ball.

7:38:01 PM: Wizards down 25-20 after 1 Q. WAS is 0-5 from 3, DAL is 3-10. WAS has 4 off. boards, 12 total. DAL has 2 off. boards, 11 total.

7:42:40 PM: RT @MrMichaelLee Saunders killed Foye 4 dribbling 2 much, calling him “Curly Neal.” But what about my man Boykins? He’s a dribbling machine

7:47:14 PM: The Wiz kids looked 2 B dragging & hanging heads into last timeout, hopefully Flip talked 2 them. Blatche hits inside bucket. 33-26 DAL.

8:01:35 PM: DAL up 44-37 on WAS w 3:21 left in 2nd. Foye isn’t helping AST/TO ratio w 1:3. Wiz only have 5 AST as team to 6 TOs. Let’s go Mike Miller!

8:07:31 PM: Since Dallas’ largest lead at 37-26, the Wizards have gone on 19-11 run.

8:08:24 PM: RT @BulletsForever It’s funny how an aggressive Caron spurs entire team. Someone please force him 2 watch game tape of last couple minutes.

8:10:54 PM: Dallas holds onto 50-47 halftime lead over the Wizards. Caron Butler scored 10 points in the 2nd Q.

8:13:32 PM: The Wizards only have 5 assists on 18 FGs. Dallas has 16 assists on 20 FGs. C’mon guys, share the ball!

8:23:11 PM: Key to 2nd Q: Wizards got to the FT line 10 times, made 9. Caron Butler was 4-5.

8:27:10 PM: Needs Improvement: The Wizards only had 1 assist in the 2nd quarter (I guess I’ve been harping on the assist thing)

8:39:42 PM: It’s a contract year buddy. RT @chasehughes I hate how Brendan Haywood puts his hand up after tip-ins, even when the team is losing

8:42:16 PM: The Mavericks seem to be letting the Wizards hang around, they are up 64-58 with 5:06 left in 3rd. DAL= 5 AST, WAS= 1 so far in Q.

8:42:40 PM: RT @MrMichaelLee I know Randy Foye has 16 pts, but Jason Kidd is taking him to PG school 2night. He has 10 assists in 23 mins already.

8:46:37 PM: Mike Miller hits a three! — his 1st points of game, 23 left to 9,000. Dallas up 68-63, 2:20 left in 3rd. Jamison allergic to passing.

8:53:42 PM: Blatche fouls Dirk with 1.8 left in the 3rd … stupid, stupid foul & bad possession management by Boykins. Dallas up 70-67 after 3 Qs.

9:00:28 PM: Hey guess what! The Wiz take a 75-74 lead on a “selfish” Mike Miller jumper (bout time that guy did that, it was only Jason Terry on him).

9:10:29 PM: Fact: Most kids don’t learn how to look stupid on the dance cam until they are adults. Dallas up 83-80, 5:13 left.

9:13:24 PM: Crucial turnovers, crucial missed FTs, crucial Dallas lob dunks 2 Dampier. When the game gets crucial, the Wizards seem to hide. C’mon guys.

9:23:48 PM: Mike Miller hits a three! …. Dallas up 94-93, 27.1 seconds left. 18 more to 9K for Miller. Can the Wizards get a stop?

9:27:08 PM: Wow. What a charge draw by Haywood on Dirk!. Wizards down 1 point, 6.7 seconds left. Who takes the last shot? Randy Foye? Yikes!!!

9:28:56 PM: Good attempt by Caron Butler? I think not. But I bet he just “had” to have the ball in his hands. Wizards lose 94-93 to Dallas.

9:38:23 PM: Caron Butler didn’t leave enough time 4 him to make a play 4 himself or a teammate …. Only himself.

9:39:44 PM: The Wizards fail for the 4th time this season to win three in a row.

10:13:44 PM: It may or may not be me saying it, but somebody [Tuff Juice] will be getting killed in the papers tomorrow ….

10:15:44 PM: I wasn’t @ Flip’s presser, but from what I understand, he was pretty pissed b/c His team did not run His play.

10:43:12 PM: Caron Butler is no longer “Tuff Juice” — He is now known as “Hero Ball”. That is all.

10:46:56 PM: The Wizards bumbled & stumbled when asked abt last play, not wanting 2 throw teammate under bus, but evry 1 in locker room knew…

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