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Wizards Game 46 vs. New York Knicks Live Twitter Blog

Updated: January 30, 2010

7:20:10 PM: Bit of a snow day here in DC, but I made it to the Verizon Center for Wizards-Knicks @ 8 pm.

7:20:54 PM: Of course, I don’t have a car & live a couple metro stops away from Verizon, so getting here is just a matter of putting on boots & walking.

7:21:51 PM: Spoke w both Larry Hughes & Jonathan Bender b/f the game. Gotta get those interviews up along w old ones w Darius Songaila & Erick Dampier.

7:23:28 PM: Before the game, Flip Saunders reiterated that last night’s game tape vs. the NJ Nets is not going into the Springfield Hall of Fame.

7:26:05 PM: On if he plans 2 rest starters more (like they did last nite), Flip said, “Naw, they just played bad & didn’t seem 2 have good energy.”

7:26:57 PM: On if the starters received his message, Flip said, “I don’t know, we’ll see tonight. Whoever plays well is going 2 stay on the floor.”

7:26:57 PM: On if the starters received his message, Flip said, “I don’t know, we’ll see tonight. Whoever plays well is going 2 stay on the floor.”

7:29:02 PM: On potential sparse DC snow crowd, Flip: “We prob got a bit of a head start from playing NJ last nite. There weren’t many ppl there either.”

7:32:27 PM: On decision 2 leave DC, Larry Hughes: “The basketball decision was good. As far as personal, it coulda been a little different……”

7:35:04 PM: Larry Hughes said he hasn’t talked 2 Arenas since the “events” but sent him a text msg & left him a voicemail. Understands he needs space.

7:36:50 PM: Larry Hughes: “[Gilbert] didn’t play jokes on me. We had that understanding.”

7:38:34 PM: Larry Hughes said he picked #0 as jersey # b/c Gil is one of his best friends in the league. Also, his usual #20 was taken (J. Jeffries)

7:39:27 PM: Larry Hughes: “The commissioner made a respectable decision [RE: suspension]. I don’t think there was any malice to his decision.”

7:42:32 PM: Hughes on Arenas returning 2 Wizards: “I could see it. When u get in trouble, ur mad @ the authority, but I think it will blow over.”

7:45:24 PM: Hughes on banner removal, etc “They have 2 protect the name of the org. It’s bigger than just 1 guy, or the owner, or the GM, or the coach.”

7:58:36 PM: In other news, Andray Blatche needs 18 points for 2,000 for his career. I give 12/1 odds that happens tonight.

8:11:42 PM: All players have been introduced, Caron is dribbling game ball, giving fist-bumps to ushers. Seconds away from tip-off here @ the Verizon.

8:21:03 PM: Wiz starters are NOT playing w/o energy & effort. So, no timeout from Flip just yet. DC up 18-11 on NY, 5:02 left in 1st. Knicks call 1st TO

8:26:43 PM: Wizards up 25-17, 2:51 left in 1st. 5 assists on 10 made FGs, 2 turnovers. Wiz beating Knicks 12-5 on boards. DC has 4 offensive, NY has 0.

8:31:26 PM: Nick Young checked in for Mike Miller, Miller sprinted fast to the last spot on the bench. Odd. Wiz up 34-19, under 1 min. left in 1st.

8:33:23 PM: Jamison 1 hand tip goes in @ 1st Q buzzer. Wiz up 36-19. Prob 2nd most points in 1st Q all year (had 39 points on 12/18 at Golden St.)

8:41:14 PM: Flip calls TO after Knicks score 4 straight. 39-25 DC, 8:28 left in 2nd. Young & Blatche already have 6 pts each off bench. Dray has 3 rebs.

8:52:03 PM: RT @MrMichaelLee There is a fan at VC wearing a tattered Arenas No. 0 jersey with “Gil-Ty” written on the back.

8:55:25 PM: RT @chasehughes I think that Wizards’ assistant Ryan Saunders sleeps in a tanning bed

8:58:12 PM: Flip calls 20sec TO w 1:03 left in 2nd. After scoring 36 points in 1st, Wiz only w 14 so far in 2nd, up 50-44. Had 18 pt lead w 9 mins left.

9:02:30 PM: Wizards keep 50-44 lead @ half. Flip can’t be happy that it took the Knicks about 8 minutes to cut their 18 point deficit to 6.

9:03:51 PM: Again, ball movement & assists killed Wiz in 2nd Q. They had 9 ast, 2 turnovers in 1st Q, 1 ast, 3 turnovers in 2nd Q.

9:19:05 PM: Antawn Jamison didn’t score in 2nd Q, 8 points total, but he pulled down 6 rebs, 4 offensive in 2nd. 13 boards total.

9:20:27 PM: Flip no likely. He calls timeout at 10:26 mark of 3rd Q after Knicks score 1st 6 points of period. Game tied at 50.

9:26:44 PM: BTW, in 1st Q, the Wizards had 14 points in paint on 7-14 FGs. In 2nd Q, they had 2 points in paint on 1-10 FGs.

9:28:45 PM: After Flip’s timeout, Wizards go on 14-3 run, pick up 5 assists, lead 64-53, 6:35 left in 3rd. Out-rebounding Knicks 38-25.

9:38:03 PM: Mike Miller is 5-7 from 3, 7-12 on FGs overall, 19 points. Wiz up 79-67, 1:35 left in 3rd. Miller tied w most FG att. this season (LA game)

9:39:25 PM: Check that, Miller just hit another 3. Now at most shots & 3s he’s attempted all year. Finally finding an offensive comfort zone. 82-67 Wiz.

9:43:18 PM: Wizards up 82-69 going into 4thQ. Best game of yr 4 Mike Miller, season highs in PTS, FGM, FGA, 3PM, 3PA. Needs 1 more AST 2 match best 4 yr

10:01:13 PM: Dunk champion Nate Robinson lays the ball in on the break. Boo Birds rain down. 99-90 Wizards, 3:11 left.

10:03:33 PM: Antawn Jamison has 22 rebounds, 11 offensive. Last time he had 20+ boards was 1/29/08 vs. Toronto. Almost 2 years to the day.

10:06:03 PM: Twan Jamison has only had more offensive rebounds than tonite (11) one time in career, 1/25/200 as Golden St. Warrior (13 off. boards)

10:11:24 PM: Wizards make snow trip worth it for fans, beat Knicks 106-96.

11:00:15 PM: Wizards set season high in total rebounds (59) & offensive rebounds (24). Jamison had career-high 23 rebounds.

11:01:02 PM: Flip said the crowd surprised him more than anything. With snow, he didn’t think anyone would be @ Verizon. But some showed, and made noise.

11:40:55 PM: Don’t tell Twan Jamison that Louis Vuitton brown LV pattern is played out, dude got belts & book-bags to match.

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