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Chicago Bulls in D.C. and Wizards Web Links

Updated: February 22, 2010

Derrick Rose and the Chicago Bulls are in town tonight to face the Wizards. Scroll down for a couple pre-game photos and keep going for some must-read links.

Al Thornton and Quinton Ross getting to know each other.

Jannero Pargo

Joakim Noah

Quick Hits

The Josh Howard partying the night before a Mavericks game in D.C. and missing it because of a “stomach illness”/hangover just won’t go away. The Washington Post’s Michael Lee has the latest, also via a Mark Cuban appearance on The Dan Patrick Show. As an impassioned Wizards blogger, I really don’t care about the verity of this story. What happened before the Wizards, happened before the Wizards. Howard has a clean slate as far as I’m concerned, although that may come with a bit of extra scrutiny. Also, none of this precludes me from potentially making a Hangover movie-themed Photoshop featuring Howard in the future.

LeBron’s got jokes. When asked about Antawn Jamison’s 0-12 debut with the Cavs by Michelle Tafoya, LeBron said, “Funny thing, Antawn said, he hadn’t had an open look in about four years.” One, I don’t completely believe Jamison said that. But if, for some reason he did make such a joke, LeBron, in the eyes of this obviously biased Wizards fan, is a dick for repeating it. And if he’s making it up? Well, the answer as to what I think of LeBron is obvious.

The rivalry may be dead, especially with the departure of DeShawn Stevenson from D.C., and the Wizards may have collapsed, resigned to sending “their” guy to Cleveland to join James in a championship quest, but I really don’t think that quells the dislike that most Wizards have for LeBron.

Adidas has released a Gilbert Arenas shoe, with his signature on the side, despite dropping him from the label. Interesting. Via

Caron Butler saw Shutter Island and said, “I’ve got to look to see what the moral of the story was. It lost me. It was a mind-boggler.” The WizzNutzz already got jokes.

Butler also has an interview in Slam Magazine. When asked, “So have you talked to coach Carlisle about what he wants from you yet, about the kind of adjustments you’re going to have to make in your game?”

Caron began his response, “Coach told me to be as aggressive as possible. Told me to stay aggressive, to not switch up anything. He keeps telling me to remain aggressive at all times, to not second-guess anything. And that’s the type of encouragement you need from a coach.”

Uh, good one Caron.

Top Quotes

Nick Young: A Man In Transition

Just like that, Young went from being comfortable with his role in the Wizards hierarchy to being placed in an unfamiliar situation. With all the new faces now on the team, he would now be held more accountable for his play on the floor. Instead of just putting on his clothes and leaving the locker room in a rush, he would now be the person the media went to for a quote. And he could no longer joke around with McGuire before, after and during interviews

[Rashad Mobley – Hoops Addict]

Mike Prada, The Realist

Don’t get me wrong: I love watching this team as a fan.  It’s refreshing to see a team that fights hard, even if they don’t have the kind of talent or smarts.  I’d rather watch these guys than the listless bunch we’ve seen all season.  But that doesn’t mean we’re watching a good team.  I absolutely want these guys to believe they can make the playoffs, but it’s not something I expect will happen.

[Mike Prada – Bullets Forever]

LeBron the Settler

James has set the standard. He wears number 23, for a reason; and while Michael Jordan got a little perimeter happy at times, he took the blows, in Orlando, in February. I watched it. And if you want to be thought of in the same way, and if you want the same results at the end of June, this is how you’re going to have to work.

[Kelly Dwyer – Ball Don’t Lie]

Other Links

James Singleton tries to make a name for himself [Bullets Forever]

Flip remembers Miracle on Ice [Washington Examiner]

Interviewing Nick Young

The DC Landing Strip recently had a four-part interview with Nick Young. Here are the highlights:

DCLS: Why do the Wizards stink this year?
NY: I think it’s just a chemistry thing, that’s about it. We gotta work on chemistry, (and if we do), it’ll flow better

DCLS: What was it like when you were benched at the beginning of the season?
NY: Aw man, it’s hard man, It’s been back and forth for me, it’s hard. It was crazy. I don’t even know what to say, it’s been up and down really. Sometimes he (Flip Saunders) likes me, sometimes……nobody likes me….

DCLS: But you’re still getting like 15 minutes one game and then 5 minutes the next…..
NY: Yeah, that’s crazy. To me, it depends on if I make a shot or two. I gotta come in with the J.R. Smith mentality.

DCLS: We’ll work on that, but you don’t have any good names for Javale?
NY: His username and stuff on like Twitter is like Big Daddy Wookie, but I can’t be callin’ nobody Big Daddy.

Head over to the DC Landing Strip to check out parts one, two, three and four of their interview with Nick Young.

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